Pay for Boosts in Madden 11 OTP

Posted June 12th, 2010 at 8:40 pm

Earlier today a posting went up with some details on and video of the Online Team Play mode for Madden 11. I was less than thrilled by the structure and that was before finding out about this. While users can earn attribute boosts through various achievements that apply to the players they control they can also be bought.

The idea of providing rewards based on performance is a solid one, however once again by allowing some to just buy them it creates a balance issue and gives an unfair edge to those who are willing to just pay outright for them. I discussed this some in the write-up about the online scouting and how some players will have an edge even in ranked games because they are willing to spend money on it.

I don’t even really like the idea of attribute boosts in the mode since real NFL players are being used. I can’t say though that these +2 type boosts will end up being much of a big deal, maybe it will just be something to make the user feel like they have an edge. Many of the ratings are inconsequential anyway when a player is user controlled. Areas such as speed or acceleration could factor in more however.

  • In before s***storm, if only to repeat my mantra:

    If you don't want these sorts of things to be something that the company potentially charges for, don't buy them. If there's no revenue coming in from these paid options, then they won't remain viable through a monetized format.

    Don't let a repeat of the Modern Warfare 2 map pack happen!

  • Gregg

    what a joke

  • at23steelers

    Wow! I already bought the game for $65, how many ways are you going to try and get me to buy more from you, EA? Now people can make a Fitzgerald, 99 speed and make him impossible to stop, or make Chris Johnson 99 trucking. Like you, I didn't like these attributes to start with, but now this just makes it worse. This will ruin the gameplay, just like what the attributes did to NHL's OTP.

  • ninnyjams

    Wait, so you can buy boosts for use online? Well any 'rankings' are now void. Guarantee whoever is the 'top' player pours money into the game. Online is officially irrelevant for Madden NFL 11, now.


    I honestly don't see how Madden could make itself look any worse at this point.

  • Definitely not an easy time to be a Madden fan, that's for sure. Even as a Madden supporter, I think the team is lucky that Backbreaker has faltered so hard out of the gate with an unimpressive 360 demo, mediocre mainstream media reviews, and a month delay on the PS3 demo.

  • EA really needs to listen to you on this pasta. They need to take out all forms of pay-for-advantage in ranked play. I'm all for EA finding creative ways to make more out of their games, but this is not the way to go. It only works for Madden Ultimate Team because it's not the primary game, and its card-style pretty much demands such a system. This is not a good idea for ranked play for what can, and should end up being a primary game mode.

    Online co-op with class systems — I like, since there is still an “any” class. Perks under this system, I also like…. paying for advantages… no like.

  • Ben

    Many people won't buy them for your reasoning, but you know there are plenty of people who will just to gain the unfair advantage. I am really starting to hate EA. Not just for this but for all the crap they are pulling even with Battlefield

  • This was a big problem with NHL 10, because many players didn't play the Be A Pro mode to earn the attributes for their online players. So you'd come up against a team that had nothing but Gold (best) bought equipment and be at a disadvantage from the drop of the puck.

    It was an advantage that could be overcome, but it's still going to be a problem.

    Pasta, here's an interesting note too: “you can only earn a boost in Online Team Play Games that are set to “Pro” or higher skill level and have a _quarter length of 7 min or less_.” Now, I don't see too many players wanting to play long OTP games, but straight-out encouraging short games seems strange.

  • Another “pay” feature? Okay, so the online pass is $10 if you get the game used, the scouting reports will cost $ if you don't have madden coins, and now we have online team play attribute boosts available for purchase with real $. In terms of other online modes/features, online franchise will be basically untouched, and ranked games will have gameflow on (users have to press a button after each play to get into a full playbook if they want to).

    All of these things combined lead me in assuming that Madden 11's online is going to somewhat be a mess. All of these things combined scream “unbalanced” and/or “not thought out well” to me.

  • M33ZY

    I thought Madden 10 made progress. But 11 just seems to keep going backwards. Last year, there was a blog every week about the improvements being made. Maybe they are being so quiet this year because there are no real improvements to the gameplay? I really thought Ian would be a good Lead Dev to make the gameplay better. When David Ortiz was leading they just kept adding gimmicks. (Lead Blocker, Weapons, Rewind) and now it seems like Ian is going back to gimmicks. SMH, i just bought 2k5 off ebay for $3. I'm going to update the rosters and hopefully have a solid football game to play this year.

  • Ant_tan

    i agree about this year but i wouldnt lay all these decisions on ian. they are looking at numbers from last year and going off the idea that casual gamers want the games to be faster and easier and decided to focus on those things. we dont know if those were his or phil's decisions to make. so i dont lay that on individuals but do look at the game worse either way.

  • Gamefly

  • Zboat

    uh, and then have to pay $10 to play online…

  • Pasta, I can't agree with you more. I have some serious concerns that I put on my site but the whole paying just rubs people the wrong way at least it does for me.

    This is not NFL Street where you get power ups and special moves, these are real athletes and boosts are not part of the NFL World. Thanks for the info Pasta.

  • Overlay Ads, 'boosts', 'consumables'. Well done Peter Moore! You have saved EA Sports.

  • jusmegamer

    EA is out of control as much as I would like to play the game it is getting to the point where picking up Madden would be just stupid. The exclusive can not run out soon enough

  • MoneyMayweather

    Ea just keeps getting worse and worse but I dont blame them for milking the madden franchise seeing as how you guys keep buying and playing this game but dont care about the quality of gameplay just keeps these out of nba elite 11. and i'll be happy.

  • Luke

    So so sad. I hate the idea of skipping a year of madden. I look forward to the new madden every year starting around march. And usually don't stop playing ranked matches until this time of year.

    However, I really feel like we need to stand up and demand a product that is worth the money we spend. Why pay 65$ for little more than last years game? They spent a year finding ways to make more money off a game that already costs money… I suppose I'll have to grow up and play backbreaker. At least they tried…. Right?

  • Mountain_dew77

    I've… never felt this way before, but EA and this Madden team are seriously pissing me off. All the demands of improvements from the fans over the last few years… And all they want to do is get every penny out of their customers that they can. Why not f***ing upgrade the Franchise (Online and off) first. Not tell the customers that have been loyal to you for years and years, “We're gonna do it next year, give us your suggestions”… ISN'T THAT WHAT WE'VE BEEN DOING FOR YEARS??? I get it, it's a business. People are gonna buy it no matter what. But come on… They're gonna start losing their loyal customers real soon here. All I'm saying is the gameplay this year better be the best ever.

  • Tnolanh

    yep your a happy maddenite and always will be…no matter what

  • Branth3man

    Apparently it is lol, and remember NFL Stree also had real players šŸ™‚


    this is ncaa's year with out a doubt

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  • If being a “happy maddenite” means enjoying playing the game, then you hit the nail right on the head there. I'm not happy with all of these announcements of paid features, because no matter how many times I post messages, there will still be people out there stupid enough to pay $59.99 plus tax and then dump more money into these paid features. I can't stand EA Sports doing that sort of thing, but I've also been playing and enjoying the series for years now. If these paid issues continue to be a part of things I don't care about, then they don't infringe upon MY personal enjoyment of the game.

    BUT if they keep getting offered and money starts being involved in things I DO like in the game, then it will certainly be time to stop buying Madden until they turn that around.

    But, you know, kudos for your very clever comment. I'm sure you're the first to ever call someone a blind Madden fanboy, so I'd print this comment thread out and frame it or something.

  • The best answer–if EA Sports insist on continuing to involve microtransactions–is to separate online play into “$ Leagues” and “Game Leagues.” “$ Leagues,” as implied by the name, would allow people who buy boosts and scouting reports and whatever to play against one another without worrying about the competition level being skewed in the favor of a pay-to-player. “Game Leagues” would not allow any purchased boosts or reports and only allow players to use those add-ons if they earned them through legitimate online play.

    Of course, I'm with everyone else in saying that the best solution would be to stop ****ing trying to capitalize on people who–for one reason or another–actually want to pay extra money to play a game they already spent $60 on. But it's on gamers too; stop buying these things and the market goes away.

  • KA1Z3R

    Yeah it's official. I'm switching to NCAA this year and not buying Madden for once. At least NCAA worked on the actual game and didn't use gimmicks. I was going to wait to compare the demos of each, but NCAA is now my choice.

  • I wouldn't say Backbreaker faultered. NBA Elite and NHL 11 are getting rid of canned animations because of Backbreaker. Madden will have no choice but to do the same next year. Mission accomplished by Backbreaker.

  • Backbreaker as a franchise faltered; physics-based video gaming accomplished its mission.

    In the first week–actually, over a week, since most Gamestops started selling it the Saturday before release–Backbreaker sold under 30,000 copies between PS3 and 360. By comparison, All-Pro Football 2K8 more than doubled that in the combined first week sales, despite fewer people owning the PS3 at that point in time.

    Physics-based gameplay in sports video games is clearly going to become a standard. Don't be surprised if this year's “Locomotion” serves as a one-year stopgap before NCAA Football 12 and Madden NFL 12 introduce modified versions of the NBA Elite/NHL 11 physics.

    That said, it will be many years before full physics are in play for sports video gaming. Even Backbreaker relies on typical motion-captured animation for any moment where two players are not in contact with one another, as evidenced by this ball morph glitch: David Littman–head of the NHL series–has already said that it would be about a 3-year cycle to fully implement physics in all facets of the game.

  • baconfanatic

    this is great, I hope they do more of this stuff, I love having an edge while playing online while eating bacon

  • skihawks

    Not a fan of purchasing upgrades but it is nothing new.

    For me, I have read many posts about Madden and how EA never focuses on gameplay. This year, I would say that they have spent more time on gameplay and presentation than franchise and the online modes, which I am okay with.

    Just a game…

  • I enjoyed Madden 10 but this year's game seems a bit disappointing as far as what improvments have been made. These features that allow you to buy boosts is not a good idea. Also hearing that offline franchise is pretty much going to be the same as last year has me less than excited for Madden. Really looking forward to NCAA more.

  • joeylend

    Hard to believe the arrogance of this company.

  • Sam_Bradford14

    I am very happy with the game. It is super fun and I get to play as my favorite players in a never ending list of situations. I am displeased with this news, but I am a strong enough gamer to over come the +2 attributes. My 60 dollars will go to me having literally 100's of hours of fun.

  • Sam_Bradford14

    NCAA has not been a great game since 2005 (Fitz on the cover). It has been lagging behind Madden for quite sometime.

  • JoeCB1991

    This is why I don't like playing online.




  • I know all of you guys arent stupid this is for ONLINE TEAM PLAY(OTP) whos gonna play that lol…well I will just for achievements

  • what?

    You can only buy the boosts for team play, not 1 vs 1. I'm assuming team play will not be ranked either. You can buy scouting reports for ranked matches, but I don't really consider that a “boost”. People that are good figure out what the person they are playing likes to do, they don't need a scouting report. So in my opinion, having a scouting report only benefits ppl that suck.

  • BCKixAzz

    This is why I almost never played NHL 10 online, when I had played NHL 09 online a lot. Those microtransaction boosts were so lame. They didn't seem to affect the game too much, but it did feel like we were getting screwed by EA's greed for a quick buck.

    Thankfully I never play Madden online, and passed on their other microtransaction garbage they did with the Ultimate team stuff. I want them to make money so they can make good games, but not like this.

  • paying on line, i haven't done this.

  • r4

    This seems most interesting game ever, I love to play this game. But yeah, These features that allow you to buy boosts is not a good idea. Well let's see what happen.

  • It's stupid shit like this that will be the downfall of online video games. When one throws the competitive balance out the window to turn a buck something is wrong. EA needs to stop with this stupid shit.

  • more i look at this game the less i like it


    Where is Madden going? Simpler quicker glorified ask madden, reducing our vast playbooks to Tecmo Bowl level. This garbage.

  • Lmarshalljr04

    how about boosting their gameplay engine..