FIFA 12 Coming to Nintendo 3DS

Posted May 10th, 2011 at 2:50 am

Though now being viewed as somewhat of a sales disappointment the Nintendo 3DS launched back in late March and was hampered by a weak library of titles. EA Sports is looking to expand on sports offerings, currently limited to just Madden NFL Football and PES 2011, both of which received at best lukewarm reception.

FIFA 12 for 3DS expected out this fall will feature 500 officially licensed clubs, eight different camera angles, and optional touch screen controls that will allow for shots to be drawn on set pieces. Modes include Be a Pro, Career, 3D Street Football (5 on 5), Training, and online play using Nintendo Wi-Fi for both 11 vs 11 or the 5 vs 5 ‘street’ games.

  • Campro

    The 3d on the system just isnt worth it, turned it off right away which basically defeats the purpose of the whole thing. FIFA though could be a fun game for the system if done right.

    • The 3d effect takes a day or two to get use to but it’s very good imo.

    • Can’t agree with you on this one, sorry!

  • The 3DS has definitely proven to be on the gimmicky side of things but that doesn’t change the fact that its specs are still stronger than the DS and a little more so than the PSP. Problem is, it’s not much of a step up and without the use of the gimmicks (notably 3D, Augmented Reality and what not) it’s essentially a slight upgrade than if they released FIFA 12 on the PSP.

    Speaking of FIFA on the PSP? Have you seen that nonsense lately? Since FIFA 08 it’s barely been touched and online play was taken away for the last three iterations. We’ll see what EA does here but I’m not holding my breath. Either way, the DS emulates sixth-generation graphics and gameplay with next-gen gimmicks, so expect EA to likely deliver what amounts to PS2-type content.

  • Love my 3DS. I might get this… haven’t played a fifa game in like 7 years.

  • NELL86

    The 3ds is a great system and the 3d works well its based on the devolpers what they do with it so ill might think about picking this up but the sells of the 3ds will def pick up when the big titles come out starting with zelda