NBA 2K11 Historic Teams and Jordan Trailer

Posted July 23rd, 2010 at 7:31 am

2K Sports has released the list of historic teams included in NBA 2K11 along with a quick teaser trailer featuring the cover athlete Michael Jordan. The list of historic teams may not be final with 2K possibly attempting to add more before the game has to be finalized or post-release as downloadable content. I’ve also added two full-size Jordan screenshots to the gallery. Continue on to check out the list of teams and the trailer and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Keep in mind that all players from these teams may not be included on the roster. It appears from the one screenshot that there will be some generic players in place of those they didn’t get the rights for which would be necessary to use their likenesses.

1985-86 Chicago Bulls
1985-86 Boston Celtics
1989-90 Chicago Bulls
1989-90 Atlanta Hawks
1989-90 Cleveland Cavaliers
1989-90 Detroit Pistons
1990-91 Chicago Bulls
1990-91 Los Angeles Lakers
1991-92 Chicago Bulls
1991-92 Portland Trailblazers
1994-95 Chicago Bulls
1994-95 New York Knicks
1995-96 Chicago Bulls
1995-96 Seattle Supersonics
1996-97 Chicago Bulls
1996-97 Utah Jazz
1997-98 Chicago Bulls
1997-98 Utah Jazz


    epic fail? it's that all you can say about this news? daley7199 lost words about nba 2k. i think someone changing his mine to which games he will pick-up come october…haha dont play video game play basketball haha…


    nah, timothy daley is hiding ryt now, if she bashed this kind of feature i guess she is rily rily rily stupid & she doesnt deserve to play basketball coz those 10 games are some of the greatest moment of the nba. i guess nba elite should copy this, make a durant challenge, where you need to win rokkie of the year, scoring champs & force the lakers to play game 6 in 1st round of playoffs. sounds interesting? haha dont play video game play basketball haha

  • Mange

    notice how sir charles' teams were excluded

  • Public Enemy #1[Detox]

    I would like to see the All-Time teams, sort of like how Madden use to do. Every NBA team at one time had great players,so put them all on one team, like is Derek Rose already the Bulls best point guard of all -time? Let all that talent blend together and battle online.I would also like to see other great teams, like all the great Lakers,Celtics,Sixers,Pistons, etc…being able to play in a lobby online. And rate the players fairly, and not play favortism towards certain players.

  • CS_Uppercut

    I'm not worried if they can't get the names or rights. As long as they have the ability to Edit the names for the players I'll be doing that all day. I just wanna make sure they have the ratings down for the players so I don't have to worry about researching other games to make the stats fit.
    I hope they keep the create a team option because there are a bunch of historic teams I want to make.

  • Robertob34

    Exactly! We only need 3 versions of the Bulls which I think should be 86,92 and 96 and Ive been wondering why they have the 86 Celtics and not the 86 Lakers because I want to be able to play with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and the 94 Rockets because I also want to be able to play with Hakeem Olajuwon

  • Robertob34

    I hope they still have all the allstars from every decade like they did in 2k10 and I hope they add Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Reggie Miller and Charles Barkley because I had to create those guys in 2k10

  • Euell Fredrick

    Too Many Fucking Bulls Teams

  • FredCarbonara

    Finally an NBA game that pays tribute to the history. Did I see the Reignman toward the end?! Its on in October folks….

  • Helmwill

    i think that nba 2k should get all the rights from the nba in history and recent rosters. C’mon guys, ya’ll been doing good with nba 2k games since 2k7. You guys have MJ on the cover and in the game. Don’t mess this up. Pull out all the stops!

  • Georgewinter

    what about the 1995-96 sixers

  • Abento5

    they should have the 97lakers

  • shyy!***!

    woowwwwww! lame!