Chris Johnson Wants On The Madden Cover

Posted March 27th, 2010 at 2:02 pm

Tennessee Titans RB Chris Johnson is now in the news due to statements made about how he should be the highest paid offensive player in the league and how he feels he has been slighted by not being offered the cover of Madden 11. Instead the cover athlete for the game, which will be announced prior to the draft, this year is being determined based on voting results. Drew Brees, Jared Allen, and Reggie Wayne are in the running.

“No one deserves to be there but me. I set the record”

Despite what Johnson says clearly Drew Brees earned the cover based on his performance and having led the Saints to the Super Bowl win. Even as Johnson put up some incredible numbers over the course of the season he never broke into what I saw as the top three most likely to be considered for the cover. It comes down to Johnson not being a capable spokesperson for the game. Anyone who has listened to him, or read his Twitter feed, or is now following his latest rants can easily understand why.

While that probably eliminated Johnson from reaching deeper consideration, it remains that EA overlooked serious questions about another player by nominating Jared Allen as one of the three players in the contest for the cover. Allen has three DUIs, which is bad enough, but also means who knows how many times he’s driven drunk and gotten away with it or if he continues to do it. Of course EA knew there was no chance he would win, they set up the contest in order to ensure Drew Brees was on the cover while at the same time offering a promotion. Regardless even including Allen in the discussion was puzzling.

The last thing a company needs right now from a cover athlete is someone that is overly emotional, unreliable, with the potential to be in the press for the wrong reasons. Tiger Woods, Gilbert Arenas, Michael Vick, and Tim Lincecum are just a few examples of players who have had issues during or following their cover appearances. TMZ has been pushing forward with plans for a spin-off site dedicated to sports which means more and more about players will be discovered. EA Sports, 2K Sports, THQ, SCEA, are increasingly taking potential for trouble into consideration and gradually moving towards the safer choices in cover athletes.

  • goatman60

    He deserves it they are called The Tennesse Chris Johnson for a reason.

  • Keith

    So he's asking for a major injury before a big pay day in the future?

  • g0seahawksg0

    Chris Johnson should have the cover.

  • fins beotch

    how about you go get beat by ted ginn in a race and then we will see if you should be on the cover

  • IanCumInHisMouth

    I just lost all respect for Chris Johnson. He might be the best running back in the league no doubt about that but he couldent even win the playoffs for his team and hes acting like hes God. Atleast Drew Brees is a game changer because without him the saints wouldent have won the super bowl so he is the most elite player right now.

  • bigmadden

    Pasta is racist. Wowwwwwwwww

  • Nef77

    This guy isn't giving enough credit to his O-Line. QB's and RB's better realize whose keeping them from getting whacked by big defenders.

  • bigmadden

    damn wont let me edit my statement….should of been nicer and said:

    “Well Chris Johnson definetly isnt one of Pasta's favorite players….guess the only way Pasta would like him is if he played for the Seahawks.”

  • Is this serious?

    Its all marketing.

    I felt, and still do, that the best choice would have been Chad Ochocinco

    And for the same reason that Jared Allen was a ridiculous person to put out as a possibility.

  • Robbie

    lol @ just now losing respect for Chris Johnson. He's always been a cocky ass. Although he does back it up on the field.

  • I don't have anything against Chris Johnson. He's an amazing player. I actually hoped the Seahawks would draft him, he got taken a spot before their pick if I remember right. Numbers hardly ever dictate who makes for the best cover athlete though.

  • at23steelers

    Yeah, Chris Johnson wouldn't be much a spokesperson. No matter what CJ says, Brees deserves it. He is a great person on and off the field, and a great representative to be on a football game. He is a likeable person and obviously won the SB. What else, would you ask of him? I just hope he doesn't get injured, if he is chosen to be on the cover.

  • Well quite the timing…just after I mentioned TMZ in this article, they break the story on Joey Porter

    Just an example of how athletes are getting the spotlight shone on them more now than ever.

  • BU1B22

    johnson needs to stop the crying about not getting the cover, and maybe get his team in the playoffs. its a video game….much more important things for him to be worrying about than seeing his picture on a box

  • juduking

    Really? Not enough credit to his O-Line? Johnson bought each starter a brand new car of their choice for helping him get over 2000 yards on the ground. I think he knows his O-line helped him, but he is the Icon because he gets all of the face time. Skill position players are headline news, not O-lineman.

  • wallace1198

    Another one shot wonder. When his speed goes in two or three years or he gets hurt he'll be on one of those top ten shows on nfl network for one hit wonders. The guy looks like a crack head and his interviews are painful to listen to. The other guys on the list are established vets and elite players in the league. Jared Allen has personal issues but Bree and Wayne are class guys who have been doing it for a long time. There are about fifty other players in the league that should be on the cover before Johnson.

  • Sidewinder57

    Jared Allen's been out of trouble for a number of years now and has worked hard to clean up his image. Sure it would still be a risk with everything that's been going on recently, but I wouldn't compare him to Cris Johnson as far as players who are out of the question are concerned. It shouldn't matter though because I don't think it's going to be close considering Drew Brees is in contention.

  • madman11

    Seahwaks aahahah……

  • uoaf

    Chris Johnson. Great player but exactly right hes not the cover athlete type.

  • Lee S

    Just what we needed, football players so desperate for off the field attention that they are doing pro wrestling gimmicks

  • Coach Fisher

    Dear Chris

    Be quiet and don't get hurt this year

    Coach Fisher


    Athletes for the most part are considered off-limits for the papzi's…..TMZ is going to change the rules. This is going to get interesting and annoying at the same time. I cant stand those guys.

  • ummmmmmm

    Is this a joke? Why is this newsworthy on a video game website?

  • Nemo9

    This dude talks way too. He said he deserved ROY over Matt Ryan. “Child please!”

  • dolphins#1

    i just love the name

  • koachvonner

    Chris Johnson should have CONSIDERED for the cover of Madden. I agree with that, but the fans in the end get the vote. In my opinion it should have been Johnson, Brees, and Manning. I would say Bret but he already had a cover. Johnson is a beast RB, he should have been considered. However, isn't he scared of the injury curse being so young.

  • Chaseurowntail

    Not only do they complain about their own contracts, now they are adding game companies into the mix. Next they are going to pull a Flloyd Mayweather and refuse to be represented in the game unless they get paid. Forget the fans huh?
    I say let him be on the cover since he wants to taste the Madden curse so bad. See if he gets hurt or produces less 1,000 yards for the 2010 season >;-]


    He didn't get them cars but he did get them all Rolex's for them

  • steel808

    I hope he does go on the cover….so that he can break his neck next season. Self centered dickwad.

  • Coltsfan18

    The writer of this article needs to do his research, his ignorance of Jared Allen is appalling, and his pointed jab was uncalled for. Jared Allen is stone sober and has been for several years because of his past. Maybe this writer missed the article in ESPN the magazine AND the Sports Illustrated article on why he changed and how he won't touch alcohol anymore. DO your research next time instead of making ignorant statements about one of the best players in the NFL.