South Park Slams EA Sports in Latest Episode

Posted May 26th, 2011 at 2:15 am

Last year South Park took on the Tiger Woods scandal in a sex addiction based episode that saw the video game turned into a topical fighting simulator. Now Trey Parker and Matt Stone have taken another swipe at EA Sports by offering commentary on the NCAA rules against compensating student-athletes and the associated video game licensing.

In the episode Cartman creates a new sports league called the ‘Crack Baby Athletic Association’ which involves babies fighting over crack and the rights to the video game are then sold to EA Sports. President Peter Moore makes his debut on the show as “Mr. Peters” who along with the company’s lawyers swindle the boys out of the entire operation they had built up.

Though a relatively weak episode overall there are some laughs due in large part to the language and actions of Peter Moore in the scene in which he appears. That of course includes the famous EA Sports saying “Get the fuck out of my building!” The full episode can be watched on the official site while Kotaku has posted a clip of the scene featuring Moore.

  • lol Fucking Southpark doesn’t give a shit! BEAUTIFUL!

  • I didn’t think it was that good of an episode. Kids who play collegiate sports get thousands of dollars worth of education. They don’t deserve to get paid as well for playing a sport.

    But it would be cool if they would just let the kids sign off on their likenesses to be used in NCAA.  Although they would have to treat everyone the same.

    • Squints Palledorous

      They deserve compensation because the money they bring in is not always comparable to the education received.

      • GamecockNation

        very true.. im a student athlete and there are so many expenses that exceed the scholarship.. and we certainly bring in way more money then the value of a scholarship so schools make out like bandits

        • Dub

          Go gamecocks 

        • AreYouSerious

          Will someone note that it’s not a “free” ride? The money raised by the sporting events helps pay the scholarships. There is still a tuition that needs to be collected because there are staff that needs paid.

          If it’s so hard to afford books, housing and recreation, maybe you should not play a sport and work like other students … then realize how much better it was not having a $36,000/year tuition plus expenses.

          Accept the reality that the education is of higher value when you don’t make the cut to go pro. Don’t squander all the great benefits you’re getting. It’s too often kids have the brains to go to great schools but not the money or athletic ability.

      • Anonymous

        And the school has no more expenses other than to fund those teams, right? You’re missing the point. Honestly, they don’t even have to give out scholarships. This way of thinking is exactly why there might not even be an NFL season this year. People are too damn greedy. Honestly, no one can say that the money they bring in IS equal to their own compensation, in any field, professional or otherwise.

        • Sdot



          DEAL WIT IT

          • Anonymous

            Care to elaborate a little bit?

      • No they don’t. The opportunity they get to even step foot on a University is compensation enough. Most college athletes wouldn’t even be able to attend those schools if they had to pay out of their own pockets. They should be thankful. 

        • Yes-sir massa take my face and use it without my consent! Your likeness belongs to you. If the school wants to use your face and your name they should have to request your permission.

      • No they don’t. The opportunity they get to even step foot on a University is compensation enough. Most college athletes wouldn’t even be able to attend those schools if they had to pay out of their own pockets. They should be thankful. 

    • HaloUnion

      I completely agree.  They already get paid in scholarships, plus most of them wouldn’t get into those schools anyways if it wasn’t for their athletic ability.  Plus most colleges go easy on their athletes in order to keep them eligible.

      So lets recap:
      1. full scholarships
      2. get in to more prestigious schools despite maybe a lower GPA
      3. easier ride through school

      That is plenty of compensation and perks.  And that doesn’t even include the fact that they get to walk around town like some sort of hero having sex with every girl that comes their way.

      • Dre2778

        I sense penis envy here with the girl comment. Most athletes ie. College Basketball only spend one year in school so don’t say they are given a easy ride because they are there for only one year. And if the schools actually cared about the players learning or getting an education then Miami wouldn’t have fired Shannon since his players graduation rate went up during his time there. They deserve to be paid a small portion of what a lot of these schools are bringing in every year off them. Besides you must have no athletic talent or ability at all to say the things you said.

        • HaloUnion

          No penis envy.  I was the most popular guy in my high school and proud of it.  If college sports becomes a “job” then don’t they have to pay them minimum wage?  Do you know how many hours are put into weight lifting and practice for these guys?  If all of that goes into it and even if they only get minimum wage, they will be playing each and every player big time pay.

          • Dre2778

            Give them a set pay for the entire season ie. $2500 a year or maybe a little less.

          • Koachvonner

            Coming from a guy who played in College and now coach, that would be the biggest mistake to ever happen. We all get a living expense because of the hours we put in wont allow for jobs. Not to mention most of us were or are getting a top of the line education. If you start paying athletes then I STRONGLY believe we should have to pay our own way through college. You have now taken the Amateur ” out of it. They are now essentially professional athletes. A kid who 18 and fresh out of High School can’t handle money under the table from alumni let along a salary. How much do you pay “Cam Newton” as opposed to the All-American and #1 Recruit in the country Back-Up QB who is getting Red-Shirted? What about Boise? Can they pay with Texas, USC, Auburn, Alabama? It’s just not smart

          • Dre2778

            Still not free education because the most Coaches and schools only care about winning and making the University money not the player. Like I said in the Miami issue Randy Shannon increased his players graduation output but was still fired because he didn’t win a BCS Championship. So winning is more important that the kids education. I say a free education ie. a scholarship is all just a bunch a crap not to pay the players. These schools make millions on the health and lively hood of these kids. And the main sports like football, basketball and in most cases baseball which are mostly played by minorities are used to fund the lesser sports like golf and tennis which minorities rarely play. I still say they deserve to be compensated in some form or another.

          • Ghost of John Madden

            Pay student athletes $10,000 a year and take away their $50,000 a year scholarships.

            Yeah, that will work.

          • Dre2778

            Why take the scholarship????????? If they got paid it would cut down on all the infractions they are committing like taking money from agents and other boosters. Guess this debate will never end. If the players won’t be paid then take down the pay of the coach’s from millions of dollars and the salary of the presidents (some who make millions) to a reasonable level.

          • Pete Rose

            Give them graduation incentives. They are amateurs after all. But a Collegiate athlete would be more willing to stay away from booster kick backs and illegal funds if they had some incentive to graduate. this would obviously help them out in the long run as well.

          • Anonymous

            How would it cut down anything? They already know about the penalties, which a lot of the time aren’t even strictly enforced. They are already handed a free ride, and given a huge advantage over other students. Paying them outside of that would just make things worse. Honestly, they can’t even follow the rules now, even given a free scholarship and any other perks that come with it.

          • It’s not simple enough to just say pay them and they get free education. Where will that money come from? Us regular non athlete students? Some schools tuitions will probably go up just to hand out the money. I wouldn’t want to pay for someone else’s schooling too. I say just allow them to sell their game gear each week. They would likely get $1500 to $10,000 a week depending on the player.

          • Scottyo614

            People are ignorant and forget you have to pay everyone not just football. IF you pay football players, Wait till that middle hitter on the womens softball team isn’t making as much as the star QB then you have a hell of a Title IX lawsuit on your hands. What happens when one school sees it as an advantage to raise the pay of players? All other schools follow and it just gets out of control. Paying players simply can never work because of all the womens sports you would have to pay the exact same to

          • BigDaneAyManE

            All these posts are about people wanting to tell people that “I was the most popular guy in school” or “I am a colege athlete”, no one believes you, and if they do believe you, no one cares. Stop douchin the topic up and makin it all about you.  

          • HaloUnion

            I wasn’t  Somebody threw in a “penis envy” insult, and I had to defend myself in order to keep my argument from being discredited.

          • Maybe there’s a third way forward that doesn’t involve direct payments. Regardless, nothing ever entitles the school to someone’s likeness rights. 

          • Infemous

            “I was the most popular guy in my high school and proud of it. ”

            I smell bullshit

          • HaloUnion


          • HaloUnion

            yeah because you would know better than I would

          • Lochson

            You were home schooled I take it.

          • HaloUnion

            good one mate

          • Lochson

            You were home schooled I take it.

          • You’re posting that you were the most popular guy in school on the internet… Uh yeah. I bet that makes you feel really cool, posting how cool you are on the internet among anonymous strangers who have never heard of you. What’s next: (Length * diameter + Width/Girth) / (Angle of tip)^2 ?

      • Not every student gets a full scholarship. Furthermore, there are other expenses beyond tuition that are often not covered… Books, a computer, lab fees, etc. 

        How would you like it if someone took your face, put it in a video game, and made money off of it without your consent? Not very much right? The point isn’t what they get, the point is consent.

    • I don’t think education, that in many cases these students are paying for (not all NCAA D1 athletes get full rides) entitles the school to make money on their likeness rights. I don’t think the school is ever entitled to make money from your likeness rights without your permission. 

  • HaloUnion

    Yeah wasn’t that good of an episode other than the Peter Moore part.  Plus, I definitely disagree with their thinking of college athletes getting paid.

  • Liquidgold

    haha scholarships are done because they are a necessity for the scam to work. A: you gotta get them kids in the school and wearing your schools colors if you want to make all that sweet sweet money off of them. B: you take them scholarships away and now you have kids paying you to exploit them and that just sounds turrible.

    shout out to cam and reggie. work that system you sexy boys

  • Anonymous

    The bottom line is that they are getting compensation for playing a game, whether it be cash or scholarships. What about those of us who worked our way through school to get a job that doesn’t pay nearly as much as someone who makes it in professional sports? They are not only given the same education that we receive for FREE, but also an opportunity to make it to the professional level. And, even if that doesn’t pan out, they still have that degree to fall back on to get a normal job. They are being paid. Hell, I’m going to be paying for my college for years. And I was working while I was in college. I think having that handed to them is more than enough.

    • GamecockNation

      well boo hoo im sorry ur not talented enough.. paying athletes is the only way to make the deal more fair.. whether you like it or not

      • Anonymous

        First off, me not playing sports has nothing to do with talent. I have bad knees and a bad ankle. I played sports for years, before and in high school. I’m not complaining at all that they get scholarships, because it does bring in a lot of money for the schools. I just don’t see any logic in giving them a paycheck as well. I do disagree with them not being able to talk to agents and sell their gear; if it belongs to them, they should be able to do what they want with it. But at the end of the day, they are getting paid, regardless. Like I said, my college education is going to take years to pay off, way more than the time I spent there. So they are getting paid quite a bit as it is. If they were to get an actual paycheck, then they should not have their education paid for. If you want to do that, then just give them however much their tuition and room and board is worth, then make them pay for their education like everyone else. Why hand them everything? They are given way more than anyone who isn’t playing sports, not to mention the opportunity to set themselves for life. Also, how is it not already fair? Please explain that to me.

        • Squints Palledorous

          Simple, you don’t bring any glory to the school, while the player does. If you suck at the job that pays your tuition, you’ll get fired and need to find a new way to pay. If the player sucks at his job, he loses his scholarship. And just because you have a degree, does not mean you’re set for life. I wouldn’t want to just give them a paycheck, but the current setup is not fair. Perhaps taking better care of the student-athlete would pay larger returns when the Alumnus donates to the school?

          • Anonymous

            OK, let’s say, hypothetically, I do something that brings positive publicity, or “glory” to the college I’m attending. Should I then be compensated by my university? What about all the people who organize charity events and other things that bring positive publicity to their schools? Why shouldn’t anyone who does anything that brings attention to their school not be paid? I never said they’re set for life with a degree, but they are given an extra opportunity, for free, if their sport doesn’t turn into a career. And you still haven’t told me what’s not fair about them getting a free ride to college and exposure to pro teams and scouts for playing a game that they are choosing to play, and are most likely having fun doing.

          • Squints Palledorous

            It’s absolutely not fair for a school to own your likeness in perpetuity, simply because you had a scholarship. Ultimately, we agree on this. I also said I didn’t want to give them a paycheck. We both agree that they deserve to the right to sell their gear. If you were to do something for your school, bringing national recognition, you deserve a scholarship, at least. Possibly paying off your student loans? That would be fair.

  • Gamerzz

    “slamming” is a bit over dramatic there. just a quick parody. this is much more a ‘slam’ on the NCAA…not EA Sports. 

  • DonRSD aka PSN DonVCorleone

    maybe watched a 1/2 episode of south park my entire life……dont find it interesting or funny at all

    • Im sorry your sense of humor is as dry as your psn

  • I saw it more of a shot at the NCAA than EA Sports. They called NCAA athletes “slaves” at one point. The EA Sports thing was more of a side plot than anything. 

  • Naterichmond7

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  • Dub

    Idk how you can say this was a weak episode. I laughed consistently during it more so than I have all season so far.

  • PmoRVA

    this world is all about money these days everyone needs more than the other person. Nobody wants to feel like they are losing out on a little cash. I find it ironic how the discusion of compensating college athletes comes up the same time the NFL is on a Lock out….

  • e99

    South Park is great, my favorite show for years, it had some great moments but the overall statement that players should be compensated more is a little silly in my opinion. Players who don’t agree with the system don’t have to go to college. People, like myself get loans to pay for the college experience and become a better human being for doing so. I didn’t get tutoring, fame, meal tickets, and room and board paid for when I went, which scholarship athletes do. On top of that, the people who rise to the professional level will get greatly compensated for their effort, and the others can have a degree to pursue a paying career if they choose.
    The players don’t deserve to get a salary. The issue really is what happens to all this money and is it going back into the university or just a few people’s pockets. Just a thought…