Madden NFL 12 Roster Updates to Incorporate Hot and Cold Streaks

Posted September 14th, 2011 at 1:00 pm

There has always been a debate about whether Madden ratings should be tweaked on a week-to-week basis as one game could always be an anomaly. Fans love the weekly roster updates though and as the season goes on they tend to operate more on trends over a several week period rather than just a single game. There now may be a better way to reflect how players are performing without necessarily shifting their ratings too much too soon. 

A new way to affect output without necessarily adjusting a player’s ratings drastically is through the Dynamic Player Performance introduced in Madden NFL 12. This year roster updates will include changes to ‘Confidence’ and factor in ‘Hot and Cold Streaks’. Donny Moore tweeted today that the ‘streaks’ will be starting up not with this week’s update but with the one that follows week two of the NFL season.

It’s still unclear whether other ‘Player Traits’ will be changed in roster updates but it’ll be fun to analyze how the new elements will mesh with the ratings changes. What I’m hoping to see is more of an effect on entire units through the use of ‘streaks’. Rather than pushing ratings for just a few individuals maybe an entire offensive line or majority of a defense can be justified for a hot or cold streak. There are some positions inherently more difficult to justify changes to as they are less stat based or are performing well as a unit rather than featuring individual stand-outs. After NFL’s week one maybe the Ravens defense goes largely ‘hot’ as just one example. I don’t know if plans are to utilize the ‘streaks’ in that manner but it could be a worthwhile idea to consider.

  • herpaderp


    • Infemous

      Pasta, can I ask you what you make of the new Online Franchise Rosters being completely wrong?

      We waited over a week for them, and players included on the original Week 1 update are not included. These are players with NFLPA contracts, EA has the rights, they’re not injured and yet they still can’t be found on the roster.

      Meanwhile, IRed or Practice Squad players, or Long Snappers make the roster ahead of them.

      Biggest example is St Louis Rams 4th Rd Pick, 10th best rated rookie WR and now starter for the Rams Greg Salas.
      He is not in the Online Franchise roster update, yet Long Snapper McQuaide is, Special Teamer Dominque Curry (listed as WR and 54 ovr C pot compared to Salas’ 66 ovr B pot) and DT sitting on IR Jermelle Cudjo all are.

      I tweeted him about this, and he said that ‘OF rosters only allow 53 men’ yet you can sign an additional 22 players to fill it at 75 when in the Online Franchise.
      This also doesn’t excuse the choice of player he omitted, and there is a case like this on every team.

      Furthermore, the contracts are entirely ruined, with most players being paid too much over a shorter period of time, or just generally having way off base contract info, despite EA’s exclusive rights and the ease with which I can find the real contract info from
      This means that users have to do yet more workarounds via LM to create a bearable playing experience.

      Quite frankly I’m disgusted, and I would like to know my rights with regards to official channels of complaints, be compensated or something. I don’t see how this can be acceptable.
      It seems they will be all quiet on twitter with regards to this issue.

      There is no way this sorry franchise can progress with Donny Moore being the sole person in charge of Rosters. Firstly, it’s too much work for one man, and secondly, the one man is the most incompetent, clueless moron on the EA team.

      • T0NY133

        thank you for saying this – its about time they fix it. Also the defensive depth charts need to be completely re done. The game was made for 4-3 teams and it gets extremely annoying using a 3-4 team to have to overcome your opponent and the game.

      • T0NY133

        thank you for saying this – its about time they fix it. Also the defensive depth charts need to be completely re done. The game was made for 4-3 teams and it gets extremely annoying using a 3-4 team to have to overcome your opponent and the game.

      • Smsixx

        I can understand your frustration but are you seriously nieve enough to think that you could be compensated for this?

  • Bear Cavalry

    how is a franchise roster update diffrent from a regular one?

  • first roles to be updated  Romo – chokes under pressure YES 

    Bryant Quits when it matters YES
     even though i hate the jets   the special teams needs to get a boost with a block punt role or something  
    and maybe just maybe the bills can get some more roles ? 
    dareus  should at least be a future star or something  
    oh and to end it fuck you donnie  

    • Russmac316

      Haha, I’m a Giants fan Geoff…I certainly agree with the Romo choking trait, but I think Dez was legitimately hurt and they kept putting him out there. Dumb move on Dallas’ part.

      • Belden57

        The Giants are a joke period….str8 garbage go to the dump and thats where you would find them practicing lol

        • kgosdmgm

          Well NJ is a dump but the Giants are a good team and if there team can stop getting injured they would definatly make the playoffs. 

        • Smsixx

          Thats hilarious (not really).

          But the fact is that the Giants have won two superbowls over the last 10 years. Tell me how many of the 32 NFL teams have done that and the Giants are still a top franchise.

          • burr464

            steelers and patriots 🙂

  • Russmac316

    This is definitely going to make playing online a little more annoying and repetitive…



    ..TAKE ON…


  • Pharrald1980

    I would like to see the player ratings incorporated into the teams overall ratings. I hate how a team in real life is way better than “predicted” by the game developers and they have a lower than they should rating for half the year. Dallas is a great example of the opposite. Their rating was sky high most of the year even as their football team was tanking in real life. Not updating a teams overall rating basically makes the player updates useless to me; the main basis as to what team I pit against my Madden buddy is the team overall rating. We always pick a fair matchup.

  • well do u see the new updates for roster

  • Giantsfan

    Besides the obvious ones (Like Tom Brady) I wonder who’s going to get the hot and cold streaks. As a Giants fan they need to put JPP on a Hot Streak (Has been doing great all preseason and looked like the only Giant on sunday that gave a damn) and Hakeem Nicks as a Go to Guy. For cold streak you gotta put Eli Manning, still making the same mistakes that he made 3-4 years ago. Mostly because of the same 4-5 same plays Kevin Killdrive does.

  • Infemous

    it’s better than giving players some mad boosts only to knock em again in 2 weeks.

    If this is the end for all weekly ratings boosts, then I’m all for it. If not, what’s the point?

    • It won’t end the ratings boosts, I just think it could work along with it to maybe make those ratings moves more gradual – if you have a way to enhance someone (or a group) in a way that doesn’t have to be so immediately drastic. 

      • huejac2

        I don’t like it.  Donny just needs to do what he was doing better.

      • Farttits

        I like this idea and I hope you get in touch with Donny and encourage him to consider it. It’s much more believable that Cam Newton comes outt’ve the Cardinals game on a hot streak, let’s say, than that he comes outt’ve it as a better QB than Matt Stafford or some other halfway-decent QB who’s been around for a few years.

      • Infemous

        Ya, I believed hot streaks were the new ratings boosts, because in essence, a player is still the same player.

        It’s just after a good game they may be on a roll.

        I don’t see how torching the Cardinals’ sorry secondary and still losing all of a sudden makes him better than most QBs in the league (Cam Newton). It’s way more believable to see his confidence high.

        Ratings boosts should only be applied to players he messed up on anyway, like underrating Randall Cobb’s speed for example.

  • Infemous

    it’s better than giving players some mad boosts only to knock em again in 2 weeks.

    If this is the end for all weekly ratings boosts, then I’m all for it. If not, what’s the point?

  • hiphopcop

    Where’s my F’ing Patch EA!?

    • Smsixx

      Most of the gameplay issues will be fixed with tuner sets this year rather then patches…im sure there will be one…but plan on it being the only one.

  • this is sort of pointless i had peppers on a cold streak then i got 4 sacks a ff and a recovery td so the cold streak ddnt hurt him at all

    • Gregrh

      And some are random, in franchise I can start a game and literally have all 11 players on offense having a cold streak. The only one I think matters is the RB holding onto the ball more and bracing for hits.

    • Smsixx

      I know a lot of people don’t buy the hot and cold streaks but i’ve actually noticed that they do happen.

      A similar thing happened to me…I had Ndamukong Suh on a cold streak…and noticed that linemen were burying his face in the ground no matter what kind of move I tried…then I went up against a bad o-line and I got 2 sacks and 6 tackles…bad streaks are normally broken with big games ive noticed.

  • Guest

    Pasta,Have you heard anything from EA in regards to a patch coming for M12?? When is this going to happen?? What issues are going to be addressed??? No one answers anything on their Twitter accounts. They seem to only respond to praise. Josh Looman, I’m talking to you.

    Some of the issues:Players being announced by their wrong names, Players being announced by number or position instead of name, Team names incorrect, NCAA Imported rookies not working correctly or coming in looking silly, Trophy glitches (some won’t pop), LB’s playing defense like Revis Island, and the most bootlegged sounding commentary to date, which makes their attempt at better presentation extremely shallow…     

    • No announcements but going off last year’s responsiveness we’d be looking at the end of September or thereabouts. Remember they ended up doing either four or five patches for M11 so hopefully they are that committed again this year.

    • No announcements but going off last year’s responsiveness we’d be looking at the end of September or thereabouts. Remember they ended up doing either four or five patches for M11 so hopefully they are that committed again this year.

    • huejac2

      I would like the names corrected but leave the defense alone.  Smart play is finally being rewarded.  Sorry the middle is not wide open any more, can’t return kicks for touch downs every game or punts for touch down every game.  Now you have to learn to play real football and not that arena crap.

      • Jon_bengalsfan

        how about the qb sneak glitch? that needs to be taken out

        • Smsixx

          To me its not the play that needs to be fixed…its the reaction time of the defense that needs to be improved for goal line situations…defenders react to slowly as if the ball is on the opposing teams 20 yard line still.

      • Smsixx

        I agree 100%

        Special teams and defense should not be touched…special teams requires a mix of luck and timing (like it does in real life) and the zone coverage on defense is probably the most improved aspect of the gameplay…rather then standing in one spot (in the past) the defenders will now adjust to the reciever routes…this is the reason defenders close quickly on flat routes and passes over the middle (very realistic).

  • Cdwilliams34

    I dont undesrstand how they say they want to be accurate to the real game but by my count they are still missing almost 80 players and half of them were on the game to begin with.

    • Jarod

      Phillip Hunt is the only guy the Eagles need created. Once he joins the team it’ll show up with 6 LEs (Babin, Parker, and Hunt on the 53-Man Roster; Te’o-Nesheim on the Practice Squad; Graham on the PUP; and Abiamiri on the IR).

  • huejac2

    NOOOOO!  Just do what you were doing better.

  • baby fogul

    good im gonna be using darren mcfadden online booooyahhh

  • tish

    Great more stuff for Donny Moore to screw up.

    • if I am in a franchise and i want the roster update, i need to restart my franchise????

      • Credmc

        okay say your season 2 of your franchise…made some offseason moves, drafted, players retired…y would you think a roster update would apply to an already started franchise…you would just be constantly starting over…sense this makes none

        • Smsixx

          Ive tried to explain this to these clowns about 40 times but they still ask…

          they dont understand that when you play franchise you kind of eliminate the need because you adjust to what your team is actually doing (injuries, performance, etc…) other then what is happening in real life.

  • Farttits

    Remember when they said they were ending the stat inflation? The current roster has 25 of 32 QBs rated an 80 or better. 3/4 of starting QBs are above average? That’s not what I see on the field. And Tim “QB3” Tebow a 75? Sure thing Donny, Tebow’s as ready to take the field as Matt Flynn or Shaun Hill. He must have been sniffing glue when he did that one.

    And uh, kind’ve off topic but am I the only one feeling like this year’s game is being played on ice? The momentum stuff from last year wasn’t great, but it was a start and now it seems to have been tossed. I feel like I’m playing a skiing sim.

    • Farttits

      25 of 32 starting QBs that is.

    • Infemous


      I’ve been complaining about this since Madden 11. Donny Moore is the most incompetent fucktard on the EA team and I’m sure there are a LOT.

      and yeah, the ice skating is still ridiculous, but AT LEAST the hits have SOME weight to them.

  • Prodigy3

    Don’t like this idea. This is just another cop out so he won’t have to give Bears players their ‘just due’. Now he’ll just say a 67 ovr Melton is on a ‘hot streak’ and really isn’t as good as he is playing. EA makes me sick. Just rate the player right and quit disrespecting Bear players especially the Defense. Yes, I noticed how you brought Okye, & Meriweather down once they joined the Bears. If they had stayed on their teams you would have left Meriweather an 83. So tired of your crap EA.

  • xt9xjohnnybxt9x

    who cares about this when is first patch because ill tell you what if madden does not get it together soon and fix all these issues gears 3 on tuesday is going to become alot of peoples favorite game

  • xt9xjohnnybxt9x

     bullet pass is broke
    precision pass is broke
    camera zooms out on pass plays wtf
    field goal blocks are way to easy the cpu almost blocks it
    and these just to name a few

  • Jz

    Donny Moore needs to get fired his rosters are horrible. Every player is jacked up. Almost every starter in the game has a 80+ rating. Also its crazy to have 1 person do rosters for the only football game. Everyone is biased to certain players or teams no matter who you are.

    • Jz

      EA fired alot of there nastys but they keep donny moore.

    • Infemous

      I’ve been saying this for years.

  • Foreal8

    You have to boost the Raiders offensive line up. they are too low, do u see what they allow Darren McFadden to do? And speaking of McFadden, boost him too. Better than Chris Johnson

    • Smsixx

      Listen…just because McFadden runs wild whenever he plays the Broncos does not mean that he is better then Chris Johnson. I would love to prove my point but you will see come Sunday.

  • Boloc60

    Demarcus Ware should be 99 and his pass rush should be an 100