Madden NFL 12 Patch Now Available

Posted October 18th, 2011 at 5:30 pm

The first comprehensive post-release patch for Madden NFL 12 is out now for both the Xbox 360 and PS3. The timing of the arrival falls in line with recent years – about six weeks after release of the game. The patch addresses many of the gripes had with Madden 12 including frequent rain for certain teams in Franchise mode, better organization of custom playbooks, a fix to a QB sneak exploit, edited players no longer losing their “roles” in Franchise, and some work has been done on the commentary.

Early reports are the cited improvements (found here with the full list of patch details) are effective though somewhat limited in their impact. As discussed previously the commentary was one area to keep expectations of enhancements low – and it seems as though accuracy and the delay of the calls has been made just marginally better. The biggest relief will come to those using the handful of teams that were stuck with primarily rain-games in Franchise and on the PS3 where the field textures have been brought more in line with the quality seen on the 360. Unfortunately as it pertains to Custom Playbooks brand new ones must be made in order for the proper organization to take place as the patch will not correct the layouts of ones made prior.

Leave your thoughts and observations of the Madden 12 patch in the comments – and look for a fuller evaluation on its impact in the coming days.

  • Cowboysfan167

    Most of what was said would be in the patch is except for one very annoying thing! The patch said it would fix the freezing/glitching when selecting teams in play now mode but it didn’t! Other than that the patch helped. Two major things that need to be fixed 1. Better punt/kick return blocking 2. no LB mega jump blocks

    • Cowboysfan167

      cool first haha

    • I’ll check on that one – that definitely has bugged me ever since the first day I had the game and noted it. 

      • Jprose75

        We still cant pick our our audibles.  


      The reason why the blocking is horrible is due to the speed threshold. I play with custom All-Madden settings and I can get around 9 to 10 yards average over the course of a season.

      • Brianbarker42

        Slows down the LBs as well when you lower the speed threshold.

    • Huejac

      Special team blocking is fine the way it is. We don’t everybody running back 2 3 returns for touch downs every game like Madden 11. I run one back every week or so which is more realistic. The defenses in Madden 12 allow you call other defenses than cover 1. So I’m cool with occasional lb leep. So if you want to run 2 or 3 back every game and just throw over the middle for 30 & 40 gains all day just back to Madden 11

      • Cowboysfan167

        im not saying making it so i can get 30 yard gains and 2 return td’s but at least a little bit of room. I find it very very hard to find even a little bit of room on punts. kick offs arent so bad. and i also find that if i throw a ball to a receiver 15 yards behind the lb he will still block it. too me the lb jumps seem unrealistic but if thats the way it goes in the nfl, then im fine with it. I just MADDEN 12 to be as realistic as possible. the only thing i have a real problem with is the team select and other screens lag all the time which is annoying. and occasionally the game will lag for a few seconds and effect a play which is annoying.

        • Wildfirexxi

          So you mean it’s like real life? lol

          • Cowboysfan167

            what I said is that its unrealistic for LB’s to jump so high and block passes. I want Madden to play as close to real life as possible, doesn’t everybody?

    • Thestufford

      Same here man… My game STILL freezes for 8 seconds in play now if I switch from home to visitor and vice versa. 

  • Fuck me, I will NOT make a new playbook after making a playbook based of off shit loads of data. I made the Mike Martz playbook and that took FOR EVER. Fuck this I will see if I can fix this though.

    • Chicagobearsdefense

      martz playbook?? did it include the unbalanced line formation? if so, well done sir.  i want a martz playbook 🙁

      • Yes I have only ONE formation with an offset formation and it has a T out as a TE. I also I have some plays in there for the fuck of it. I added a HB Pass just because Mike Martz fucks around after we are by some points. In the playoffs last year they let Forte throw the ball once and he threw an interception. I also have it to where there are shitloads of formations but only about 15 to 18 plays in each formation so that I can atleast get a little of everything. I will post a mediafire link in a bit.

        • Vikingsfan2218

          you curse alot don’t you

  • hiphopcop

    Still calling Tebow #15, I mean really?????

    • crazy_black_man-@PSN

      You sound surprised…and to that I say “really”?

      C’mon man!

  • Tgauld1

    since downloading the patch my game has frozen once and randomly quit the game somehow and brought me to my ps3 start up menu

    • crazy_black_man-@PSN

      I will tell you what. The first week I had Madden, it froze my PS3 slim. I couldn’t turn it off with the controller. I rebooted and in that instant, my system stopped reading games and Bluray discs. That’s when I sold my copy of Madden on Glyde. EA is the king of glitchy software. Won’t touch any more of their games.

      • Smsixx

        amazing…your the only one in the free world who has reported this problem 🙂

        • crazy_black_man-@PSN

          Oh no, not Smsixx again. My arch nemesis. He has scoured the internet and debunked the rumor started by crazyblackman that Madden 12 has freezing issues that might cause a perfectly operational PS3 slim Bluray drive to suddenly malfunction. Crazyblackman has been exposed for the Madden hater that he is (I am) and must refrain from telling any more lies(truths) about the perils of playing Madden 12 for I am the only one who has mentioned(reported) his experience with said glitchy game. Oh the horror.

          • crazy_black_man-@PSN

            Absolutely no reason for me to lie about it.


            I am post number 2, ONLY-in-AMERICA. I play online as @8543055d46d0359bb3a7ee11fb8d3ab9:disqus

            This happened to me after about 4 franchise games in the first week I had the game. Cost me $107.00 to repair my immaculate PS3 slim. After about a week without my PS3, I realized that I hadn’t even missed playing Madden12, and I immediately unloaded my copy on I bought it on Amazon for $16.64 w/credits and sold it on Glyde for $48 bucks.

            Don’t you dare think it won’t happen to anybody else.

          • AR

            I don’t think you’re lying but I am questioning your diagnosis. Every Madden 12 is using the same code and if there were a bug this big in a game so many people play, more people would report it. It’s more likely that your “perfect PS3” had some technical difficulties that were yet undiscovered.

            Anyway, I hope that’s the case because selling to someone else a game that you think destroyed your console makes you a pretty awful person…

          • crazy_black_man-@PSN

            Anyway, I hope that’s the case because selling to someone else a game
            that you think destroyed your console makes you a pretty awful person…

            Yeah….I should have kept it, huh. Um, not to change the subject, but can I get a hit off of that shit you been toking on there, Wally Cleaver? You ain’t making no damn sense.

          • Ha!  A Leave it to Beaver reference.  I love it.  

  • guest

    The playbook clutter just went to other places, made two playbooks really quick and half my formations were listed under hail mary and sub

  • Josh

    So Custom Playbooks are now usable if I created new one in Online Franchise and/or Team Play

  • i guess they didnt care about that loud sound popping that blows out speakers and makes franchise games unplayable on ps3. last year madden gets my money

  • MagicBLC

    Defensive Backs don’t make reactions to fade routes consitently. 4/5 times The DB just stands there as the receiver jumps over them for a catch. I don’t mind getting outjumped or having the ball taken away (fitgerald, calvin johnson like), but can I get some type of attempt to swat the ball??? I’ve put 3 guys around a receiver at times and they all just stand there and watch the guy catch it..

    • crazy_black_man-@PSN

      What? Its not “everything you see on Sunday?”

      Pasta, do you care to comment? Does this count as an issue where the game might appear to be dramatically broken?

      • AR

        I don’t why it would. “Dramatically broken” are issues that prevent you from playing the game. It has nothing to do with bad AI.

        • crazy_black_man-@PSN

          Bad AI would prevent a lot of people from wanting to play this game if it gives the computer an unfair advantage. Which it does. Sooo……..its broken to me.

    • guest

      You took the words right out of my mouth!!!!

  • Pretty annoyed I have to create a new playbook to get it fixed. Oh well, I will do.

  • Smsixx

    Is anyone else getting an unusual large amount of holding calls during kickoff returns since the patch?

    • I get a penalty on almost every kick off return and punt return. Any time I cut across field, or make a quick change in direction, I get a holding or clipping penalty. 

      This was happening before the patch. 

  • I’ve noticed depth charts gets randomly messed up on some of the formations now. Not all the time, but sometimes I’ll see my WR2 in my WR1 spot etc, as if I was in a different formation than I actually him (not fatigue, both are on the field).

    • Huejac

      As long as its same ever time you look at formation then it’s just apart of you teams package. In some formation switch the number 1 & 2 receivers. It even happens on Sunday. Sometimes I wonder if you even watch the game at all

      • In your attempt to be a smarty pants, you failed to understand what I actually said. 

        Try again good sir.

  • Gnmhlnd

    Still unable to use custom playbooks in franchise mode and still can’t assign audibles for custom playbooks

  • DJK0320

    Great,now if only they would fix the accelerated clock and the IR system in offline franchise.

  • klmet

    This game has no identity. Madden developers are just clueless. When I go into Play Now- I want a game that blows me aways. I just don’t understand why they never seem to get it right. Regression at it’s peak. Perhaps it would be better off for everyone if this frachise sunsets permanently. It should go hang out with the NBA Live series.

  • Sean

    Still getting numbers instead of names in commentary.  That really annoys me!

    • Huejac

      On my my p3 I got a patch in addition to this one and Bucs have been called by name correctly for the last 3 weeks

  • my first franchise game ended in a tie because with 4 seconds left i got stuck in a replay and the game wouldnt recognize i was smashing on the timeout button, cmon ea

  • Bo

    Years of playing Madden Football, an now it looks like CRAP! No control of WRs (try to stop WR short on MAD 12) or the use of R2 when controlling WR. Take a look back at MADDEN 11. They took out virtual trainer, my skill level, why did they even take user stats off the game (players vs player offline accumalating win columns, loss columns, pass yds, rush yds, sacks, ints, etc. on PS2, but not ever on PS3). It seem like they trying to keep PS3 on the level of XBOX 360. BLU-RAY vs a reg CD, tons of SHIT should be on the PS3, not limited stuff. Are they trying to lose more of Madden Football Fans. Get a patch for that if it not complicated for your BRAINS EA!!! iHOPE someone or bodies read this an respond.

  • K_cin

    the no onside kick custom playbook glitch was not addressed..FAIL

  • mrmiami

    did they fix the importanted draft classes where certain rookies have the big ass shoulder pads and look all hulkish and the lineman look like super hero’s with skinny ass legs because that shit is so annoying and I don’t even know how the hell EA messed this one up being that the quality was so much better all the other years WTF man!

  • Deserteagle9

    can i just say cant see the difference with this patch.

    playing as G MEN in franchise mode, year 1 at the bye and literally every home game is still rained out

  • Leroy Bluefort

    Commentary still doesn’t work for me…… When will they ever fix some of these nano blitz’s???  

  • Riversideqb1

    if 2K was allowed to make a football game we wouldnt be complaining about all these problems cuz they wouldnt be there. there’s a reason nba 2K12 got a 9.5 and Madden got a 7.5 (game informer)

    • themansan

      No kidding. THis game has some many issues Im pissed beyond belief. Im not sure ill ever buy madden again. 

  • HigherthanPluto

    they need to put a patch in that lets you play with your custom playbook in franchise

  • pook2011


    • Brinafees

      Just put madden 12 in your system and it says found update
      Download now- patch is 1.02

  • Brinafees

    Hearing about the patch hope that it doesn’t kill my ps3

  • guest


  • HigherthanPluto

    anyone know if its ever going to be possible to use your custom playbooks in online franchise??

  • Ahamza97

    how do i make my superstar a kick/punt returner he is 99 overall

  • Frey92

    Fix Lions, Broncos and bills socks (low,high)

  • Eischcream

    Yeah, are they going to address the issue of having a custom playbook for an online franchie…?

  • Whitedanyell

    All I know is that there are no pass interference calls online, and if you make a costume playbook there are no on side kick or special team plays to choose from

  • Deshawn215

    I think the wide receiver has a better chance at the jump ball then the defensive back. It’s a jump ball glitch.

  • Carlosjduncan

    the patch removed the captain patches from jerseys

  • themansan

    my system wont download this new patch…how do i get it?

  • Houndawg21

    how to download the patch