New NBA 2K12 Roster Update Arrives; Finally Adds Remainder of Second Rounders

Posted January 20th, 2012 at 8:45 am

It may have taken until an entire quarter of the NBA season was complete but now NBA 2K12 has every rookie included in the game that should be in. The latest roster update arrived this morning and delivered names like Isaiah Thomas, E’Twaun Moore, and Charles Jenkins that had been missing. With the “Living Rosters” feature turned on and the console connected online the update will download automatically upon starting 2K12.

The most significant move of note in the update is Nate Robinson to the Warriors. Ratings changes have started to be made as well – one that stands out is Ricky Rubio jumping to 78 overall which inexplicably includes an 85 in 3PT shooting. Injuries resulting in a severe drop have been instituted for Kwame Brown, Al Horford, and some ohers. Several players are still missing from the new roster though that should have long since been added such as Larry Hughes, Jeremy Pargo, Mike James, Chris Johnson, Sean Williams, Gustavo Ayon, and more.

  • Bullswillbechamps

    Actually I’m pretty impressed with the roster updates. Thanks for staying on top of the pasta, but let’s give credit where credits due. 2k has actually handled this lockout mess pretty well.

    • OrOrO

      you must be Ronnie2K to say that lol

      • Guest

        I thought they did a good job, I don’t see how they could’ve done better with all the bullshit the lockout caused for them

    • Anonymous

      How is Rubio better than Kyrie Irving now???? that makes no sense what sooo ever. Also and 85 3PT rating. Obviously the ratings person doesn’t watch basektball. All the fuckin dude has to do is go to and watch highlights for christ sake inorder to see what certian players play like. smh this is horrible.

      • Tish

        lol homer cavs fan. Rubio is the truth.

        • you joking right

          first off the truth lol no way but, he have great vision and court awareness but he is not a good shooter yet that 85 3pt rating is a absolute joke and who ever gave him that rating don’t watch basketball and must play with the wolves just foolishness lol

          • You Dumb

            he is shooting 40% from the 3 you need to get your facts straight sir….

      • Gucci

        2k does well with gettin shots and players faces but as for ratings…absolute joke..B.J Mullens is a 40…a 40!! Dude is averaging 13 points and 6 rebounds…rubio is a great passer..not a top 3 points shooter OR deserving of a better rating than all of the rookies

        • Djpromy87

          Mullens went up to a 57. Now Ian Mahimi & MarShon Brooks need boosts.

          • Guest

            Thank you so much for bringing up Mahinmi, his mid range jumpshot is on a 46!!!! are you kidding me with that?

        • Reallistic

          Ricky Rubio is the only rookie that has a chance of going to the All Star game. Even though that’s fans’ opinions, it shows that he is more elite than the other rookies.

          • Barryleyoung

            Kyrie has the best shot. Look at the west. Paul, curry, Evans, westbrook, parker, and nash would all get in before rubio. Even if its just off name. Kyrie is on a team with no scorers so he’ll easily keep scoring. And with the way the league is, a scoring pg gets more praise than a true point. Even though rubio is a better pure point guard.

          • Tish

            Rubio is 3rd in votes for West guards, Irving is 9th in the East

          • Guest

            Haha I was just thinking that and posted it and then I read you’re comment

          • Guest

            Rubio has more votes

          • Dallasdiogostine

            cuz hes got all of europe voting for him

          • Guest

            Votes only count for the starting lineup. The bench is specifically chosen by the coach. So if Rubio isn’t starting, he’s probably not going.

        • Guest

          He plays solid Defense too.

      • Guest

        Rubio has hit threes this season(85 is outrageous yes, I’d prolly put him at a 70 to 73), and hell fucking yeah he’s a better point guard than Irving. I understand Irving’s having a good year in cleveland and no I’m not a twolves fan, you need to quit posting from a fans point of view. Rubio is a true point guard in every aspect. Once he gets a consistent jumpshot he’ll be considered one of the best point guards in the league. Yeah 2k over did it but Kyrie Irving isn’t as great as you think he is either.

    • App

      even if they are good they arent complete and they havnt been consistent

    • shibby

      how to download and install the patch? Im a noob here sorry

  • Vin

    another half-assed update what a surprise. three weeks to add a few players and make a couple ratings changes? come on man

  • Brianb42

    No Larry Hughes! Dwight Howard will be traded long before Larry Hughes gets put in the game. How am I suppose to start my franchise? I will not like it very much if by time they add him, Brooks Lopez is my starting center!

  • P1stons

    LIESSS… Vernon Macklin is a 2nd round rookie for the pistons and hes not in the game and he has played. 

    • Celtics

      DeAndre Liggins was also not added and he was taken right after Macklin at #53 in the draft.

  • Keith.

    Really enjoying the game this year.  I’ve been too busy playing the classic teams to care about roster updates, but now sounds like the time to really start playing some of the MyPlayer and NBA Today modes.  Look forward to getting a bunch of time in with both of those modes this weekend.

  • Whitejuly

    But d wade still manages to stay on the heat as not injured even tho hes missed like 6 games already…. I sware 2k has something for the heat

    • Darren Sharper Hold My Dick



        LOL they dont even have the Heat’s ****ing roster correct yet.

        This is pathetic its 2 months into the season how god damn hard is it to make a correct roster EA updates their roster perfectly every god damn week with twice as many players and changes the ratings for every player. Youtake 3 weeks and add 4 players…jesus christ im never wasting money on anything 2k again. 

        • Moserftbl88

          Yea and ea also puts out a game that is crap to this

        • Barryleyoung

          Ea sucks at basketball games. They half ass the graphics so its easier to put guys in. They all look the same on the game. 2k literally ended live/elite

  • Boos

    Lol 2k is a joke robio only takes 1.9 3s and makes .8 40% cus he doesn’t shoot many. KD Takes 4.7 and makes 1.7 now that sounds like a 85 not the 81 he has!

  • D_yowman

    This dude needs to be fired

  • NotARapist

    Well, I’d like to buy the game as soon as possible, but the rosters still aren’t complete yet. Maybe around All-Star Weekend, sigh. Looks like FIFA 12 until then. What a disappointing year from the NBA 2K team.

  • Guest

    I am sorry if this is a dumb question, but is there a specific place to go for these roster updates or does it just happen automatically? 

    • hyfr

      I was wondering the same thing lol don’t feel bad.

    • Jimmermania

      If you play PC, just click the reset rosters. You should get the latest update after that.

    • Jamesmrobinson1979

      it automatic

    • Elvingonzalezjr

      Its automatic. You might have your saved roster loaded up. You can go to options and hit reset roster and you’ll get it

    • zzzz

      READING IS FUNDAMENTAL. Jesus christ, fucking idiots these days….

      • guest

        reading what goddamnit!?!?! its not like they make it easy to ind or anything for those of us that dont play pc. go to hell for beliitling people u fuking idiot

    • Cberry27792

      Automatically, just go into the online mode thing and then backout and check your rosters they should be updated

      • Ajhayes

        2k is the worst game this year all the roster are fucked up no rookie has there real picture its just horrible they need to buy them ll bak and reake that peice of shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gsaag

    wtf…rubio is not that good at 3pt..c’mon mannnn

  • dh5
    Limited attempts yes, but 40% on 3s and 75% of them are off the dribble. 

  • piroca

    I have all rookies without black arms. I ve just downloaded a roster from this gamertag: Thelorn. in x-box live. Valanciunas, Vernon etc… everybody is there with original cyberfaces… 2k sucks

  • Puensai808

    still missing the Miami Heat rookies…not gonna start until someone finally updates it!! been waiting so long already wtf is taking so long

    • Guest

      im putting out a roster with the heat rookies cyberfaced look dead on-let me know if u want to download it.

      • Guest


  • Aerodynamics

    Wasn’t Nate Robinson in the 1/7 update? I bought the game only a couple weeks ago and one of the first rosters I checked was the Warriors and he was in there.


      yeah i played a game with the warriors last week and he was on the team


    Ian Mahinmi and John Lucas get no love come on a 46 and 50 still.
    Mahinmi > Haywood

    • Zi

      Ian Mahinmi has been playing way better than 46. They should have fixed this by now. He’s been better the Haywood. He dosnt start but he finishes games.


        Mahinmi should at least be in the mid 50s

        • Cberry27792

          Yeah I’d put him at around a 61 overall

  • Pasta, why do you think it is that they haven’t changed the accessories and hair styles yet?


      Because they are lazy and cant any give players the right numbers.
      DeAndre Jordan was put up 8 points and they didnt change his jersey number

    • Don’t really have an answer for that, or why its taken so long to get the rosters in line like they should be (and really isn’t not even fully accurate still). They haven’t offered any reasoning behind the slow support.

  • Francisramoshipolito

    where could we get these roster update please?? 🙁


    This is the most pathetic display of updating rosters I’ve ever seen in my life. Over a month now and you still can’t put out a correct roster update????? Why did I drop 60 on a game I can’t play???

    Don’t tell me to get one of 2k share because when I do that association glitches my team stats and makes it say I’m averaging 50 steals,assists,rebounds and 100% shooting, which is retarded.

  • zzzz

    I wish I could make a half ass game, then sit around circle jerking everyone in my office like these guys.

    • Moserftbl88

      Buy madden then that’s what they do

      • zzzz

        2k isnt any different than madden. Get your head out of your ass. The gaming industry is a joke. Cashing the check is all that matters.

  • are you shitting me? Brandon Knight shoots more threes makes more. and has damn near the same % as Rubio. Plus he avg. more points than lil ricky. And Greg Munroe is a BEAST this year better than a 65 for sure. But on the other hand. they updated Ben Gordon’s shotstyle. and Charlie V’s too. They need to give Knight an 80 three at least. then ill shut up for real.

  • A G

    James Harden passing is only a 40. He’s probably the best passer in OKC. 40 is too low

  • Kidrocker13

    is greg steimsma in

  • I love this game, but these roster updates are a f*cking joke. Kill yourself, 2K.

  • Anonymous

    Did MarShon Brooks get a boost? He’s been great this year, 3rd best rookie behind Kyrie and Rubio.

  • Managan99

    why hasnt the heat and thunder away socks changed to black yet.

  • Waryer45

    thats  good and all but… um  WHAT ABOUT  FIXING THE GAMEPLAY!?!

  • Austinbarrett45

    Can anybody list which players are still missing on which teams?

  • TBarbs

    All I gotta say is Ricky Rubio -____-

  • Mr. MLG

    Ivan Johnson is one of the most important
    players on the Atlanta Hawks roster. He is
    getting serious consideration for rookie
    of the year, but STILL not in the game.

  • Thaspydaman21

    Im mad Greg Munroe’s rating hasn’t got better and also Pistons 2nd round pick Macklin isn’t in tha game still and Wade isn’t injured and he hasn’t played but 2 or 3 games in January also tha numbers and postions need to be changed on some players hopefully 2k get back to updates like they usually are like in 2k11 get it right 2ksports

  • Anonymous

    Undrafted Rookie Free Agents are still missing as well.

  • Bubbakole

    Where is etwaun Moore?

  • Densleybryce13

    wheres ivan johnson and donald sloan

  • P1stons

    Nba 2k12 Insider guy that does rosters has a twitter now you cant Twit him your thoughts at @NBA2KInsider 

    • P1stons


  • 2k12

    What!?!?!? 85 3 point shooting for rubio?! whats goin on? Kobe and Durant dont even have it that high. Lol what is going on

  • Mike

    I agree with putting rubio the top rookie pg, but the 85 3pt is a bit high.  I am a diehard wolves fan, but the only 3s he makes are uncontested, ive only seen one 3 that he didnt 2+ seconds to setup… that being said he IS a better PG!!! than irving case closed.

  • 23fe

    this is the worst basketball game i ever played.. everybody has a 3pt shot… all the big guys have great off. rebound but low def. rebound the passing is bad and how does the game lag on my player its not online..???

  • Taxibot1138

    Kevin Love 81. Fuck you 2K.

  • Kevin Michalik

    where do I even download the roster update from?

  • Dwainehankins

    Why isn’t Charles Barkley in 2K12????

  • Shawno0121

    Sigh, still no greg stiemsma. He may not be an all star but hes imlortant to the celtics, more than any ofour rookies are



  • Chatdog

    no Ivan Johnson yet for the Hawks fans…..this is a cluster fu….living rosters?????? now thats funny….

  • Mharklirio

    wheres the link/>>

  • Glenn_bibby10

    how can i download this to my pc?

  • Amare decreased down to 83 are you serious?!! that’s ridiculous

  • What about a Lin-sanity increase?

  • thx

  • Etorres154

    Mine I s still not working what do I have to do