Madden 11 Top QB Ratings

Posted April 24th, 2010 at 4:04 pm

EA Sports recently held a panel discussion “Madden 11: Building the Ultimate QB” which aired this morning on the NFL Network. Included throughout the discussion were quarterback player ratings. Below are the Top 10 rated overall for Madden 11. Continue on for a bunch more info including the top rated QBs in various individual categories and expanded ratings on a few of the players! As always leave your thoughts in the comments!

Top 10
Peyton Manning – 99
Drew Brees – 99
Tom Brady – 95
Aaron Rodgers – 93
Phillip Rivers – 93
Brett Favre – 92
Ben Roethlisberger – 91
Donovan McNabb – 90
Tony Romo – 89
Matt Schaub – 89

Peyton Manning – 99

Vince Young – 88

Tom Brady – 99

Throwing Power
Matthew Stafford – 97

Brett Favre – 99

Drew Brees – 99

Peyton Manning
Strength – 64
Agility – 54
Speed – 60
Acceleration – 55
Throwing Power – 95

Vince Young
Overall – 79
Strength – 69
Speed – 85
Acceleration – 90
Awareness – 71
Throwing Power – 89
Carrying – 76

Tom Brady
Short Throw Accuracy – 93
Medium Throw Accuracy – 91
Deep Throw Accuracy – 89
Throw on the Run – 52
Play Action – 95
Injury – 89
Toughness – 95

Matthew Stafford
Agility – 63
Speed – 71
Acceleration – 68
Awareness – 66
Carrying – 64

Brett Favre
Short Throw Accuracy – 88
Medium Throw Accuracy – 87
Deep Throw Accuracy – 84
Throw on the Run – 67
Play Action – 83
Injury – 90
Stamina – 95

Drew Brees
Short Throw Accuracy – 99
Medium Throw Accuracy – 98
Deep Throw Accuracy – 92
Throw on the Run – 82
Play Action – 88
Injury – 93
Stamina – 95

  • BobBubols

    You're wrong, Gus Johnson never gets boring

    • DrMethodical

      The effect of online team play is gonna come down to how deep it is. If there’s a create a player + EASFL , I’d play that til i died.

  • attaboy21

    Drew Brees his Deep Throw Accuracy should be higher

  • stats reflect skill. if you didn't know

  • King_Cutler

    Where is cutler?

  • skihawks

    Manning isn't any good with the defense in his face? Who is? However, he is one of the best rated passers when teams blitz. Just go back and watch the second half of the AFC Championship game last year…He picked the Jets apart.

  • Rodgers4MVP

    how does tom brady get 99 stamina?

  • kamar56

    yo tell me why matthew stafford power is higher then peyton mannings. Are they crazzy.high, wtf. EPIC FAIL

  • Ron

    I mentioned this a while ago, and I completely agree. But I don't think it should be limited to QBs. Some WRs can make big catches, Linemen block with more intensity, Running backs holding on to the ball harder and fighting for first downs, and of course, defense playing extremely agressively. The most clutch players deserve recognition and some kind of advantage in this game

  • John

    Said like a true homer. As soon as hes on the Redskins you hear the Eagles cry about his rating.

  • BU1B22

    im sure tebow will find his way on that list soon….hes always been overrated, so why not give him an 85 with 90 speed…that seems stupid enough

  • LOL

    I agree year after year people are always yelling Philip Rivers this and Philips Rivers that, but what has he really done? Nothing! Each year he either has the #1 playoff spot of #2 with a bye and still can't do anything. He just throws the ball up because he had tall recievers but he gets called a great QB but when Eli does it people says he ain't great. Mark Sanchez has more playoff wins than Romo and Rivers combined. When Rivers throws over 4,000 yards he's great when Eli does it it's a problem.

  • LOL

    I agree. He throws for over 4,000 yards and almost 30 tds and they have a problem with it, but when any other QB does it then it's okay. People want to praise Rivers and Romo do bad but know in their hearts that they really haven't done anything in the last 4 years and soon people are going to open their eyes and have some questions about those 2 on why they are getting all this praise and props and haven accomplished anything. What excuses do they have?

  • mysticmanjrf

    1) I don't get how Romo is worse then McNabb. He had a higher completion percentage, yards per attempt, TD to INT ratio, and took less sacks despite playing in more games then McNabb. Not to mention Dallas beat them 3 times and the Eagles were 0-4 against playoff teams last year, and some of that had to do with McNabb.
    2) The fact that these are the same as last year's final update is odd. For all the talk of scaling down ratings, by the end of last year a lot of that had disappeared. Using Dallas as an example, Miles Austin jumped all the way up to an 88 with an incredible year, but players like Roy Williams, who played nowhere near their original rating, only went down 1 or 2 overall points. This is a big problem as it takes away the gap in overalls that was stressed going into Madden 2010. It also shows that, despite almost 3 months of evaluation, none of these ratings have changed in the slightest.
    3) Rookies are once again getting too much benefit of the doubt. Bradford rated above Vince Young? I mean, Ndamokung Suh is an 85!

  • tombrady4president

    im a patriots but ive loved vince young since he nearly took an 0-6 team to the playoffs and an 79 is all the love he can get

  • tombrady4president

    ive loved him since college is wat i meant to say

  • tombrady4president

    Jay Cutler blows and threw way to many picks last year 26 to be exact and +1 in td interception ratio

  • Clarence_Boddicker

    “Continue on for a bunch more info including the top rated QBs in various individual categories and expanded ratings on a few of the players! As always leave your thoughts in the comments!”

    A bit too excited there aren't you buddy? I thought Madden 10 was the best Madden i've ever played. All that says though is how BAD the rest of the series has been. I think this is the first time ever where i thought the graphics looked worse than the previous years and i'm speaking about the few new vids they've showed us for this years Madden. The QB STILL, AFTER ALL THESE YEARS, SLIDES. THERE IS NO FUCKING EXCUSE FOR THAT. My plan for summer this year? Backbreaker and NCAA looks worth the purchase. Here's to hoping Backbreaker will keep me fixed until 2K comes back. Final thoughts:

    Suck my ass EA.

  • Deez Nuts

    It was his 4th year. Payton Manning threw 26/23 his 4th year. There's more than meets the eye when watching football on tv and if you had a brain you would know that they broke down a ton of those interceptions NUMEROUS times on shows like NFL Live and in conclusion alot of them weren't his fault. Receivers have to actually RUN THEIR ROUTES CORRECTLY. It's not video game football where the receiver magically leaps 10 yards to the ball or catches it without looking at it. I'm sure you became a Tom Brady fan after 2008. Wouldn't surprise me at all. People who run their mouth about shit they don't know=hilarious.

  • TexansNoLoveChampion

    So Schaub leads the #1 passing attack in the NFL and can't break into the 90s. Come on Madden; if it's in the game,it's in the game.

  • LOL

    It was only one year though and that's my point. Players have one great year and they want t obe thrusted into the upper eshalon of ratings. Okay Schuab had a good year and I like Schaub, but besides that what had he really done?

  • LOL

    I'm a Giants fan and I agree. I wonder what do people want from Romo? Aaron has great numbers and finally goes to the playoffs and he is rated high and he's good but I feel Romo is better. Romo is a bit more proven. I for one do feel that Rivers get too much credit and when you look at his track record he has done nothing. He can't be touched in December but other than that and all the trash talking he does he has accomplished nothing; absolutely nothing, but year in and year out he is talked about like he won a Superbowl. Why?

  • Craig

    Of course it's his fault too right? Grow up.

  • Craig

    O.K. he lost his first playoff game to the NFC Champions who got robbed from the championship by the refs. Second playoff game lost to the Super Bowl champs, third game he won. How does that make him a choker? You're a dumb ass.

  • dan

    Madden says it's “Deeper”? This was from a football game 5 years ago!!! How can Madden be 5 year behind?!?!?!?!

    This game was amazing:-)

  • Dave

    How saw Madden can be so far behind a game that was made that long ago. The presentation in that game was outstanding. Madden 10 had CRAP, the replsys a ESPN presentation was mind blowing for a game made 5 years ago. Until the EA hires the guys that made that game, I'll keep skipping on buying Madden.

    BTW when is the license agreement up????

  • Dude, I almost spit my coffee, that was hilarious.

  • Chris

    Dree Bree's won the Superbowl. Shouldnt he be ahead of Peyton?

  • josh

    why is mcnabb rated higher than romo thats bull mcnabb sucked lasy year and romo tore the eagles apart..dont make sense to me

  • firedawg

    i think schaub should at least be a 90 or more…he's leading the texans better than anyone else could…

  • mcfleet

    How the fuck is McNabb rated higher than Romo? Didnt EA watch Romo destroy McNabb 3 fucking times last year? I'm beginning to think, fuck this game. The programmers don't know shit.

  • LOL

    It makes me wonder just how much football knowledge people really have. Do they just speak just to speak? Or do they hear it by word of mouth. Everybody knows that the Pats made the playoffs and got they chin handed to them. Man! what is on you guys mind when you type. I guess you just say things just to say them. Those QB ratings are so off. Mcnabb should even be in thge top 10. If Schuab does good in the first 5 games then he needs to be there, but there is no way that Romo shouldn't be in the 90s and Eli either.

  • YESS!!!! Fiana;;y, the redskins fianally get a QB thats not 77 or below. Now I could fianally throw touchdowns and not change the starting QB every off season. Thank you EA sports

  • Why is Tom brady and Ben Rothlesberger rank lower than madden 10. They both had good seasons. Well anyways, Im happy about my QB and thats Donavan McNabb. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!

  • pow

    whats big bens raping ability like?

  • jason

    eli manning is better than schaub and romo. he turned steve smith into a probowler nd and made manningham and nicks pretty dam good too. manningham was a nobody before last season

  • Hitman25

    y u guys keep yring black QB's

  • Hitman25

    why u guys trying black QB'

  • Hitman25

    They still got vince young sorry , y the hell u guys keep trying black QB's. RACIST people

  • Prince_modest

    Vince Young did good in turning around the Titans season, but remember he doesn't have all the skill sets to be a good QB. Hey is a tad bit below average at best, but he thrives in that system because it's a read and run system meaning make 1 or 2 reads to see what's therw and if it isn't there take off and make the play with your feet. Vince it rated correctly. He is maybe a top 15 QB, and I'm black but this is true.

  • Prince_modest

    I agree but the sad part about this is that this league is all about emotions and not about stats or even consistency. Philip Rivers threw for over 4,00 yards and people praise him even though he got a 6'5 reciever, 6'3 reciever and a 6'2 reciever but when Eli had Plax people talked this and that. When Eli does it then it's a problem, and Eli isn't better than reciever River May (by a tad bit) have him, but considereing that Rivers has had the most talent besides any other Qb even more than Romo and hasn't done anything is in itself funny because he is in a weak division, has had every major seeding in the playoffs, and still can't win. What's the excuse for it?

  • Anything


  • Catwink21

    Cannot agree with McNabb over Romo. Romo should be at least as good as Ben Roethlisberger, either that or the pro bowl means nothing. Didn't Romo and the Cowboys win the NFC East… over the Eagles… wasn't it. Hummmmm!

  • Jarr1995

    go browns

  • Thats what I am saying…no love EA

  • I don't think Romo should be rated that much lower than Rodgers, Rivers, Roethlisberger, and McNabb…He is definitely better than the last two…I would say a 91 at least…Oh well guess we will have to wait for the updates then Tony might get so more love from EA.

  • lambchop

    McNabb has a overall better body of work than Romo. And the The Cowboys beat the Eagles…not Romo beat McNabb. Besides we’re talking about 1 point.