NBA 2K12 Impressions: My Player

Posted October 10th, 2011 at 3:15 pm

2K Sports has spent a great deal of effort hyping up the improvements to My Player mode for NBA 2K12. While there are a few worthwhile additions there are numerous fundamental flaws that are impossible to ignore. My Player remains one of the better career modes in sports gaming considering what it attempts but the on-court experience is still lacking and the trade logic is beyond troubled marring the overall experience significantly. 

Notable additions this year include the NBA Draft featuring the voice of David Stern, pre-draft interviews, and player contracts. They are effective to an extent in what they are meant to do – create more of an attachment to your player and better replicate the actual experience of being in the league. In particular I enjoyed the pre-draft interviews as teams gave a fair assessment of their current circumstances and what they were looking for – with the opportunity to sway their opinion one way or the other.

The one-game “Rookie Showcase” is a chance to affect draft stock. I found it ironic that the announcers actually say that one game shouldn’t determine a player’s worth but that essentially is what 2K is doing here. It’s a lot of pressure given the circumstances and how My Player grades out a performance though ultimately it may not produce much of a swing one way or the other.

This year your My Player starts right away in the NBA and with more reasonable attributes – both being a step in the right direction. Starting at a 60 overall at least provides the opportunity to compete, though there are still some particular attributes that are quite low for a professional player that is being touted throughout the mode as a superstar in the making.

Though the mode is still locked to 82 games a new feature is “Play Next Key Game” which helps to speed through the season. More variety in games chosen is desperately needed though – for the Pacers it could be called “Play Pistons or Bulls” because those are the only match-ups ever presented. It gets boring playing the same teams over and over.

Where My Player in NBA 2K12 really starts to sink is the trade logic – your team’s roster and much of the league will see huge turnover after a month or two and that churn won’t stop. There are some terrible trades made and rosters become completely unrecognizable. This is noticed immediately through your team’s lineup which changes drastically but big names across the league get moved around like it’s no big deal. In fact what I have seen in my play-time pales in comparison to reports from others of trades made in their My Player’s.

One month in with the Pacers and the starting lineup had become: Al Horford, Andrew Bynum, Danhtay Jones, Jamal Crawford, and George Hill. By February the starting lineup was: Horford, Bynum, James Posey, Crawford, and Raymond Felton. The guy who I was supposed to learn from that talked up by the GM at the draft, Danny Granger, was shipped out almost immediately into the season.

The trade logic in Association mode is bad but seems even worse in My Player for whatever reason. Join the Knicks and find Carmelo and Amare shipped out. Play for the Bulls and see Derrick Rose sent away. Excited to play alongside Kevin Durant? Don’t expect it to last.

No matter how important the player is to the franchise they’ll be traded. Teams are fundamentally altered across the league and some end up stacked in one position and completely lacking in others due to their moves. It was also questionable to say the least that the very first transaction of the year was the Trailblazers signing Greg Oden to a 6 year deal for $63 million.

The mode would certainly be more compelling if entering the league with other real rookies. Unfortunately the lockout has prevented that – but 2K’s decision not to place any of the fake “drafted” rookies on rosters is a real head-scratcher. Beyond other teams in the league not being infused with new talent it means Ricky Rubio is the only competition for rookie awards – and with my being in the Eastern Conference I won Rookie of the Month honors every, single, month – despite averaging 5.9 pts, 2.4 rbs, and about 7 minutes a game and rarely appearing in a 4th quarter. I have to question even why he’s at press conferences answering questions like he’s the team leader. It all just doesn’t line up and needs to be more dynamic based on the current context of stature on the team and within the league.

On the court there are problems as well. There is some framerate slowdown – not as bad as year’s past but still irritating. It is difficult moving around as other players are practically brick walls and it’s nearly impossible to find a way to get an opportunity at an offensive rebound (a slasher was probably a bad player style to choose), layups are missed too often, T.J. Ford tries to post up Joakim Noah quite a bit too which is puzzling. AI of CPU controlled teammates could use some help. The grading of performance remains largely frustrating though it has eased off a bit – still starting at a C grade while having little playing time makes that a battle that usually can’t be won. “Bad Call for Pass” is my least favorite action that hurts the teammate grade since I get knocked for it sometimes on accident when just trying to speed through a replay.

Also of note are several reports that upon winning the championship the mode freezes and there is no way to progress beyond it. Presentation wise things like the halftime report and quarter breaks would probably be better off removed in favor of reduced time commitment and relevance.

With 2K having removed Crew and My Player pickup modes online that will affect longevity for those who built up players in order to use them in that capacity. It looks like the paid downloadable content will offer some ability to use them online but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a full fledged mode on par with the options in the past.

The absurd trades in My Player mode are the biggest issue but the on-court experience is also too often frustrating to overlook. While My Player remains one of the better designed career modes out there, at least in regards to features attempting to provide fuller immersion, the execution this year is sorely lacking.

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  • Kjjnebs

    All I know is EA and 2K better come with some serious polish on their sports games core modes next year or this genre may soon die out

    • LOL. The sports game genre die out? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Most absurd thing I’ve read today. 

  • CabY

    in mine the Spurs traded away Manu Duncan and Parker lol and the Thunder traded Durant away

  • alex

    pasta online play is horrible i hope you burn on it tomorrow. 2k needs to get that people are pissed

  • Orilene

    My Player is proof that 2k didnt test it and that reviewers didnt play it or were bought off. Everyone saw the crazy trades as soon as they got a few games in. I gave up when I was on the Bulls my favorite team and they traded Rose.

    • VeryMad

      ya I got drafted by Knicks and I’m not even at all star break and my starting lineup is gasol, josh smith, al hortford, and dahntay jones.  I also have Mario Chalmers, Shannon Brown and Tony Parker on the bench which I start over both and none of them get any playing time except for like the 2 min a game I get moved to SG.  They all play like dumb asses on the court and miss easy shots all the time, I have to score 40 pts for us to win.  2k really did a lackluster job this year

  • Mac

    Is 2k Share working for anyone yet??   I can’t find any rosters, player DNA, etc.

    I really like the gameplay but as I expected, the inability to edit the legend team rosters has really disappointed me, as has the broken trade logic mentioned above.

    • KayJay

      No it isnt for me either 2k share shows nothing

    • Jay

      you have to search manually if you know the person’s gt

  • Rh3neworleans

    Well, if you win the NBA Finals in my player it freezes, which is the biggest of game breakers to me. Totally, absolutely kills the experience because now, in order to go to year 2, I have to lose to the SuperHeat in the Finals.

    • Djr622

      Turn off autosave b4 game 7 It should work then

  • I think it’s a great mode that’s just messed up right now – hopefully with a patch it can be one of the more fun modes in sports gaming. One prob with putting everything on the rookie showcase is there really isn’t much opportunity to play well or bad enough to move you out of the teen range of 1st rounders, making the Knicks, Suns, Pacers, and teams in that range the ones who draft almost everyone playing the mode. 

    • Djr622

      I got drafted 10th by bucks

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t seen any of those bad trades & I’m having the most fun in a myplayer career yet, but every forum I’ve been in I’ve heard some of the craziest trades ever lol. I remember 2k addressing the trade logic before 2k11 came out, saying how it would be more realistic, they’ll be incorporating the star system where teams with stars like Brandon Roy, Lebron James, Kevin Durant will more than likely never be traded unless they get something really good in return. 

    I guess they forgot all about that lol. 

    I mean seriously, it’s impossible that they could let something like this go on without them knowing. You mean to tell me you as a game company didn’t run tests to make sure this doesn’t happen? That’s unbelievable & unprofessional. Yes I said unprofessional because that’s just embarrassing. The sad part about it is that for about 3 years in a row gamers are basically waiting for the patch to come out where as these things should not under any circumstance be happening in the retail game.

    • Aman128ok

      Thats the problem with COMPANIES now a days….Now that PATCHES are around COMPANIES (EA AND 2K) send out non finished products and they think “who cares we can just fix it with a patch” thats why all these games are like this back about 5-6 years ago games were made FULLY FINISHED and yes there were problems but not as many as they are NOW companies are getting kind of lazy

  • A Abramovich

    I was thinking about buying this game today,Sad that it needs alot of polish…

  • 6460fsl

    I’m not bashing the 2K series. They deserve credit for the product they have been putting out for the last several years…….But with these type of “lazy” flaws in the game, they as a company are just asking for EA to get it’s proverbial foot back in the door…..When they (2K) should be stepping on EA’s throat.

    Bad Move, 2K.

  • C_fulk

    Spot on review!  CPU defense is a joke also in my player. they move forward & backwards at the speed of light double & triple team ball handler & tip (steal) every pass you throw.  User team mates do nothing of the sort. No tight man defense, no double teams & very few tipped passes. On offense, you are a man army with zero help from team mates.  Oh yeah, the cpu usually shoots 80% from the field with any player on the roster.  Not being able to simulate games & or pick the games you want to play is awful.  If you have 2 or 3 games that aren’t key matchups you are forces to play every non key matchup  game until you get to the ones you want to play, or you are forced to skip them.  So far, NBA 2k11 is 20x’s better for my player mode. Plus the drill load screens take WAY too long to load.  How bout an option to repeat drill!

  • B

    Thanks for throwing my Knicks point from your Google+ post. 

    What I have noticed is that, if you edit the rosters and make players have a no-trade clause, those players won’t get traded in the mode. I’ve played up to late December and no Knicks have been traded despite only having Melo, A’mare, and Fields (hey, I like the guy) have no-trade clauses. Same with other big names.

    Despite the edits I made, I feel it’s inexcusable that buyers of the game have to make up their own work-around 2K’s unnecessary oversights. Heck, 2K Share could already have a worked-on legends roster or a better roster for My Player but… no luck. It’s not even working.

    As Cris Carter would say, “Come on, son!”

    • Anonymous

      “No Trade Clause” is an easy fix, but Pasta isn’t going to point that out.

  • SJ13_BILLS

    This mode is more frustrating than fun. Spot on review Pasta. Nothing like hitting a brick wall on the dribbling skills mode. 2K is great, but games are supposed to be challenging for the average laid back gamer…not impossible.

  • stack.

    I’m sure developers will probably say that I’m just not playing the game right, but the disparity in intelligence between your teammates and the opposing team is ridiculous. I haven’t played the new game yet, but in 2k11 I’ve played along with D.Rose, LeBron, D.Wade, and KD and none of them ever really played up to their potential offensively or defensively. I doesn’t even seem realistic the way the CPU scores at will and locks down your teammates on D with just about anybody, but future hall of famers regularly take bad shots, miss open shots, and play lazy defense. They let average players on the opposing team consistently outplay superstars. This mode is fun and addictive, but it’s frustrating at the same time because its flaws seem like easy fixes.

    • SJ13_BILLS

      I’m personally sick of  getting downgraded for something I wasn’t even close to.

      • stack.

        Right. My Player could be a incredible mode with some work. If 2k made your teammates AI a little more realistic and player tendencies were set better so guys were more aggressive and played up to their abilities, AND if they find less frustrating ways for us to be scored on, this would be a major step in the right direction in my book. Offensively I frequently end up questioning my teammates decisions and inability to make easy shots. On defense, too often I find myself giving up points after getting a deflection and the CPU players being 3 times as fast to the ball as any of my teammates, leaving us out of position for an easy bucket. Then some games it’s like they can’t stop anyone that uses post moves or stay attached to any shooters coming off of screens. And at times when you do finally get good defensive possessions, the CPU gets offensive rebounds consistently, making it look as if your teammates just forgot to box out time after time. I realize all these things do happen in the course of an actual game, but to see them happen over and over for extended periods in a game (often against inferior players) is annoying. I think I just want to see the gameplay in this mode be more influenced by the ratings and match-ups on the floor as opposed to whatever this current system is supposed to be doing.
        I’m done ranting.

        • Djr622

          Best way to get assists is to pass to cutters and any1 under the basket. I’m ok wit CPU making 80% but I wish I could make 80%. my 3 is at 95 and I can’t make any 3 except on fast break. But it would be boring if it was real and u only mm 40%. I’d rather just hv 80% so it’s more exciting

  • Tlupher3

    WOW!!!!! Another terrible 2k review.  You’re pathetic PASTA!!!! How can anyone take this guy seriously. The amount of effort he puts into trashing 2k SPORTS is crazy!!!!  3 pages of hating on a mode in nba 2k12!!!!  And last year when NBA ELITE was coming out (and the entire world new it sucked) he was defending it saying how he appreciated EAs approach and effort to try something different. Funny he trashes a game that is getting amazing reviews and is being considered for game of the year.  And a game that was sooooooooo terrible that it got pulled off the shelves and was never released, Pasta  praised for it’s creativity and thinking outside of the box.  Don’t be fooled by this forum, this guy doesn’t know anything when it comes to the quality of a sports games.  If it’s an EA title PASTA says it’s great. Bad presentation, AWFUL commentary, and flat out poor animation is ignored.  On the other hand if it isn’t a EA titled he critiques it down to every single mode, every single little glitch and instead of ignoring the flaws like he does with every EA TITLE he ignores all the great features such as GREAT PRESENTATION, GREAT COMMENTARY, SEAMLESS PLAYER SPECIFIC ANIMATIONS.  PASTA have you seen how incredible Dirks jumper is now.  INSANE detail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PASTA you are a joke, but hey it gets me coming back just to see how ridiculous your next review of a 2k title will be.  Check out the original PASTAPADRE logo EA wanted Pasta to use for his website but PASTA pulled it because he thought it might be to obvious that he works for EA SPORTS.

    • Tlupher3

      Tried to post the photo but it didn’t work.  To give you an idea, it’s Pasta’s logo with a presented by EA sports below it! 🙂      

    • Ace

      Hey look its another 2K troll! The game sucks so bad that this one has come out of hiding to defend a broken game. Good job.

      • IonG

        Tlupher3 is obviously from Ronnie2K. He’s the only guy that would still talk about the game like its amazing.

        • Tlupher3

          How did you know IonG!!!  Me and every video game review you read is from RONNIE2k!! Look, IonG you’re right, EA sports is the greatest, and NBA ELITE was the best basketball game ever made!!! LOL!!!!!!!!

          • IonG

            Typical Ronnie2K. Assume that anyone who is upset about NBA 2K is because they are for EA. I dont give a shit about EA or NBA Elite so please go back to your hole at 2K headquarters.

      • Tlupher3

        I guess me and every legitimate video game reviewer in the country is coming out of hiding to defend this broken game.  It’s getting AMAZING reviews everywhere you look!!! The only broken basketball game I can think of “ACE” was your game.  That would be NBA ELITE!!!!!!   I am really sorry I hurt your feelings “ACE” I really I am. If you want me to say EA sports is good I will, just so I don’t hurt you’re feelings.  

        It’s the EA trolls like you that keep me coming back to this site.  You guys crack me up!!!!!!!!!!!!! BROKEN GAME!!!! You are hilarious “ACE”

        “ACE” on a side not I really loved your MADDEN this year.  The commentary was top notch!!! Haven’t heard quality announcing like that since I played ‘Double Dribble” for my NES.  ‘DOOOOOUBBBLLEE DRIBBBLLLEEEEEEEEE!”

    • Perrylarry44

      so this is a easports site!…smh

    • Vrinny

      Funny how when pasta was the only site to rip hard on NCAA 12 all these 2K fanboys ignored that. face it 2k is a terrible company and put out a broken game this year. everyone that is pissed should be pissed about it.

      • Tlupher3

        Broken game?  Everywhere you look it is getting amazing reviews!!! I love coming into these EA forums and seeing how frustrated 2k makes you all.  Every time 2k put out a good game it just ruins your day.  LOL!!!!!!!I  I am so sorry for hurting your feelings, like I told “ACE” if you guys want me to say EA is cool I will, If you think it would make you feel better. And NBA ELITE really was a cool game it should have been released.  I mean “the jesus” will go down in history as one of the greatest moments in sports video game history. LOL!!!!! 

        • True

          What all those great reviews from people that clearly hadn’t played the game? They talk about how amazing MyPlayer is yet failed to see the problems with the trades, 3pt shooting, terrible teammate AI etc etc etc All these things that EVERY forum that covers this game is flooded with.
          Get your head out of your ass and take a look around junior.

          • Tlupher3

            TRUE I did look around and here is what I found “JUNIOR”

            JoyStiq- 4.5-5
            CBSnews- “MUST BUY”
            Gamespot- 8.5
            Gamepro – 4.5-5
            1up- b+
            Gamezone- 9.5
            g4- 5 out of 5
            PlayOffinity- 9.5
            Blast- A
            Skee TV “MUST BUY”
            Wall street Journal- “GAME ON!!!!”

            I searched deep and couldn’t find 1… not 1 bad review.  TRUE, stick to loving EA Sports “JUNIOR”!!!!!

          • L0L

            cause none of them actually played the game or know what theyre talking about. even OS gave it an 8.5 and said it probably shouldve been a lower score. and OS loves 2k more then anyone

          • Djr622

            If 2k added back in crew and pick up then every1 would be happy. It’s boring now because no reason to build up ur mp. No1 plays tm up anymore and online association isn’t that fun. They added many dumb modes but took out best modes. They need to fix online and get the website up. I’m not going to lie it’s a good game but it has it’s problems. 2k11 was still better. I played 2k11 till 12 came out but I don’t c any reason y I could play 12 for more than 2 months after it came out

  • Sean

    Couldn’t agree more. The trades are the thing I am most irritated about. So unrealistic.

    • Af1736

      2kbis good but not GREAT..stupid trades ai play….and it dosnt let you play yo playa against others..they should let u import and play others…..lsuckie …if LIVE had my plaeyer it would be the best….unless use of technology…it could be worst doe

  • OvO

    nba 2k12 presented by 2k scam. 

  • Xron-43

    I already returned this game and went back to 2K11. The legend games were cool but once I was done with those there was nothing better then 2K11 actually most was worse then 2K11.

  • Dre2778

    They being (EA & 2K) know the issues the games face after release. Why not do tuner updates and patches to match the issues to make your consumers happy. I opted out of buying 2K this year because of the lockout an no rookies. But when you continue to hear that modes like Superstar, RTG an My Player have terrible trade logic and dumb AI it turns your attention quick from a solid purchase.

  • The Realest

    PASTA STFU You always hate on 2k12…this game is far beyond anything we expected..we dont need terrible games like nba elite/live…2k brings out unbelievable content every year something we have never seen from any sports game and your sitting up here complaining about trade logic??? i much rather have teams make trades then play the same team that i just beat every time i see them,in the words of Chris Carter “CMON MAN”

  • Barimanlhs

    I have yet to incounter these trade issues in My Player but I will say I was incredibly frusturated when I first started it. I felt like I couldnt move aroudn the court and it seemed like my team (the suns) couldnt do anythinf effectively. I have noticed though that I have changed the way I play the game and now I am much more effective on both offense and defense. I think the earlier issues where from trying to do the same things that were effective last year (and i recall the same type of learning curve in last years game)

    The biggest issue I have currently is the fact that it seems like Im racking up the endorsments WAY too quikly! In fact I already have the intro billboard, the jordan brand embassador, dime and 2k magazine covers…after 7 games played! And it isnt like im doing anything incredibly special, just averaging around 18ppg, 6 rbs, 2 asts, and 1.5 steals.

    Hopefully I wont see players being tossed around like hotcakes but I do wonder if there is a difference in the trade logic when you play every game as opposed to only key games? Less games means techincally less chances to become a star so the logic might be to deal away anyone that could impeed your progress? Seems kind of logical to me, although it is still concerning.

    • Reeferal

      Yeah I agree it must be the Key game only thing, I remember 2k has terrible simulation logic. But if you play close to every game the CPU has less of an affect on what happens thus less dumb trades. I have yet to encounter the issue as well but I haven’t used the play next key game option either.

    • dwizzynfp

      Nope ive tried both ways. I got drafted by the knicks and only played key games and Melo and Stoudemire and billups were gone by January. Then i did one where i got drafted by the Jazz played every single game and they traded away jefferson millsap and harris. Its jus ridiculous cuz the Jazz team was really good i was the leading scorer but jefferson and harris were only like 3 points away so it was fun to play every game but once they trade everyone the make up of the team is terrible. Just a bunch of randoms with no regard to style of play. Makes the game not fun any more.

  • Yonwie

    i am in my second week and my team the jazz has made 3 2 player trades not saying the jazz are great but come on they should at least let you approve trades or something all the guys i like on the team are gone after the second week i have always loved 2k bball games but i dont even want to play anymore and i have only played 6 games but i guess i can restart again(due to stupid trades) and go throught the entire nba roster and make every player a no trade.

  • babyfacekilla6 Xbox 360

    I think that maybe we will haev to wait untill the lockout is over ( that means 2k share will be on ) maybe then there will be no more crazy trades.

  • Loop

    I don’t care what EA is doing. Why? Because it’s about an 2kSports game.. so don’t waste your time comparing this game to every NBA Live game ever made… My Player Mode is so broken, please, could someone explain me how in the blue hell this went unnoticed… my whole team (knicks) got traded away 5 weeks into the season. yes, that includes carmelo and amare. cpu skills are on another level.. end of rotation guys knocking down 3s no matter what.. no fouls are getting called . could go on and on



  • Reeferal

    For everyone talking about the stupid teammate AI… are you guys playing on Hall of Fame? they play much smarter in that mode. Sure the CPU does some cheese, but it’s like that in any game. I haven’t come across any of those trade issues just yet, but yeah they better put out a patch if they got Durant and LBJ being moved around like pawns. The on court gameplay is LUDICROUSLY good though! Realistic contact simulations, no more superstar cheese, Kobe is finally guard-able. Shit the only issue would be the dumb trades. And if you don’t like playing Bulls and Pacers all the time then play some of your non-key games. You’ll need to anyway if you really want to bring your team to the playoffs. What 2k did this year is make the game difficult for anyone who doesn’t play smart basketball. I think thats a good thing. I wouldn’t give it a 10/10 or 9/10 just yet, but its still a much better product than 2K11 was. 

  • RB

    I just turn off CPU trading, because AI trading in these guys is never good and I just make my own deals via three-players trades if I want guys to move around myself. It’s awesome the detail they put into the cutscenes and other aspects of the game. While the purists will probably never be satisfied, it’s a fun game if you’re a casual gamer. Tinkering with the sliders if you’re having problems is smart, but no way the game is impossible to play.

  • Wilder

    all i know is i was playing create a legend HOF mode with Greg Oden, and 2 months into the season it traded away 3 of my starters and wes matthews for what randoms that make no sense for the team, it sucks and it makes no sense.  I’m not playing single player modes on this game anymore.

  • Mpkilla123

    It doesn’t let me go past my second season after I win the championship___-

  • nbafan

    To avoid the “championship freeze” before playing the game turn off “automatic save”. Worked like a charm for me. You can turn it back on after the game is completed. I have two complaints so far. The cpu ai on pass defense is crazy. Add in the fact that sometimes you aim a pass and the ball goes elsewhere it can make for some high turnovers and low grades. Its annoying. My 2nd complaint is not starting the all star game. Myplayer was leading vote getter and leading the mvp race and i was still the 12th man and played like 6 min in the all star game. Others issuesvare annoying that the new patch should fix such as leaving men wide open for 3s. 2k made some great improvements but took giant steps back in some areas. I still enjoy the game though. Oh yeah…..the trade logic is terrible. Havent finished a season yet with a team that had the same starters the whole year.

  • Bob

    My first time playing a basketball game since sometime in the 90’s. Playing NBA2K12 has been a really depressing experience as I feel like I never get the chance to do anything right. The My Player mode is way too punishing in terms of what is possible for someone who is new to playing the game, playing as a rookie. 

    My first impression of NBA2K12 is probably simply that it is really hard! Puts me off somewhat since I am a beginner as well.

  • Lilmoscoskoscoss

    i played for the suns and had ganobili, melo, kevin love , steven jackson , and jason richardson all on my myplayer team won the championship then they traded everybody and we piced up labron i hope they patch this trade crap its stupid every years i have a new team

  • Cramp

    I did a my player on the pistons, after one year only me and charlie v are the leftovers from yhe original pistons. Starting lineup: earl boykins,o.j mayo, landry fields, andray blatche and udonis haslem. What?!

  • caiapha3

    i got selected for the all star team and after that i became the 8th man on my team
    buggy piece of crap

    • Rytiski

      So did I. I thought that was true garbage. Then they put me back in the starting lineup in game 6 of the WCF and we lost (Granted Denver had Dirk)

  • Minimono96

    my player is much better than that mine already won player of the week and player of the month and has star ratings for the game and is in round 1 choice piston 8, the best of all time and especially better jordan and I will be q the youngest player to win the mvp of the season and the final

  • Glovernment

    So if I lose championship to the spurs with my Knicks I can play 2nd season? Or do I just turn off auto save?

  • ICU

    why does my game freeze after i beat the heat in game 7 of the finals?? that sucks

  • Thedudeou

    Turn off autosave and if a trade is made that you don’t like 4 out of 5 times you can sim a few times and it won’t be made…

    • Rytiski

      That maybe a good idea

  • Thedudeou

    Im on my third season and have had 0 freezes, all attributes maxed currently averaging 30.5 ppg 5.6 rpg 11.0 apg 4.7 spg…won every award every year except DPOY my first year with the Thunder…play as an athletic PG and you can dominate…I was drafted 8th by the Pistones and demanded a quick trade to Thunder for Harden/Robinson in year one..traded Westbrook for Amare but Durant and Perk are still around along with a 2nd year player rated 77. I perosnally love this game…

  • DAM

    the heat traded chris bosch for my player (i was a beast. 33.4ppg. 5.5rebounds. 8.4assists. 4.3steals. 1.0blocks. 54%fgp.) and the startin five was My Player (PG) D-Wade (SG) LBJ (SF) Omeka Okufor (PF) and Hasleem (C) andsthen they traded D-Wade for AL Jefferson which kinda pissed me off but i started gettin some chemistry with him. Then they decided it would be a great idea to trade LBJ for Blake Griffin and some Rookie that CAN’T DUNK! That shit pissed me off cause Blake Griffin just camps at the fucking 3point line and never cuts. How am I supposed to run a team and get my assists to make my other teammates look good if they never cut to the rim. -___________-

  • Rytiski

    Yes. Way too many trades and way too many three’s due to lack of defense. I have stopped playing the game until something changes. 3 years into the game and I just reached 90 overall rating w/o upgrading my abilities. Too much to do. 2k13 has to be better. Played 2k11 all the way up the summer of this year but I’m putting this one down already. Modern Warfare it is.

  • Rytiski

    The game is much better now that the rookies have been placed on the game. Alot less trades but it’s harder to make shots now in My Player mode.

  • The Twitch

    Due to the latest patch which is 1.04. My Player has become a bit of a disappointment. First thing that stands out is the fact you can be wide open for a shot and be a 3pt specialist or you can have 99 for all your shooting stats and still miss. On top of that your consistency can be maxed out and you can still miss, which forces you to put up more shots and 9 times out of 10 cause you to lose games. In my opinion, it needs to be fixed. ASAP.