MLB 12: The Show Franchise Improvements

Posted January 27th, 2012 at 2:45 pm

Though Franchise mode in MLB 12: The Show may have missed out on a complete overhaul due to resources being shifted to the Vita version that of course didn’t mean the mode went completely untouched. Today SCEA detailed some of the improvements that have been made to Franchise this year including better trade logic, more realistic CPU generated players, more authenticity in CPU generated lineups, and the much discussed PS3-Vita integration.

These enhancements aren’t necessarily going to excite anyone who was looking for something fresh from the mode – but Franchise has remained a strength of the series due to its authentic and detailed nature and that is what the company clearly is looking to build on further here in favor of making sweeping changes or new additions.

  • 7om

    Ive gotten bored with The Shows franchise. Not cause it isnt good just cause its barely changed every year. Feel like maybe its time to just skip a year of this game.

    • jjcal

      Understandable, but its hard to change when your great like the show.  With a game like madden, it was and still is easy to change a lot about franchise and other gameplay because the game has major weaknesses.

      • Anonymous

        The show has a couple major weaknesses too, but yeah, for the most part, it’s hard to improve gameplay and things like that.  Hopefully this trade logic they keep boasting about, will be worth a damn.

        • Anonymous

          oh that same logic that would of had you fools crying if the game had Pujols and Wilson going to Angels

          • Steve

            Shut your fucking mouth hustlinowl

          • Anonymous

            lol, see you March 6th

    • Anonymous

      If they fix the main franchise glitch I’m cool. I play very deep into the mode,
      Year 5+ so it was a big glitch for me.

      • Keith.

        I hope for your sake you get your fix this year. I know from waiting for certain features (e.g., in-game saves, more playable camera angles) in other sports franchises how frustrating the process can be.

        • Anonymous

          LOL, I feel ya bro. Don’t get me started on Online Franchise in Madden. REAL ONLINE FRANCHISE.  I wish all sports game had 30 team control like the Show too so I could take over for the dumb ass AI.  

          Maybe one day for both of us….

          • Keith.

            I’m to the point where I really couldn’t be happier with baseball and basketball, and I’m not even a basketball fan but can’t be more impressed than I am with NBA2k12. I’m really looking forward to giving Fifa a go on Vita (not a soccer fan but it looks great). If I can get a similar 2012-quality hockey and football game (Backbreaker has proved it can be done), then I can die a happy man.

            Again, hope you get the fix you’ve been looking for from The Show’s franchise — can’t wait for March 6th.

    • Give_it_up

      I’d buy MLB 12 just for the new ball realistic ball physics.  That’s a huge change !  Baseball is physics.

  • mmmm28

    I can’t wait for the vita

    • Black Cesar

      I will have both(PS3/Vita) for the simple fact I vanpool to and from work 40 mins each way. I can play while chilling at my desk also. This will be an incentive to actually play my RTTS/Franchise much more.

  • Venro

    saw the mlb 2k12 trailer and big LOL. but im not excited about the show either. oh well.

  • Scoelho34

    Coming from a harcore baseball fan and player, this is the best franchise and the absolute perfect improvements necessary.

  • Budro99

    Oh Great! David Frese has one super lucky WS and now he’s going to lead the league in everything.  That’s lame.
    signed Cody Ross

    • Jeff

      Freese has the ability but he has gotten hurt and missed most of the season the last two years and hasn’t really had a chance to show his stuff yet. I enjoyed the Cody Ross joke though by the way.

    • Pirates1fan

      I know what you mean with David Freese being second in RBI’s, but maybe he will be more of a run producer this year, especially considering they lost Pujols. Never know.

  • ryan

    I’m excited for the “better CPU generated lineup” cause I always do a fantasy draft and in past years the CPU would always put a random rookie at cleanup and stuff like that. So this new feature makes me happy.

  • HaveLeny


  • Steve

    wow only took them 3 yrs to fix this..probably not event fixed either.  What about the insane trade logic in RTTS? Or players like aroid And Jeter retiring in with years left in their deal? This game blows.

  • Tonyhansel

    I play all 162 games, and I still play (fantasy drafts, stupid trades, etc). So I’m fine without an overhaul to franchise. I’ll buy it the day of and still play the hell out of it.

  • Newtonfb22

    All i want is ONLINE FRANCHISE and i will buy..if not i have no reason to buy

  • Pirates1fan

    Sounds ok to me. As a huge fan of the series, I would buy as long as the game didn’t get terribly worse. I do hope they give Franchise a HUGE overhall eventually, but it isn’t that neccasary I suppose. Can’t wait!

  • sandul

    the only reason i’m getting this game is for the fully compatible motion controls, 11’s home run derby was still flick and swing… hope its not like that for the full game!

  • RobDX

    I’m geting this for one reason, never bought one before and Agon is on the cover and I played the demo for last years and it was fun.