NCAA Football 11 Team Name Audio List

Posted July 1st, 2010 at 11:42 am

Last year there was over 2400 team nicknames included in the audio files which added an element to Teambuilder that caught some by surprise. I remember I was not expecting to hear Brad Nessler call out my Transformers team name making it a cool moment when I first heard it. For NCAA Football 11 there are nearly 4600 names with the complete list found here.

Kotaku posted up an article on the subject going over the method behind how the names were chosen and recorded and the extent to which EA Sports went to provide such a deep library. It’s definitely worth checking out!

  • Uon23

    this is awesome. cant wait for ncaa!

  • JesseThaGreat

    YES my knights are on there.

  • eric

    damn my dead souls (nin inspired team) didn't make the cut. although 'dead' and 'souls' did separately, so does that mean it will be able to add both words to say the name?

  • JesseThaGreat

    highly doubt it.

  • Keith.

    I don't have any complaints about them adding more team names to the audio database, but I sure wish Tiburon would spend the time adding a good looking TV Broadcast playable camera angle. What's up with having only one playable camera angle? What is this…1994? C'mon Tiburon…step it up.

  • sroeland

    Chesty lions?
    Silly Nannies?
    Sweet pees?

    The list is awesome, mostly because I laugh out loud at a majority of the team names.

  • Brodgeewiz

    aw man, they didn't have the 69ers (tee hee)

  • KA1Z3R

    oh yes most of my 56 team football league's names are here. Surprised to see Chupacabras and Tsunamis represented. Now my Tijuana based team can be called the Chupacabras for once. Even the Barracudas are there and the Venom. This a very surprising and impressive list. They really did a good job with this.

    Looks like the HFA will transition perfectly from Madden to NCAA for me. i can't wait to play with the HFA for once and hear all the teams, well most, no Webslingers 🙁

  • Amen Ra

    Will we be able to use created teams in online dynasties?

  • LHR witness

    yeah. but you have to join from the start. you cannot join with a created team after the start of the dyn

  • NoFro904

    haha Young Mula

  • Amen Ra


  • You were able to last year also. Though I had trouble getting the Teambuilder OD started.

  • blinzy45

    wow Now I can create my team, the UMass Beacons. YAY!. Last year not so much

  • HustlinOwl

    my high school alma mater Black Tornado made it in, nice too bad Im still boycotting EA

  • JesseThaGreat

    Why are you boycotting EA?

  • ATLlien

    if i created a team in ncaa 10, is it useable in 11 or do i have to create the team all over again?

  • Dequince_music

    pasta are your screenshots from the ps3? i played both demo's(360 ,PS3) and the ps3 looked a lil more polished do you know if its the same in the final product sorry to get off topic

  • Imaking6004

    The Atheists…. =wow

  • Amen Ra

    You ought to be boycotting Sony for dropping those glitch filled rosters in The Show the last 2 years.

  • HustlinOwl

    Glitch filled rosters? WTF are you talking about nice try troll

  • Greg

    Wow Ingots never think they would make the cut.

  • GoMUTES!

    they got MALAMUTES in! Let's go ALASKA!

  • Bono_rs

    This is a great list. I passed on NCAA last year, but wanted to get a copy of it this year mainly because of the on line team builder. I have been fooling around with it this past week after the link was released, and I am very happy to see the nicknames I choose for my teams to be on this list. Fantastic stuff.

  • WOW! No 69ers…

  • Bl4z3nc0lts88

    Lol Weezys!

  • DamageDealer

    As always Pasta great info, thank you. Do you have any info on when a solid set of rosters will be done? is cool but why pay when I can download it from a friend on XBOX360?

  • Bl4ziNBuLLd0G

    hey pasta do you know if they will have EA Locker on the game this year so we can play with names?

  • DamageDealer

    Any word on Rosters yet Pasta?

  • Footballpatriot34

    niceee the teams from eyeshield 21 r on there!

  • DamageDealer

    You can go to the teambuilder site and update your team and it will auto adjust and make a NCAA 11 compatible squad.

  • ascgrizz2010

    I plan on starting an Eyeshield 21 dynasty if you are interested Footballpatriot…are you on 360?