EA Doesn’t Expect Their NBA Offering to Compete with 2K For “A Few Years”

Posted September 2nd, 2011 at 11:30 am

Recently promoted to COO, former EA Sports president Peter Moore talked to IndustryGamers about the company’s NBA series. After attempting an overhaul and re-brand going from NBA Live to NBA Elite the game was canceled at the very last minute after harsh consumer response to the demo and glitch videos having gone viral. The series was then transferred to the Tiburon studio where it is taking a year off before returning in fall 2012.

“It’ll take a while to get back, yeah. It’ll take us a few years maybe, but if that’s what it takes, that’s what it’ll be. We’re in our 20th year as a label… We’re not a short term player. It’s not going to happen overnight, but we’ll sit here 3, 4 years from now and hopefully we’ll be talking about what a great battle NBA 14 or 15 is versus their 14 or 15,” he concluded.

He’s probably speaking more to sales numbers than quality here but that will be a factor too. There is simply no way that EA Sports NBA will launch something that was built from the ground up that will have the level of depth that NBA 2K currently has – and will be adding onto in coming years. Any edge they may have will come from feeling “fresh” and taking advantage of any areas that 2K has struggled in like online play.

It’s going to be tough to break back in as the NBA 2K series has entrenched itself culturally but there will always be an opening for competition that chooses to innovate. EA Sports has caught up to and passed competitors who were thought to be unstoppable at one point in time – FIFA with PES being the most prominent example. What was proven by NBA Elite though is playing off buzz words and trying to convince consumers they want something they haven’t asked for is not the way to go about it.

  • Haha

    Live Series is dead, they need to focus on improving Madden

    • Justin Nelson

      Yeah, improving a bullshit game and here is an example showing they still have a lot of work to do.


    • Playstation3gam3r


    • Anonymous


      It never ceases to amaze me that people think EA might come back and beat 2K basketball, but the same people don’t believe 2k could come back and beat Madden.

      • Sdot





  • FairNuf

    Well this is basically the last year that legends get people excited for NBA 2K. So I can see how maybe EA offering something unique could interest people. Especially with online stuff.

    • Keith.

      When has EA offered “something unique”?  The next time will be the first, as things like the vision cone, Madden IQ, create-a-fan and EA Backtrack shouldn’t even count.

      • BankC

        online team play started in nba live. how about the playoff crowds that 2k is finally getting in this year?

      • Anonymous

        Actually Vision Cone was huge but all these so called “Sim Gamers” were the main ones crying about it.

        The whole “SIM” community was created by people who were tired of getting their ass beat online.

  • I’d rather them work on a college basketball game. That would be the only chance they have. Get an NCAA game established, THEN think about transferring it to the NBA.

  • Keith.

    If 2k was still allowed to make football games, Madden would be in the shape boat today.  Left on the curb, trying to figure out how to get back in the game.

    EA doesn’t have the talent to compete with 2k’s best developers, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon.

    • Greg

      Exactly. EA also tried to snag the NBA license but the NBA said no. They were smart because now they’re making a killing off 2K while EA didn’t even put out a game this year.

      I don’t like any of this exclusive license shit. COMPETITION breeds the best games. People forget that one reason 2K stepped up their game and made NBA 2K11 so good was because NBA Live 10 was good and actually closed the gap between the two. That lit a fire under 2K’s ass. That’s what competition does. That’s why Madden is so stale year after year, they have no one to push them to do better. I hope the NFL comes to it’s senses and lets 2K back in the mix. 

    • Anonymous

      While I agree that competition in a market is always better, I’d stop far short of saying EA can’t compete with 2K

      • Sdot



        • Anonymous

          yeah 2k did fuck them up in those two categories

  • Well 2k can’t compete with EA in the NHL series, and 2k hasn’t made a comparable MLB game to Sony’s The Show for years. Lets stop acting like 2k can make anything great.

    • Big jack

       bITCH shut up if i knew u i would whoop your ass for saying stuff like that about 2k

      • Anonymous

        ROFLMAO, get em killer!!!

    • Perrylarry44

      u got punked lol

  • Lonnie

    makes me wonder how they expect to sell any copies when they themselves say their product is not as good?

  • Buc

    If we can only get that same competition back from 2k sports on the gridiron. I really hope the NFL doesn’t solely offer EA the NFL license upon it’s renewal in a few years. If they allow 2k back in, then we’ll get great football games year-to-year.

  • They need something new.  A while back i recall playing a PC basketball gam called Freestyle Street Basketball.  The graphics sucked, some games were laggy, but the ones that weren’t laggy were a lot of fun.  It was an MMO that you’d build up your character buying playing games and earning in-game money, or you could pay real money for new clothes or moves.  With a console that would make the graphics look great, I’d like to see a mode like this using avatars.  Something that hasn’t been tried before, aside from Indie Games that have limitations.

  • Jpl901

    I wonder how can EA get games like FIFA and NHL to a high level, but the two main American sports football and basketball, they suck at it. I remember I was aNBA Live fan back in the day when the only other titles you had were NBA Shootout which was basically an arcade game and NBA in the Zone which was also terible. Then 2K came along and slowly changed the landscape of basketball games while NBA Live was going for a more arcade feel. EA would be in more trouble if it weren’t for games coming out soon like Battlefield 3 and etc. Overall, EA needs to step there game up cause other than MLB:The Show and NBA 2K, sports gaming has been a little on the down side to me since been intergrated to the Xbox 360 and PS3.

    • Perrylarry44

      nba shootout 98,nba in the zone 98..was a lot bball games then but yeah live was better then and went arcade on ps2

  • Clamps

    “after harsh consumer response to the demo and glitch videos having gone viral.”

    You talking about Madden right?

  • Clamps

    “after harsh consumer response to the demo and glitch videos having gone viral.”

    You talking about Madden right?

  • Youngchi25

    when it comes to basketball, EA has a lot of catching up to do. and I think in a few years they might make something great!!!

  • Chris

    They still arent competing too well with 2k football and its been on hiatus since 2005 

  • Chris

    They still arent competing too well with 2k football and its been on hiatus since 2005 

  • AZ

    Wow, not exactly a ringing endorsement for NBA ELITE 12. What company does that? Does McDonalds put out and new burger and says “We know it won’t compete with the Whopper for a few years.”

    How can they expect the public to believe in their product when they clearly don’t?

  • Anonymous

    Oh how true and yet all the 2k fanbois think it would be entirely different if 2k ever got back into the football game.  Delusional Fanbois.

    • Debenz

      Rage on playa….Rage on.

  • Shadyrules

    I got a great idea, Why not go back to the NBA Street series that was successful? They said they want to focus on NBA Jam and etc. Hey I have no problem with NBA Jam but, let not kid our selves, NBA Jam is a remake of an old arcade game. Does it really take that much work to develop?

    Continue to make NBA Jam but, give us NBA Street Vol. 4 and etc cause people like me would like that. It wouldn’t even directly compete with 2k but, I know  some people that aint that great at NBA 2k/Live but, enjoy the street series.

    The NBA Jam series is fun but, again its an arcade remake. If Midway(Warner Bros) were to remake Mortal Kombat II with update graphics and etc do you really think it would sell that much? Do you really think it would take away from there other projects?

    NBA Street is the way to go. You think families are gonna play your NBA Jam? Only for so long. NBA Street is a series I feel would have more success at this point.

    Make some money off the NBA street series and then work on your next NBA game. Who knows, if you really took your time on the NBA street series and added a crap load of features(like roster updates and custom rosters for one) then, you’ll have no rush into making your next NBA sim.

  • Yaboythecib2

    okay lets get real nba elite had some gd thing but they just did 2many wrong thing. @42d36a06e753e29645aab6ec0256e786:disqus u make a great point about nba street. but me personally i’d prefer a sim nba game. ea saying they won’t compete. i also agree wit padre. must be talk about sales. cuz nba live 10 was arguably a better game then 2k10. but 2k10 still sold 2million. why cuz 2k had a larger fan base then and it still has one now. so them goin on record and saying there not goin 2 compete must be them talking about sales. but let me make one thing clear i’m a live fan. yes i brought nba 2k11 & yes i will be purchasing 2k12 as well..but ea nba sim will always have a shot at my 60buck. cuz i like what ea has to offer in there basketball sim. u people saying ea should stop make a nba sim. are crazy cuz the nba video game world poorer if they decided 2 walk away. i believe 2 flavors of basketball necessaryor people will be bitching about nba 2k same way people are bitching about madden. all ea needs to do is go back to the success of live 10 and beef up the animation,the gameplay,the features,the graphics.and find some opened minded fans and there will be competing.bye yea 14 4sure… but 2k won’t make it easy tho…cuz nba 2k11 was coo. And 2k12 look promising.

  • this just proves there needs to be competition when it comes to the NFL market. 2K would own Madden!

    • CaptG

      we get it, EA = Evil, 2k and COD = COoL.

  • Mason

    F@*K start working on a NCAA game. you will never be able to compete with 2k in NBA.

  • Mason

    F@*K start working on a NCAA game. you will never be able to compete with 2k in NBA.