Eighth NBA 2K12 Roster Update Available Now; Several New Uniforms Unlocked

Posted December 25th, 2011 at 1:15 pm

The NBA season is now underway and with that comes a brand new roster update for NBA 2K12. The changes include the removal of Jeff Green who is out for the year, Samuel Dalembert signing with the Rockets, DeShawn Stevenson joining the Nets, Mehmet Okur traded to the Nets, Brook Lopez injured (-10 to rating), and Mickael Pietrus released but not yet with the Celtics. The Quincy Pondexter for Greivis Vasquez trade has not been put through yet. The most disappointing thing is no second rounders have been added with the update.

Additional uniforms have been unlocked today which includes numerous secondary ones and Christmas editions for those teams playing today. Some of these very jerseys were leaked back in October (since they’ve always been hidden on the disc) and now they are available to choose from the team select screen after downloading the latest roster update.

  • Killian

    ughhh waiting for the second rounders to start my franchise

    • Bigtdogg220

      me too

  • sr

    NBA 2k12 is a fun game but are they gonna do anything to fix the network errors online. I cannot get past the 2nd quarter because I always get disconnected and then receive a loss online. Pastapadre, is there a way to prevent this and does 2k have plans to address this?

    • Blackpapi

      Does this Past guy ever respond to questions people ask him??? I asked him a question on facebook and he just totally ignored it. I’m going to unlike him on facebook and stop showing love to this site…what’s the use of having knowledge if you don’t share it? His opinions are very biased anyways….Operation Sports here I come!!!

      • Perrylarry44

        this is a ea website.smackdown,ufc,2k,mlb the show has nothing on pasta’s ea site

        • KOV

          like half of the articles on the site are non-ea related. you must not pay much attention here. pretty balanced when ea makes probably over half the sports games.

        • KOV

          like half the articles on the site are non ea related. not to mention ones that rip ea like the ncaa recap. pretty balanced when ea makes probably over half the sports games today and hes given the game of the year award to nba 2k11 and ufc 2010. you must not pay much attention to the site

          • Perrylarry44

            thahs why blitz gona get goy dumbo

      • Haha funny…considering I respond to almost all questions I get whether through email, Twitter, FB, Google Plus. Dont think you’ll find anyone that engages with people like I do but good luck!

        • sr

          DId you hear anything about 2k fixing the network errors online or a way to reduce disconnects?

          • Mason Drews

            If he did he would’ve answered above.

        • Kevin

          how can i download the update? please?

  • Anonymous

    how can update rosters?

    • Blackpapi

      Sign on to Psn or Xbox live start up the game and they will automatically update and save.

      • Anonymous

        its for pc ?>blackpapi

        • Greg

          dont expect 2k to do anything for pc roster updates or patches

  • Perrylarry44

    if u cant se this a ea website ur blind.

  • Abrre

    love how 2k lied all along. theyd be ready with all the rookies once they signed. and here we are the season starts and no 2nd rounders. pathetic

    • G-Ram

      Cant expect much from 2K. They always overhype things like this and then underdeliver.

    • cbi

      It’s not as as simple as just plugging them in.  They JUST found out which ones made their respective teams.  They still have to clean everything up.  Expect 2nd rounders next roster update.

      • Astrosfn4life

        They had all the rookies on the game when it released… all they had to do was unlock them and they have messed around with people for a month now

      • guest

        yea or just download 2nd rders from 2kshare?? thats what i did while im waiting.. besides they apply in the association if u save the 2kshare under roster.. then load it.. one thing that sucks.. is with the updates.. they didnt remove the games from the season when they had the lockout.. so when u go to association.. u have to play all these games.. makes it feel unrealistic..

  • Guest

    Great so jeff green is removed, ya he’s out for the year but unless they have him pop up in free agency after the 2nd year in a franchise i’ll be pissed. 

  • Piroca

    Hey PASTA, and if i don´t want to download this roster update an still want these jerseys, what should I do? there are codes for them or not? 2K ALMOST force people to dowload these updates removing cool player from the game without give the option to maintain them.


      just decide what you want more new jerseys or whatever cool players you are talking about

    • guest

      download stuff from 2kshare.. on of the ‘top rated’ files for rosters.. has jeff green in FA.. as a celtic fan.. i hope his surgery goes alright (y)

    • Why wouldn’t you want the rosters to be as realistic as possible? Why not just buy 2K11?

  • FAI

    Are they gonna be doing roster updates like madden? Like players raise/decrease based on there play throughout the week?

    • Mason Drews

      No, week to week ratings adjustments are atrocious. 2k rates on the players true ability and it takes a lot for them to raise or lower a player.

  • Anonymous

    how to fix rokies black arms?

  • Whiners

    All of you bitch too much

    • Never come here if you’re wondering about purchasing a game. 

  • Tonytoons18

    upload in ps3 nba 2k12 in mediafire

  • Coolbrother2010

    Is anyone going to make an effort to FULLY update the rosters and include players that are signed undrafted and d leaguers that have made the teams out of camp as well as 2nd rounders

    • guest

      tthey need to include sime of the D-league teams.. or all of them

  • matt.berhman

    Can you actually use different jerseys online? That’s something they should’ve prioritized fixing.

    I’m not sure if it was just me, but in quick matches and versus with my friends, I was unable to ever change jerseys at the team selection screen. It said click LB or RB to switch jerseys, but they simply don’t function.

    • You can definitely pick from different jersey options online. That’s been available since 2K8.

  • Mason Drews

    Still no Chris Johnson on Portland. . . also Greg Oden is still starting? SMH

    • matt.berhman

      I don’t see CJ, but Oden is a reserve in my game….

  • Ravva212

    Fuck those jereys….

  • Mhoward2284

    i cant even start a game online… just started playing it today. i go to online quik match and it just sits on the finding match part. BS!!!! and why isnt there a game lobby. im pissed this is a joke 2k is a joke!

    • matt.berhman

      Do you have an Open NAT? I used to have this problem when my NAT was strict, but matchmaking works fine now that I opened it…

      • Explain how you opened it. I have issues with long wait time as well.

  • Mhoward2284

    can anyone play online on ps3? i cant even play 1 game does matchmaking take an hour or something/

    • guest

      depends on ur internet.. is it wireless or cable attached??

  • MemphisGrizzly

    The slowness of the roster updates is frustrating..Josh Selby was a high second round pick and our backup pg since the first day of training camp (Jeremy Pargo) still isnt in the game either


      Josh Selby was the 49th pick out of 60

  • Ninomarley

    Orlando Magics black unis are coming next time? 

  • Donyap2003

    is this for xbox360?

  • P Hayden

    how can i get the Thunders black shoes & socks with their away uniforms?

  • guest

    wheres my etwaun moore.. ok 55th pick.. but hes good he played at purdue with jajuan johnson..2k12 is still awesome!!

  • Anonymous

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  • Fatahhassan

    how can you update on ps3

  • Dodger_blue1378

    yes they need 2nd rounders want to play with isiah thomas and honeycutt on my kings franchise and for some reason i dont have the option to use the black jerseys wtf.

  • Hunkyandchunky

    How do u get roster updates

  • Jason

    I just got a PS3 and NBA 2K12. I don’t have internet connection for PS3 but I was told you can update rosters with USB flashdrives. Does anyone know how I can do this? How do i find the updated roster file and install it? Thanks!

    • guest

      depends on where u live i think…

  • Tre386

    These second rounders need to hurry im waiting on Chandler Parsons(Rockets), Cause he had pretty good game the other night to have few minutes……Im so disappointed with NBA 2K this year

  • Mitchkurak

    what will kyries new rating be?

  • Mitchkurak

    what will kyrie irvings rating be

  • D_Dubb94

    How can you get the new roster update WITHOUT live or psn? Because when i sign into my live and get on the game, it doesnt register and new roster updates. I’m confused, and tips/advice?

  • Allpro

    Where the hell is the second rounders at?????

  • Chris

    how do you get the roster?!

  • Joshuajamesking

    hey ppl i have a ps3 and i have 2k12 and i enjoy it…i just dont have internet…can i still fully update the rosters?

  • Gpanes350z

    how to download this roaster

  • Kellybell


  • Jbrunner93

    do you have to do all the updates to get the rosters or can you just do the last to get everything?

  • Pinebluff13

    How do you get the updated roster for the online games?

  • Johnny_toler

    what do you go to to update rosters cause i have psn and cp3 is still with the hornets

  • Fabianfarley

    put all the player on 2k damn