No More Patches Coming for NBA 2K11

Posted January 17th, 2011 at 1:00 pm

2K Sports has confirmed that there will be no further patching of NBA 2K11. Yesterday what we now know to represent the final patch was released and delivered 3D capability along with fixing an issue causing disconnects in unranked online games. That followed up the one gameplay and feedback related patch that arrived in November.

As noted in the year-in-review article, in which NBA 2K11 received top game honors, the post-release support has been disappointing. It is surprising that a game the stature of NBA 2K11 would get only one true patch. There may not be any game-breaking issues but there certainly are a laundry list of things that could have been improved upon. Online play will remain problematic, while shot release timing and play-calling in My Player mode (two areas that complaints arose out of following that earlier main patch) thus will remain as-is.

NBA 2K11 has become the “Madden” of basketball gaming, and as such should be held to similar standards and expectations. Madden 11 received five patches, is nearing 20 roster updates, and has provided a good stream of downloadable content. For 2K to take that next step and sustain the popularity of the series as well as be considered more than just a sports game they’ll want to put forth more of an effort post-release in the future.

  • Dissapointed

    I hate you 2k.

  • doesnt matter 2k sucks ass

    Well this freeking sux. This game is trash compared to NBA 2k9 , at least the gameplay online was just like playing offline. Now your saying , Well there wont be another patch to fix what they already knew was wrong with the game before they released it. 2ksport, you guys knew u f’d this game up and sold us a dream thinking this was going to be the best basketball game ever. In truth you guys just like elite rushed this product and just put out this garbage and disrespect Micheal Jordan by putting that man on this whack ass game. Im done with 2k after this you guys are bums. SMH!

  • I am very disappointed by the way the new patch changed my gameplay options. The patch alone caused this game to go from the top of my pile to the bottom. Its safe to say that I will NOT be buying the 2k12 release as they did not even have the decency to give adequate support. Great article!

  • Nee13

    I wish they would have fixed the injury system in My Player…. I’m a point guard on the Sixers and I lost THREE starters (Thaddeus Young, Dre, and Brand) to major injuries right before the playoffs (Young’s been injured all year for me though…. In fact, I think I only played around ten games with him the whole season. The worst part is, his last injury–Broken Back (?!)–didn’t even happen IN GAME! I just noticed him out of the starting line-up one day. When I looked into the injury report after the game I noticed that he had a broken back and was going to be out 6-8 weeks). To add insult to injury (pun intended), the CPU cheated me by initially injuring Joe Johnson on the Hawks (broken wrist… supposed to be out 2-4 weeks) during Game 1 of our First Round Match-up in the Playoffs. How did they ‘cheat’ me you ask? Well, I noticed after the first quarter, who’s on the floor? Who else but Joe Johnson, and he lit me up for 37 points the rest of the game! I look in the injury report after the game and he’s not even on there! What a croc of shit!

    I guess it doesn’t matter though, cos I still won that game. If the CPU wants to cheat and put all types of handicaps on me, then that will just make my championship that much sweeter =)

    I guess I did figure out a ‘glitch’ to cheat the injury bug, which I will try when the CPU decides to injure my starting Center (I’m guessing it’ll probably happen sometime in these playoffs LOL). I noticed that Joe Johnson magically got healed from his broken wrist after I quit and saved the game at the end of the first quarter (I quit to eat some dinner with my girlfriend). When I restarted, he was healed. So, if anybody wants to try this, next time one of your guys (or one of the CPU’s players) goes down (out… not ‘hurt’) with an injury, try saving the game and quitting. Then try restarting and see if they are magically healed. If they are still injured then I KNOW the CPU is purposely fucking with me.

    Anyway, that’s the end of my rant.