Players to Receive 100 Ratings in Madden NFL 12 Through Voting Process

Posted August 17th, 2011 at 11:30 am

EA Sports is teaming up with ESPN and specifically the SportsNation program again to hold another series of votes – following up campaigns like the Madden NFL 12 cover tournament and the ‘traditions’ for NCAA Football 12. The latest is being referred to as ‘Club 100’.

This time around the vote will center on which players deserve a 100 rating in five specific categories. Five players will win the right to have the 100 rating (one for each category).

•Elusiveness: Charles, Peterson, Woodhead, McCoy, Rice
•Hit Power: R. Lewis, Harrison, Willis, Maualuga, Matthews
•Throw Accuracy: Brady, Manning, Brees, Rodgers, Rivers
•Spectacular Catch: Edwards, Lloyd, Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson, D. Bryant
•Speed: Chris Johnson, D. Jackson, Charles, Hester, Ford

The players will receive the 100 rating in the roster update that coincides with the start of the NFL season – not the release day update which will be out well in advance of the game arriving in stores or being available to download via the ‘Season Ticket’. Voting will run August 22-26 with the winners being announced that Friday.

  • Buc

    I think it’s funny they are showcasing spectacular catch for the 100 rating. Wouldn’t it make more sense to give these WR’s 100 catch rating? It would be different if the game really had enough animations to show off the spectacular catch, but it just doesn’t happen enough in the game for me to have the slightest care about. But the drops upon impact is another story. If the ball hits the winner of this vote in the hands, he should 9/10 times catch the ball. That rating would carry much more weight IMO for the fans. Just my two cents.

    •Elusiveness: Charles

    •Hit Power: Willis

    •Throw Accuracy: Brady

    •Spectacular Catch: Calvin Johnson
    If this guy played for a big market team, and always had a healthy QB for 16 games, we’d be talking about him and Andre Johnson being the best WR’s to come along in a long time. BTW, where in the hell i Andre Johnson on this list. He should win the award??? Crazy EA.

    •Speed: D. Jackson – This is a toss up really. Not sure how you can say Jackson over Johnson, or vice-versa. Ford is a speed demon but will never win as a primary returner.

  • Brett

    elusiveness: Adrian Peterson
    Hit power: james harrison
    spec catch: larry fitzgerald
    speed: shouldn’t be included
    throw accuracy: shouldn’t be included
    honest opinion

  • DonRSD aka PSN DonVCorleone

    nobody needs a 100 rating.
    in fact the # rating system is old and outdated.
    they should go with the APF 2k8 where all players are rated say a 50 (you never see the number), yet give people certain abilities.
    ex: chris johnson would have elusive & speed burner.
    ray lewis would get leadership, ball hawk etc

    the #s are just dumb as they never make sense.
    watching the nfl on tv and playing madden dont mesh.
    you can tell the difference from real life to playing a videogame that doesnt simulate the real game (*besides real teams, real players & real stadiums)

  • alright well based off of those limited picks i will say

    Elusiveness = Jamaal Charles
    Hit Power = Ray Lewis
    Throw Accuracy = Tom Brady
    Spectacular Catch = Larry Fitzgerald
    Speed = Chris Johnson

    although alot are debatable
    mainly spec catch and speed
    but the other three im pretty sure fire on them

  • Wzuptonight

    Woodhead 100 elusiveness our you serious, please don’t be serious why is he even on the list we know why but lets not play that card. Watch he wins it somehow like someone else not saying no names but Peyton Hillis, but at least he is a beast but he don’t deserve it over Micheal Vick. Thats like how Jimmer Fredette won best male college athlete over Cam Newton and kemba Walker we know why buts that not play that card again lol, lets be serious Jimmer had a good year and I like him but not over Cam Newton and Kemba Walker year, how they won the Championship and how they both put their teams on they back Jimmer did too but not with a championship or in a hard conference like Cam and Kemba did in others words really Woohead would not know his name if it wont for Tom Brady go shake his hand Woody!!!

  • Mussa

     More absurdity from EA Sports. Ratings should be determined by producing accurate stats on the field!

  • Dcrockstar911

    •Elusiveness:Peterson•Hit Power:R. Lewis•Throw Accuracy:Brady•Spectacular Catch:Fitzgerald•Speed:Chris Johnson
    if you dont vote for these guys you dont watch football end of story… You Need More?
    Tom Brady-3,900 yards 36 tds 4 ints
    AP- He is the best HB right now end of story there
    Chris Johnson-13 20+ rushes and 4 40+ Rushes They Dont Call Him cj2k for nothing
    R.lewis-2FF I know thats not the best but this guy knocks the sh!t out of people And Been doing it for years

  • Dcrockstar911

    i think there should be a 100 in each class
    strength-Naloti ngata
    agility-Desean Jackson
    awareness-Ray Lewis
    trucking-michael turner or AP
    ball carrier vision-CJ2K
    stiff arm-peyton hillis
    catching-reggie wayne
    route running-chad ochocinco
    catch in traffic-anquan boldin
    spectacular catch-larry fitz
    release-brandon marshall
    jumping-dominique rodgers-cromartie
    throw power-jamarcus russell
    throw accuracy-tom brady
    throw on run-michael vick
    play action-peyton manning
    tackle-patrick willis
    hit power-ray lewis
    power moves-james harrison
    finesse moves-demarcus ware
    block shedding-haloti ngata
    pursuit-troy polamalu
    play recognition-ray lewis
    man coverage-darrelle revis
    zone coverage-ed reed
    pass block-ryan clady
    run block-jake long
    kick power-sebastian janikowski
    kick accuracy-sam koch
    100s dont mean they are perfect they are just the best in the nfl at what they do..
    i am not bias i like the cowboys

  • Bruce M

    Another bad decision that the public overwhelmingly doesnt like. EA Sports has the reverse midas touch

  • Reish4

    speed mike wallace

  • Ayden Keaton

    how is santonio holmes not on the list for spectacular catch???? does anybody remember superbowl 43 or the catch against the patriots this year in the playoffs? what about the catch in overtime against the browns or the catch with 10 seconeds left in houston how is he not on the list!!! if he wasent suspended for the first 5 games he would have more but come-on!!

  • cam

    WOODHEAD! mah boy could get 100!!!!

  • Jakekuhrt

    rice, matthews, rodgers, johnson, charles

  • Mullen Stephen

    Stop playin..Calvin Johnson aka Megatron….100 rating…nuff said

  • way to ruin this game madden

  • BleedzGreen$hit$CowboyBlue

    People do realize that you can just take the template from the madden games and remake the players anyway you want right?? I think I will be changing all these 100 ratings back to something more realistic. AP isn’t very elusive in my opinion, he should have 100 truck rating, 100 strength, then a 45 break tackles because if you get your hands around him, he falls(or fumbles)… The guy just tries to run over people, how is that elusive. Jamaal Charles is more elusive than AP

  • Jaws1400

    How is Dez Bryant even in the discussion for Spectacular Catch.. EA must have some Cowboy fans. He made 2 great catches all of last season and both were against the Redskins. The 1 handed catch in the 3rd quarter of the first redskins game and the tiptoe catch in the endzone in the other redskins game.. Somebody smoked some good stuff before some of these candidates were selected lol

  • Hydef Hd

    Chris Johnson is not NEARLY more elusive than. A.P plz.. its a shame half of yall didn’t even mention Adrian petersons name Smh… He won anywAY n Fitz is the best n da league check out YouTube spectular catches r crazy!!! Bit i honestly think they shouldnt have that got zur Club 100 repla e it Witz route running which Fitzgerald should winfield easily!!!! No other recievers Run rotes like fitz before yall comment YouTube it!!! Moves on Corners that left them twisted!!!