Top Rated Players in NBA 2K12

Posted September 27th, 2011 at 1:00 pm

Though having revealed many of the player ratings for NBA 2K12 on Twitter earlier today it made sense to compile the top ones here – all those rated 80 or higher. For others make sure to check the Twitter timeline given that all the teams have been run through there.

Overall it seems the median has been lowered this year as many players have dropped – and Dirk Nowitzki sitting at just an 85 overall is prompting the most discussion. 2K12 features one extra player rated 90+ but two less rated 80+ compared to 2K11. 

Lebron James 98
Dwyane Wade 96
Kobe Bryant 94
Dwight Howard 93
Chris Paul 93
Derrick Rose 92
Kevin Durant 92
Carmelo Anthony 91
Deron Williams 90
Russell Westbrook 88
Amare Stoudemire 88
Rudy Gay 86
Pau Gasol 86
Andre Iguodala 85
Blake Griffin 85
Dirk Nowitzki 85
Rajon Rondo 85
Manu Ginobli 85
Tim Duncan 84
Joe Johnson 84
Josh Smith 84
Steve Nash 84
Kevin Garnett 83
Stephen Jackson 83
Gerald Wallace 83
LaMarcus Aldridge 83
Zach Randolph 83
Monta Ellis 83
Joakim Noah 82
Paul Pierce 82
Eric Gordon 82
John Wall 82
Kevin Love 81
Danny Granger 81
Caron Butler 81
Al Jefferson 81
Tyreke Evans 80
Ray Allen 80
Tony Parker 80
Al Horford 80
Stephen Curry 80
Wilson Chandler 80
Grant Hill 80
Chris Bosh 80
Paul Millsap 80

  • Trujruss

    I hate the heat but how is bosh equivalent to wilson chandler lol

    • Trujruss

      Or andre igudola to dirk… like come on

    • Haha

      I want to know what LeBron did ti go up from like 96-97 to now 98.  It sure wasn’t his NBA finals performance 

    • Kneelb4zod27

      bc he sucks

  • Adam

    and 2ks lovefest with iguodala continues

    • Stats

      Iggy is among the best distributors in the NBA and has terrific ball
      handling. His assist to turnover ratio was among the best in the entire
      league this past season, among non point guards it was the best by a
      considerable margin.

      Iguodala’s ratio is 3.06 (10th in the league), second among non
      point guards is Tayshaun Prince with a ratio of 2.62 (23rd in the

      Iggy’s assist to bad pass (passing turnover) ratio was 6.5 for the
      second consecutive season, also among the best in the league. Just to
      compare, Lebron James’, widely considered the best point forward in the
      league, his ratio was 4.2. Comparing to some of the best point guards in
      the league, Rose 4.1, Kidd 4.4, Nash 4.5, Rondo 4.8, Westbrook, 5.0,
      Williams 5.6, Paul 7.7…Again, Iguodala’s 6.5. He established himself
      as a premier defender in the league this past season as well…

      Statistics and facts are coo…

      • Go_kings10

        yeah because assist to turnover ratio really makes a difference. right there you stated “second to tayshaun prince.” that sentence itself shows how insignificant that statistic is when measuring the worth of a player.

        logic is coo…

        • Jlc123725

          If u actually read what he said u’d see that Tayshaun was 2nd by a fair margin. If u knew basketball u’d kno that he is also doing that on a bad team & one of the best defenders in the league.

          Logic is coo… if ur not stupid & actually have some.

        • Stats

          As Jlc said, you misread, read it again. I didn’t say “second to tayshaun prince.” I said that Tayshaun Prince was second to Iguodala by a considerable margin…

          “Iguodala’s ratio is 3.06 (10th in the league), second among non
          point guards is Tayshaun Prince with a ratio of 2.62 (23rd in the

      • Go_kings10

        yeah because assist to turnover ratio really makes a difference. right there you stated “second to tayshaun prince.” that sentence itself shows how insignificant that statistic is when measuring the worth of a player.

        logic is coo…

      • SleepyNE

        I’ll take L. Deng over Iggy all day.  He should have made this list.

  • cp32

    too bad brandon roy’s knees kept him off this. he’s better than more than half of these guys if healthy.

    • youngchi24


  • Mikeq672

    I coulda swore I just watched Dirk just completely dominate the Heat a few months ago, I guess not.

    • Aman128ok


      • youngchi24

        lmao true ! and they need to get off lebron’s nuts ! no way he is a 98

    • you do realize Dirk plays defense like a 3rd grader right??………. oh ok!

      • Jlc123725

        True that. People don’t care about D anymore.

      • yep

        and Lebron plays D as good as me,and yet has a 98 rating. Dirk should still be rated at least a 90.

        • Jackson

          Dang bro u play d as good as Lebron where is ur name on the 1st team all defense some people need to know what their saying b4 u just start making a statement.

  • Clearly 2K is waaay more into highlights and buzz than actual player abilities/value. Why did EA have to screw up NBA Live for soooo long?

    • NBA Live ratings, NBA2k everthing else… equals to a happy bball fan…

  • Aman128ok

    SO NOW we say that BLAKE GRIFFEN who yes is very good is better than DIRK NOWTIZKI come on 2k What else do you want DIRK to do he just proved all his critics wrong….He just showed us that he is dominate and that he isnt that SOFT……AND WHAT PAU GASOL after WTF he did t=in the playoffs OMG 2k droped the BALL with this one they really did..Im not that mad about the AMARE thing because he has done well too but DIRK is HANDS DOWN the BEST PF in the league…IM still trippen A FCKN 85 WOWWW IM SOO SHOCKED RIGHT NOW

    • youngchi24

      I agree ! these ratings are way off

    • Pasta is a Hack

       Griffin (Not Griffen you idiot) is rated the same as Dirk, not better. Are you illiterate?

      Also, Operation Sports has a video of all the ratings. Pasta needs to stop acting like he’s breaking stories. What a hack.

      • Dominator

        Pasta can’t catch a break…show him some luv !!

      • Mikeq672

        Where does he say he’s breaking the story? I cant seem to find it. But regardless he did break these ratings to me, and I bet the same for most others. Go back to operation sports.

      • Taylor

        If you hate Pasta why are you on the website commenting? If you already know the updates, then why are you looking at them again on this site? Makes no sense to me…

        • Aman128ok

          Clearly because he is a COMPLETE DOUCHE BAG ha ha I love people who think they are amazing over the internet dude he is Fucking horrible ha ha

      • Aman128ok


  • Aman128ok

    AND the SADDEST THING ABOUT IT IS LEBRON JAMES is the ONLY ONE who has made a major overall improvement (EXCLUDING DROSE) and he had to have the MOST DISAPOINTING performance’s out of all these guys WOWW A guy who does nothing but Decrease in EVERY statistical category AND play horrible in the playoffs improves BY 2 OVERALL POINTS but a GUY plays amazing in the playoffs stays at the same OVERALL im just SHOCKED

    • Dirk can’t play defense or rebound consistently so as a PF he won’t be rated all that well obviously. and LeBron still has the best skill set and abilities of just about anyone the league has ever seen. I can’t really explain the improvement though should’ve stayed a 97. maybe the somewhat improving jumpshot

    • Princeywincey

      russell westbrook went up by 8

  • Guest

    Overall ratings are so bogus without seeing the breakdown of the individual categories.

    • Megaman781

       Dirk’s the best *scoring* power forward in the game; he isn’t a great rebound; he’s not very fast; doesn’t jump high; isn’t considered a great defender; has decent handle for a big.

      Didn’t they give him a 99 Mid? What more did you want? Its an “overall” rating…calm down.

      • Mikeq672

        I want him to be rated fairly, do you really think all those guys ahead of him are better? Because they arent.

      • nacho daddy

        So what your saying is that overall wise, Blake Griffin is equal to Dirk??…if your saying dirk is 1 dimensional then i could say blake isnt a great “scorer” ill give he the rebounds dunks and flash but they are not equal…Bottom line Dirk should have at least go a 90

        • Blake Griffin averaged 20+ and 10+ last year he is a better all around PF than Dirk. just because Dirk has an amazing Finals doesn’t mean he is all of the sudden a 90 lmao

          • nacho daddy

            Amazing Finals??? have you seen Dirk play over the past decade…he is by far the best scoring power forward ever…i dont give a shit about the finals..he was rated a 85 before the finals…and bullshit if you HONESTLY think blake and dirk are on the same level…REALY??after 1 year…lets be real

          • Jlc123725

            Best scoring pf ever? Idk bout that. He can score but come on lol… Oh & btw u dont help ur argument by basically admitting that he can score good but is below average/sucks doing anything else.

          • nacho daddy

            Name 2 thats better…and no because Dwight cant ball handle pass shoot…he is defense blocks rebounds…soooo

  • DJ Promy

    Dirk’s an 85 despite leading a team to a title & D-Will loses a point when he was playing hurt but still was the ONLY player in the league to average 20 & 10 last season? Where do they get their numbers from? 

    • Sjsjsd

      Dirk should be 95 or better

  • Kbdeboo

    Some of you do realize a 85 rating is no slouch. And its just ratings dam! Just because lebron or anybody else rated higher than dirk that does not mean a dam thing play the game right and you can still have good stats with players who have lower ratings!

  • Dominator

    How could they disrespect Dirk after just winning a title and being so clutch for the Mavs?  How is Grant Hill a 80?  We are the same age -39 !!!!  I know he was hurt a few years with the ankle…he will be 40 when the lockout is over…come on !!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Dirk is a couple of points underated..  nuff’ said.

  • Rooss4

    how is dirk only a 85?

    • SWiZZY

      SON WEAK smh

  • tish

    You guys are such fags. I knew everyone would complain about this. I’m sure it’s coming from the people that have never played the game before. 2k doesn’t care about a player’s OVR rating, they just try to get each attribute correct. That is why guys that can do everything like Lebron, Iguodala, & Westbrook are rated higher than they should be and pure scorers or guys who don’t play defense like Dirk & Ray Allen are rated lower. A player’s overall rating has NO EFFECT ON HOW GOOD THEY ARE IN THE GAME.

    Would you rather they did it like Madden and boost up stats for guys just to get their OVR higher even when it totally messes up their attributes? SMH at everyone here.

    • tish

      This site has moderators now?

    • Perrylarry44

      yeah i agree they go crazy about ovr ratings,its the attb points 2k give a player 2 make overall,they dont just say oh lebron should be 98 overall its his attributes that make him 98ovr…4the nerds

    • Mikeq672

      Shouldnt they re-work the formula for a players overall rating then?

      • tish

        Yes they should rework the formula because it actually does effect stuff in association mode where a worse player will get more minutes than a better player because the overall rating is off. But that has nothing to with them “disrespecting” Dirk. Dirk is a beast on 2k.

    • @ICTheFuture

      Guys that can do everything?
      1. Lebron can’t post up JJ Barea, his stats went down but his rating goes up.
      2. Ig can’t shoot a jumper… from anywhere
      3. Westbrook has a retard-level IQ

      Dirk takes them all the task, gets a ring and finals mvp and is rated like a highjumping rookie PF?

      Well I WAS going to wait till after the lockout but if this is the mindset of the devs, I’m going to pass on 2k12. If I want fantasy I’ll just play Jams.

  • strawberrytampon47

    these ratings suck the game didnt change at all

  • AceR

    nba 2k11.1

  • Perrylarry44

    lol the same guys tripping are gona choose heat online anyway…..this called being fake

  • Kushmir

    Lower rating = better gameplay. coincedince?

  • Williamsdent91

    dirk was unstopable against my thunder and only a 85 wow

  • Anonymous

    Dirk – 85 is an EPIC FAILURE!
    but my boy D-will at 90! NICE 🙂

  • how is chris paul rated higher than derrick rose. makes no sense considering one was the mvp and the other was eliminated in the first round. 

    • Chris paul is a better passer and defender……. nuff said

  • the reason dirk is only an 85 is because he is a poor defender and rebounder. he will still play like a top 10 player though. stop whining.

    • swish41

      dirk is a good rebounder and okay defender, do you even watch the games?

  • like rondo is overrated because he has a great defense rating.

  • Schieslm1

    The fact that Kevin Love is ranked below Joaquin Noah is a complete joke. Love should AT LEAST be an 86. He was in the top 20 in scoring and DOMINATED the glass. Noah isn’t in the top 50 in either catagory. Hence another reason I am not getting the game…the ratings make 0 sense sometimes

  • Sincerjonez

    wow grant hill get an 80 serious

  • I think Bosh should be a little higher, He did have a good post season.

  • sheredia

    gasol rated higher than dirk?……the guy just carried his team to an nba title. lebron should be lowered due to his less than stellar finals performance. wade is a tad high too.

  • Just because a guy is rated higher than another player doesn’t mean he is better. Dirk is a one-dimensional PF and always has been. That’s not a bad thing, really, as he’s obviously mastered scoring which has lead him to being an NBA champion, but the point is that the guy can’t really do anything well other than scoring. He’s going to be a great scorer in the game, just as he is in real life. I don’t really give a damn what his overall rating is in the game, as long as he plays like Dirk plays in real life. The overall rating does not tell the full story, people.

  • Tillmylungzzhurt

    Dirk 85 really ???

  • bluedragon

    Dirk an 85! damn thats racist. there is no other explanation for that one. 

  • bluedragon

    apparently they have never seen Monta play, bc if you have you know he is one of the most naturally gifted players in the league.

  • Demboizo05

    Its funny none of u lame ass nerds kno wat ur tlkn bout. Dirks overall is on account of his low defense and only averagin 8 rebounds (and he’s 7ft tall). He is still Dominant on offense. The only way he wld b n the 90’s or high 80’s wld b if they overatted him n thngs he’s average at best. Watchh the NBA not espn.

    • Scubrat

      they u demboizo5 these niggas sound like idoits

      • Scubrat

        dirk would be probarly unstopable in the game its an overall rating its offense probarly would be the best in the game but basetball is a two way sport n evertyone dirk defense is supar

  • Tonio

    Heres why its like this the stuff dirk is good at like shooting 3’s and med range Doesnt really effect a power forwards ratings, but the stuff hes not good at like shot blocking rebounding def Low post Etc. are the main things that effect a power forwards ratings, so while his overall is a 85 he is still going to play like himself, his overall just doesnt reflect it due to his strengths and weaknesses for his position

    • Scubrat

      Thank you sir u know wat actually want u talking bout u can see who really watches  the nba

  • Tonio

    and yall saying lebron isnt a 98 are crazy hes good at everything, hes not clutch but tht doesnt effect your overall hes just not clutch, but lebron can shoot, dribble, pass, dunk, block shots, get steals, play great defense, etc. so while im not the biggest lebron fan, i know he has to be a 98 unless they underrate him in some categorys

  • Kevin Love 81? Really…

  • Masood_a30

    LeBron is sooo over rated ’98’ wdf? I’m not hating btw….

    Also Kevin Durant has to be a 95 at least

  • Dirk

    LeBron 98? Well, he must be the 2K13 Cover-Athlete…

    Dirk only 85? So what, im still gon kick your asses wid my german fella. Only reason he is dat low is because he is average defender. As a PF those categories will affect your OVRL Rating… Offensively he is a 96, daz for sure….

  • Kingnov1

    its at least 10 players that shouldnt b in front or rated the same as dirk….n i dont really care for em.

  • Chicken Chicken

    Rudy Gay 86?

  • Chicken Chicken

    Rudy Gay – 86? Inside Top 15?

  • merlin6

    I think these player rating should be as followed:
    Lebron James: 95
    Dwyane Wade: 94
    Kobe Bryant: 94
    Dwight Howard 91

    Chris Paul 93

    Derrick Rose 92

    Kevin Durant 93

    Carmelo Anthony 90

    Deron Williams 91

    Russell Westbrook 89

    Amare Stoudemire 88

    Rudy Gay 86

    Pau Gasol 84

    Andre Iguodala 85

    Blake Griffin 84

    Dirk Nowitzki 88

    Rajon Rondo 89

    Dirk’s rating should not be beyond 90, he is clutch and has a dominant shooting, but lacks everything else apart from fundamentals and awareness.
    Kobe’s mid range should be at least 84 oppose to his 78 rating
    And Dirk’s mid range should be lowered to at least 94 (99 is to perfect, it’s ridiculous)

  • Chigh5

    They refuse to give Dirk credit!!!

  • Chigh5

    85 he should be better then that..!!!

  • Dirk

    That’s a joke that Dirk is an 85. Add ten points to that and there’s what his rating should be.

  • Shawn

    Yes Dirk is a franchise player to this day, but 2k12 hurts player’s overall rating a lot on stats like vert, speed, strength, etc. I don’t have 2k12 yet but if I see his other stats, I’m sure they are at least close to where they should be.