Madden Bowl XVIII to be Broadcast Live

Posted January 30th, 2012 at 5:45 pm

The live Madden Bowl broadcast last year was widely ridiculed and rightfully so (see my review). It was an unmitigated disaster. Not only was the programming dull – primarily filler with very little footage of the athletes actually playing Madden – but obscene messages were on full display throughout the evening.

EA and ESPN will hopefully be better prepared and provide more relevant content for Madden Bowl XVIII which takes place in Indianapolis on Thursday. Coverage begins at 9ET/6PT on ESPN3 – which can be accessed through the Xbox Live app (which has proven to be excellent) or on the web.

Once again teams of three will compete in Online Team Play mode. That makes it possible to involve more athletes and celebrities but in turn has taken some of the personality out of the competition while Team Play was more relevant last year as a new feature than with Madden NFL 12. Grouping in this manner also means fewer total games which is part of what made the previous Madden Bowl rely so much on unrelated fluff pieces and interviews.

Will you be tuning in to Madden Bowl XVIII on Thursday night – or do you have no interest or lost it after last year’s debacle?

  • Ben

    lol i had one of the tweets you posted in that review. i may turn it on just to see how bad it is this time. it was kinda fun reading everyone bash it while watching.

  • Last year was hilarious.  I couldn’t believe organizations with so much cash flow let themselves be embarrassed.  I am hopeful that the event could become something relevant, but it will require a lot of additional work to make that happen.  I believe this event has greater potential than the Super Bowl flag football game.

  • hey pasta i live in Indianapolis just wondering if its open to the public?

  • Jackmeoff

    Fuck No!

  • cash

    who cares about this give us a ultimate team collection for all 32 coaches special edition with a ditka coach card and call it a day

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe that anyone would actually tune into this garbage.  Watching strangers play Madden on TV?!?!? Come on man!!

  • CJ

    Super LBs on national television! LOL!

  • Justin Nelson

    To be blunt, I shot my game up. 
    Quick backstory, I decided to quit playing this game until one day in early November. Played one game, threw 2 one handed interceptions and I was done. I decided I had finally had enough of EA’s BS so I felt like sending a message on how I really felt about this shitty game. 

    • Anonymous


    • Tish

      This is quite possibly the dumbest video on the internet. Also you spelt “destruction” wrong.

  • Adfletch71

    Maybe they need to concentrate on getting the fundamentals of football correct instead of marketing this sub-par product.
    1) no double- team pass blocking
    2) no pass interference calls
    3) challenge system terrible
    4) presentation behind a 7 year old game
    5) blocking is flawed
    6) no fighting for the ball between WR/CB
    7) List goes on and on, get the fundamentals of football correct, then worry about your marketing stunts, it’s been 7 years on next-gen and look at what u have giving us….garbage.

    • Ghost of John Madden

      – There is double-team pass blocking
      – There are pass interference calls
      – The challenge system works exactly the same as the NFL
      – Presentation?!?  The best presentation is NO presentation – remember last year when you couldn’t skip past the “presentation” of the first down measurement??
      – Blocking is the best it has ever been
      – Fighting for the ball?  You mean like a tipped ball that is caught on the deflection – which happens.  Or do you mean getting position on a fade – which happens.  Or do you mean a safety outleaping a receiver on a post – which happens

      • Adfletch71

        Ghost I don’t know what game u playing, or maybe is that u only have played Madden football your whole time in video gaming.
        1) there is no double-team pass blocking: unless u consider brushing against a DL and then letting them go. There is no engagement of two OL locking against a DL at the same time in Madden.
        2) If u played other football titles other than Madden, then u know that the challenge system is far inferior too others: Others gave u a option too decide a challenge call, Madden does not.
        3) How many times have a pass interference call been called in a game, once in every 10 or 15 games if u lucky and never for offensive pass interference.
        4)Blocking is horrible in Madden and the AI will run right pass defenders right in front of u, the logic isn’t that good at all and pass blocking is worst, considering must OL just stand there and watch DL go right by without engaging.
        5) Just look at the stats and halftime show for Madden12, it’s been 7 years on next-gen and doesn’t hold water too a 7 year old game I won’t mention. Presentation is just as important as gameplay and should be considered equally.
        6) Do WR/CB actually fight for the ball or just mirror each other as they go up? To me and others have stated, they don’t fight to get a the ball, they just mirror each other and must time the other defender doesn’t even jump for the ball.
        7 Madden is fundamentally flawed, and other football titles, even though not perfect at all, represented the sport of football way better than Madden. It’s been 7 years on this gen, can u honestly say Madden represent the sport of football well besides looking nice graphically?

      • thinkso

        game sucks

  • Joey

    way to much attention paid to a sub-par game

  • how about you guys just update the roster??????????????????????

  • johnny

    where is the most recent madden 12 roster update?!?!

  • johnny

    there is no double team pass blocking ACTUALLY!

  • Seargant1

    The physics is the only thing I hate about the game a WR is open 30 yards away but 35 yards in front of the reciever a DT or LB will bat the ball down no one can jump that high

    • thinkso

      Might try putting a little air under it, this isn’t pinball ya know. . . .