Pastapadre Online Dynasty 2011

Posted July 5th, 2011 at 10:00 am

Once again the site will be hosting a primary Online Dynasty this time for NCAA Football 12 on the Xbox 360. A second Online Dynasty featuring Teambuilder created teams may be arranged also if interest is there. With three extra weeks in between NCAA 12 and Madden 12 that should allow the momentum to build stronger than in the past and the new web-based features should allow progression to be even more consistent.

Weeks will be advanced on the following schedule
Game ‘weeks’ will run Thursday through Saturday and Sunday through Wednesday.
Recruiting only/set-up ‘weeks’ will move forward after one day.

*Owners will be replaced for missing any games or days of activity if no notice is given. Since much can be completed from the online website (even simming while calling plays -for a cost) there is little reason not to complete the minimum asked. Rather than wait around for an explanation a slot will be opened up for someone else to join.

There will be no requirement to write stories on each game using the ‘Dynasty Wire’ but it is encouraged. Write-ups and any screenshots or videos may be used for showcasing in recap articles for the website.

In order to express interest in participating in the dynasty leave your gamertag in the comments and your top three choices for teams (see below for restrictions). You must also be following on Twitter and “like” the Facebook page in order to have those communication avenues available for updates. When owners are selected teams will be handed out so as to spread owners amongst the different conferences and limit user vs user games to only a few a season.

No teams in the top ten or with a ‘Prestige’ of six will be available. That eliminates Oklahoma, Alabama, Stanford, LSU, Oregon, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Boise State, Texas A&M, Florida State, Auburn, Florida, Texas, Penn State, and USC.

Those people chosen will be notified likely over the weekend with the dynasty starting up as early as next Wednesday (or as soon as named rosters are completed). As always there will be way more people wanting to join than slots available. Unfortunately the number of users is limited so I apologize in advance to those who ultimately aren’t selected. You are always welcome to start your own Online Dynasty and utilize the forums for communication.

  • id like either UNC, KSU or Colorado

  • Deamon506

    Georgia, Iowa, Texas…

  • rlb_fhs07

    barrows06 i would like to be


  • ballsucker69

    you should have a pd3 OD

  • ballsucker69

    you should have a pd3 OD

  • Kev

    GT: I Swagmeister I

    1. Pitt
    2. Notre Dame
    3. Michigan State

  • Kev

    GT: I Swagmeister I

    1. Pitt
    2. Notre Dame
    3. Michigan State

  • Nate

    gt: Insida Penguin6
    I’ll take WVU or WisconsinDon’t know if I am getting it on launch day, though.

  • Nate

    gt: Insida Penguin6
    I’ll take WVU or WisconsinDon’t know if I am getting it on launch day, though.

  • Nate

    Typo in my last comment, my bad.

  • GT: IbleedGold93 Teams: 1. Georgia, 2. West Virginia, 3. Minnesota. 
    Twitter name is @MJFobbe if you wanna contact me there. 

  • Eddie

    1) North Carolina
    2) Cincinnati 
    3) UCLA

  • Drew

    XF4CT0R40 ( the “o” is a zero)
    1. Notre Dame
    2. TCU
    3. Texas A&M

    • Drew

      i mean texas tech, not A&M

  • KiDNastY004

    KiDNastY004 Any team I play hard and coach to win!

  • BuffaloBoyscout = gamertag

    1) Michigan
    2) Wisconsin
    3) South Carolina

    I will play any day any time!!!!

  • Radi0ActivWaste

    GT – Radi0ActivWaste(the O is a zero)
    2.UNC3.Air Force

  • Josh3469


    teams- WVU, LSU, VT

    • Josh3469

      instead of LSU USC

    • Josh3469

      instead of LSU USC

  • Tag: Ragy06

    Teams: Tennessee, Ball State, Purdue

  • Tag: Ragy06

    Teams: Tennessee, Ball State, Purdue

  • Gamertag: OrangeCrush15
    1. Alabama
    2. Pitt
    3. Colorado

  • TjSteezy

    TajisJETSSSS – gamertag
    Teams – Maryland, Oregon State, and Ole Miss

  • Rackemwilly15

    Gamertag: Racemwilly15

    Notre Dame

  • Brian

    Gamertag: Boilerbri07



  • Eandickerson

    SelfReliance4 and I will talk my alma mater University of Michigan Wolverines … If thats cool … 

    • Eandickerson


  • Anonymous

    I need THEE Ohio State Buckeyes, but I will settle for Penn State, or VA Tech. My gamertag is Bigbuckeyeboi.

  • Gamertag – bjonson70

    2. Temple
    3. Arizona St

  • Jason

    Hey i would like to take part in the Dynasty… im a diehard LSU fan and was wondering if i can take the Tigers.. if not the Tigers i want the Bulldogs or the Bama but i really want my LLLLSSSSUUUUUUU my Gamertag is NinthWardJay. Thanks

  • Jason

    Wait sorry didnt realize there was no top 10 teams so ill take Georgia or West V. Gamertag: NinthWardJay

  • arod 111
    3.texas tech

  • jusmegamer

    GamerTag: LBGREAT

    TOP 3

    Mississippi State

    Hope this is for XBOX, good day suckas.

  • Rogert008


    Teams lsu oregon Michigan st fsu

  • Brian

    How are you choosing who gets in?  Random?

    Also, how many max slots are there?

  • Rogert007

    rogert007 ( gamertag)

    Michigan st south Carolina Colorado West Virginia arkansa

  • SUGARSHAY Michigan or Florida State

  • Nabedo3

    papa speedo

    1- GEORGIA
    2- Wisconsin
    3- Miami

  • Shjones1

    ASU or UNLV 

  • Whitehippo


    Arizona State
    Air Force

  • JasonJames

    Gt: SAI Baltimore

    1. The U
    2. Maryland Terrapins
    3. Ucla

  • Hipool1

    Gamertag: hipool1

    Top 3 team choices
    1.Virginia Tech

  • VikingsPH12

    GT: Vikings12PH
    Teams: Minnesota, Baylor, West Virginia, 

  • Gamertag: BrotherDune
    Teams: Tulane, UCLA, Northwestern

  • Vipny1

    gamertag : italianmvp

    Uconn, WVU

  • J Z

    GT: Villacan

    1. Wisconsin
    2. TCU
    3. Florida State
    4.Any other Nike Team

  • I’d like to get in:

    1) Michigan
    2) Wisconsin
    3) Stanford

  • Traffickstoppah

    Gamertag: Stu Digga

    Teams: Tennessee, UConn, North Carolina

  • Anonymous

    GT: velcrow12

    Texas Tech
    North Texas

  • Hotty Toddy

    gamertag: WildReb

    Main team: Ole Miss
    Secondary: NC State or Oregon State

  • SwizzyFBaby5

    I will take BC, Michigan St., or West VA in that order


  • sethasaurus, if Wisconsin is available I’ll take them.  If not ill take Vanderbilt. 

  • Randy behunin

    teams: ucla, michigan, utah,