Madden NFL 12 Final Roster Update Details

Posted February 13th, 2012 at 4:45 pm

The 22nd and final roster update for Madden NFL 12 arrived earlier today will come this week with the Online Franchise update to follow. The update adjusts ratings for the Giants and Patriots while making rosters and depth charts accurate to the end of the league year for all other teams.

Tom Brady, who at one point was close to getting the unprecedented 100 overall rating, instead drops to 98. Rob Gronkowski also drops a point and ends the season rated 97. Meanwhile the Super Bowl Champion Giants see Justin Tuck, Jason Pierre-Paul, and Eli Manning all rise to 96 overall. Continue on for all the details on the last roster update for Madden NFL 12 and leave any thoughts in the comments!

D.J. Young OL ARZ Added to the game
Steve Skelton TE ARZ Added to the game
William Powell HB ARZ Added to the game
Ricky Lumpkin DL ARZ Added to the game
Martell Webb TE ARZ Added to the game
Ryan Winterswyk TE ATL Added to the game
Matt Hansen S ATL Added to the game
Suaesi Tuimaunei S ATL Added to the game
Tommy Gallarda TE ATL Added to the game
Kyle Jolly OL ATL Added to the game
Drew Davis WR ATL Added to the game
Dimitri Nance HB ATL Signs
Rodney Bradley WR BAL Added to the game
Phillip Livas WR BAL Added to the game
Patrick Williams WR BAL Added to the game
Josh Bynes LB BAL Added to the game
Chavis Williams LB BAL Added to the game
Bryan Hall DL BAL Added to the game
Jon Corto DB BUF Released
Brandon Coutu K BUF Signs
Greg Smith TE CAR Added to the game
Cletis Gordon CB CAR Signs
Armando Allen HB CHI Added to the game
DeQuin Evans LB CIN Added to the game
Vidal Hazelton WR CIN Added to the game
Thomas Weber K CIN Added to the game
Matthew O’Donnell OL CIN Added to the game
Rod Windsor WR CLE Added to the game
Dominic Alford OL CLE Added to the game
Jarrod Shaw OL CLE Added to the game
Kiante Tripp DL CLE Added to the game
Craig Robertson LB CLE Added to the game
Brian Smith LB CLE Added to the game
Jeff Wolfert K CLE Added to the game
Andre Holmes WR DAL Added to the game
Orie Lemon LB DAL Added to the game
Justin Taplin-Ross S DAL Added to the game
Mario Butler CB DAL Added to the game
D’Andre Goodwin WR DEN Added to the game
Mark Dell WR DEN Added to the game
Greg Orton WR DEN Added to the game
Mario Fannin HB DEN Added to the game
Sealver Silga DL DEN Added to the game
Marcus Harris WR DET Added to the game
Shanky Smithson WR GB Added to the game
Diondre Borel WR GB Added to the game
Nick Hill QB GB Added to the game
Jon Hoese FB GB Added to the game
Brandian Ross CB GB Added to the game
Darius Morris OL HOU Added to the game
RaShon Harris DL HOU Signs
Jeremy Ross WR IND Added to the game
Jarred Fayson WR IND Added to the game
Ryan Mahaffey FB IND Added to the game
Ollie Ogbu DL IND Added to the game
Richard Murphy HB JAX Added to the game
Shaun Draughn HB KC Added to the game
Luke Patterson DL KC Added to the game
Chris Hogan WR MIA Added to the game
Richard Medlin HB MIA Added to the game
Isaako Aaitui DL MIA Added to the game
Jonathan Freeny LB MIA Added to the game
Vince Agnew CB MIA Added to the game
Kris Adams WR MIN Added to the game
Matt Asiata FB MIN Added to the game
Reggie Jones CB MIN Added to the game
Christian Cox LB NE Added to the game
Kyle Hix OL NE Added to the game
Alex Silvestro DL NE Added to the game
Antwaun Molden CB NE Decrease, from 69 to 68OVR
Kyle Love DL NE Decrease, from 77 to 75OVR
Chad Ochocinco WR NE Decrease, from 78 to 76OVR
Mark Anderson DL NE Decrease, from 80 to 79OVR
Nate Solder OL NE Decrease, from 83 to 82OVR
Sebastian Vollmer OL NE Decrease, from 84 to 83OVR
Devin McCourty CB NE Decrease, from 85 to 84OVR
Brian Waters OL NE Decrease, from 92 to 90OVR
Jerod Mayo LB NE Decrease, from 93 to 92OVR
Logan Mankins OL NE Decrease, from 96 to 95OVR
Vince Wilfork DL NE Decrease, from 97 to 95OVR
Rob Gronkowski TE NE Decrease, from 98 to 97OVR
Tom Brady QB NE Decrease, from 99 to 98OVR
Matt Light OL NE Increase, fom 88 to 89OVR
Dan Connolly OL NE Increase, from 73 to 77OVR
Kyle Arrington CB NE Increase, from 78 to 79OVR
Danny Woodhead HB NE Increase, from 79 to 80OVR
Rob Ninkovich LB NE Increase, from 82 to 84OVR
Tiquan Underwood WR NE Released
Joseph Morgan WR NO Added to the game
Mike Higgins TE NO Added to the game
Jerimiha Hunter LB NO Added to the game
Deon Grant S NYG Decrease, from 77 to 76OVR
Michael Boley LB NYG Decrease, from 80 to 79OVR
Antrel Rolle S NYG Decrease, from 82 to 81OVR
Osi Umenyiora DL NYG Decrease, from 93 to 91OVR
David Baas OL NYG Increase, from 72 to 75OVR
Henry Hynoski FB NYG Increase, from 72 to 75OVR
Chase Blackburn LB NYG Increase, from 73 to 75OVR
Steve Weatherford P NYG Increase, from 73 to 76OVR
Mario Manningham WR NYG Increase, from 79 to 81OVR
Aaron Ross CB NYG Increase, from 79 to 81OVR
Chris Canty DL NYG Increase, from 83 to 85OVR
Kenny Phillips S NYG Increase, from 85 to 88OVR
Corey Webster CB NYG Increase, from 91 to 92OVR
Hakeem Nicks WR NYG Increase, from 93 to 94OVR
Justin Tuck DL NYG Increase, from 94 to 96OVR
Eli Manning QB NYG Increase, from 95 to 96OVR
Jason Pierre-Paul DL NYG Increase, from 95 to 96OVR
Michael Campbell WR NYJ Added to the game
Taylor Boggs OL NYJ Added to the game
Julian Posey CB NYJ Added to the game
Dedrick Epps TE NYJ Signs
Derrick Jones WR OAK Added to the game
Eddie McGee WR OAK Added to the game
Mason Brodine DL OAK Added to the game
Jamie Cumbie DL OAK Added to the game
Jamel Hamler WR PHI Added to the game
Zane Taylor OL PHI Added to the game
Brett Brackett TE PHI Added to the game
Maurice Fountain DL PHI Added to the game
Trevis Turner OL PIT Added to the game
Marshall McFadden LB PIT Added to the game
Bryant McFadden CB PIT Released
Arnaz Battle WR PIT Released
Jerrod Johnson QB PIT Signs
Troy Smith QB PIT Signs
Jimmy Young WR PIT Signs
Derrick Williams WR PIT Signs
David Gilreath WR PIT Signs
Brad Taylor TE SD Added to the game
Damik Scafe DL SD Added to the game
Charlie Bryant DL SD Added to the game
John Graves DL SEA Added to the game
Pierre Allen DL SEA Added to the game
Brent Osborne OL SEA Added to the game
Dontavia Bogan WR SF Added to the game
Chase Beeler OL SF Added to the game
Derek Hall OL SF Added to the game
Konrad Reuland TE SF Added to the game
Curtis Holcomb CB SF Added to the game
Cory Nelms CB SF Added to the game
Ben Guidugli TE STL Added to the game
Chase Reynolds HB STL Added to the game
Raymond Webber WR TB Added to the game
Mike Ingersoll OL TB Added to the game
Chris Riley OL TB Added to the game
O.J. Murdock WR TEN Added to the game
James Kirkendoll WR TEN Added to the game
Michael Preston WR TEN Added to the game
Herb Donaldson HB TEN Added to the game
Cameron Graham TE TEN Added to the game
Keyunta Dawson DL TEN Signs
Rob Myers TE WAS Added to the game
Travon Bellamy S WAS Added to the game
  • Ewudavis

    I’m not seeing the update on PS3. Tom Brady still a 99…

    • Jaded

      It comes out Friday

      • Ewudavis


        • Jaded

          They always come out Friday

        • Guest

          They always come out the day after it is posted also….

      • Guest

        Usually it comes out the day after they post it on pasta…

  • mmmm28

    Yeah, Madden. Let’s end the football season on a bad note. Brady decreased? Didn’t realize 27/41 2 TDs and 1 INT(Which wasn’t a bad pass/decision) was a bad game….

    • uh-huh

      look at his post season numbers..

      • Guest

        Brady is overrated. Brady in last 2 superbowls 0-13 throwing over 20 yards, this season 28.8%, tebow had a better completion percentage 29%. Brady’s deep accuracy should definitely lower

        • Logic

          He’s nothing but a dink and donk QB. He set a Superbowl record with 16 straight completions but they were all under 20 yards.

        • ryan

          LOL. If anyone deserves to be decreased it is his recievers. Welker, Branch, Gronkowski all dropped or failed to make a one on one catch when the ball was right there. Brady can’t do it all chief.

    • a 99 overall player would have taken over the game. Brady didnt and he got decreased. It’s pretty simple

      • Ghost of John Madden

        I agree

        Tom Brady played like a 98 quarterback – which is very very very good, but isn’t a 99

        • Logic

          Not against the Ravens. The game against the Denver Tacos made Brady look real good this post season, because he didn’t shine in the Ravens game.

    • SpankyMunky33

      That INT was terribly underthrown

  • Flash

    They need another roster update for Randy Moss coming out of retirement… smh

    • Mikeq672

       that was a joke right?

      • zzz

        nope.. ”
        Randy Moss uses live webchat on 35th birthday to announce he plans to come out of retirement”

  • Anonymous

    how does Osi DECREASE? wow what a joke.. He had two HUGE sacks.

    • Topher

      Ummm… Those sacks were both Justin Tuck, not Osi.

      • kmack24

        osi forced the pressure to push Brady up the middle into the arms of tuck… don’t see why Osi decreases to be honest. he played a decent game and got decent pressure from the edge

      • Logic

        Osi killed during the playoffs. Of course in some games Tuck will shine, and in other JPP, and in some games like the Green Bay game Osi shine. How and why can’t you see the logic in that? Superbowl champs don’t get drops. If the Pats would have won they would be 99 everything.

        • Superbowl champs dont get drops? So if Eli happened to throw 5 ints and completed 30% of his passes and the Giants still won, he shouldn’t get dropped?

          • Logic

            He did though, so what’s the problem? The whole world saw what they did in the last  6 games of a grueling schedule I like to call the gauntlet ( tough road games) The lockdown these high powered offenses with ease.

          • Logic

            he didn’t though

          • @lindsaysoto

            lol i doubt the giants would win if he turned the ball over 5 times and only completed 30% of his passes. those numbers wont win you an nfl game

        • Ghost of John Madden

          Osi has a very good speed rush.

          But that’s all he does.  One of the best speed rushes in the NFL – and nothing else – deserves a 91

          • Logic

            Master of the strip sack fumble. He set records doing that and did it against Rodgers. There we go again, doing the same ol same ol. It’s always seems to be okay for other teams to get props but soon as the Giants get some or suppose to get some there is a problem. San Fran got screwed with no vaseline.

  • TyG

    I’m not getting the update on Xbox? Just me? Lemme know

  • Chambro5988

    this is ridiculus! Boley gets a decrease because he couldn’t cover wes welker! what lb or cb did this season!? Rolle and Boley are underrated before this even came out thanks for decreasing some of the best players on the giants defense. The Giants defense hold bradys patriot offense to 17 points THERE SHOULD BE NO DECREASES ON THE DEFENSE! it was a collective team effort, thankyou donny for not understanding.

    • Aaron16123

      ya i know that was bs. but everyone else got so much love on the giants so im cool with this update lol

    • Logic

      Not only that but in the last 6 games they played in they only gave up an average of 14.7 points a game (Jets, Cowboys, Falcons, Green Bay, San Fran, and the Pats) I’m tired of the slow corners the Giants have and yet the Dallas Cowboys defense in the best on the game. THANK GOD I don’t own this game or a PS3. I just play it at family and friends house, but when you have knowledge of the sport you would think it would match. Moore bias is getting worse and worse. It’s like in has his mind already made up and doesn’t care.

      • Sense

        Apparently the Giants have the slowest d-backs in the league in Webster, Ross, and especially TT. Their ratings aren’t bad but what good is it if they can’t keep up with anyone? meanwhile you can have any fast corner (Terrence Newman, Fabian Washington, anyone on the Raiders) cover receivers as if they’re shut down just because they’re fast.

        • Logic

          Yeah and the whole world saw what happened to Newman the 2 times the Giants played them. Cruz burnt him like toast and Nicks abuses him all the time like a red headed step child with freckles. The same with the safeties. Rodgers- Cromartie, Daniel Manning, and Tyler Mays are no different from Ed Reed just because of their speed.

      • Anonymous

        Cowboys defense is no way in hell the best defense in the game. Their defense is just okay, as it should be.

    • Because Boley sucks ass.

    • Boley has been one of the main reasons the Giants defense was successful down the stretch and in the playoffs.  It’s unfathomable that he has gotten consistent ratings drops over the past few weeks

  • Joeysabala

    Aaron Hernandez no update?

    • morty

      Gronk lowered for not beasting it with only 1 leg :/

      • ryan

        Gronk is a tool. He doesn’t beast it during the game but he does on the dance floor at the “after party”. What the hell did he have to celebrate??? He’s a loser and deserves to be decreased.

      • if he had one leg how was he able to do all that dancing

  • Anonymous

    tiquan underwood was re-signed 
    and of course tyler clutts got no love all season

    • Ghost of John Madden

      Tyler Clutts sucks

      • You don’t even know who the fuck he is do you? God you are the biggest fucking troll on this site, god damned stupid ass fucking cock suckers say shit like that and don’t know what the hell you are talking about, also, for somebody that trolls as much as you, at least be good at what ever the fuck you do you fucking idiot.

        Tyler Clutts was a top 5 fullback all year but because he isn’t on the Cowboys/Patroits/Packers/Steelers, or the Ravens he didn’t get boosted, fucking bull shit….

        Also in Madden NFL 12 the Bears have the 25th best offense and the 20th best defense…. little underrated aint it?

        • Ghost of John Madden

          Tyler Clutts is a 27 year old rookie.

          He’s played in the WAC, CFL, UFL, Arena League, and with the Bears.  He is a mediocre blocker, and useless at rushing and catching.

  • Joey

    Donnie, your bias is unforgivable, you have one stupid job that requires objectivity, and you are incapable of it. How does one so ignorant get any job requiring thought?

  • Aaron16123

    love the update. go giants we da best

  • CeeGee BRING BACK 2K!!!

    Where is the update??? I’m not seeing it on the PS3….

    If @29d406987b3ff75148655709369ea442:disqus
     is right, and it doesn’t come out until Friday, then WHY THE FUCK would they release the info about it now???

    Every time these assholes get a chance they disapoint us, and there aint shit we can do about it…

    Also, Brady, -1? really? 5,000 fucking yards passing… Are you kidding me? Donny Moore, your a fucking idiot…

    • 3rd grade grammar lesson

      ***You are

      As in, “You are ignorant.”

      • CeeGee

        Thanks for the quality post… I’m happy to see that you have nothing better to do with your life than to troll message boards and correct other people’s grammar… 

        Congratulations on being a loser.

        Also, what kind of pussy hides behind a false screen name “3rd grade grammar lesson”… smh…

        • zzz

          3rd grade grammar lesson that you’ve obviously failed.

          • ryan

            good one?

          • zzz

            Not trying to be funny. It’s pathetic how many people can’t distinguish you’re and your – The world is screwed with the upcoming generations.

          • Ghost of John Madden


  • I understand that Donny Moore doesn’t do his job very well, but if his ratings bother you that bad, then just change them yourself. 

    • CeeGee BRING BACK 2K!!!

       You can’t change them in Online Franchise or Online games period… I think that is what most people have issues with…

      In reality, 99ovr vs 98ovr isn’t that much of an issue, but, I think its the logic / reasoning behind it that make people scratch their heads…

  • They should have updated all team ratings one last time really. I mean we gotta wait like 6 months for the next game. -_-

    • Ghost of John Madden

      Agree – there are obvious ones that need changed, even if a team didn’t play this week

      For example – Leonard Davis in an 84

  • How does Donny ask for any inputs but dont do any of them except for the Giants and Patriots.  I understand they played in the SB.  Thats fine, just dont ask for input if you are not going to do a final overall roster update for each team.

    • Logic

      San Fran got screwed. It was the fumbles of one player, but the rest of the team played fine. Moore just can’t get over his strong bias for the Pats and Cowboys. It’s too much in his mind to make an easy job hard. He rates team on whether or not he likes them and not how they play of what they do. If the Cowboys or Pats would have won the Superbowl, Moore would have had an excuse to juice them up more than they are. The Pats defense is sooo overrated, and the Cowboys, Eagles, and Packers yet funny how they are some of the worse in the league.

  • Logic

    The Giants defense should have gotten major major increase; in the last 6 games they played they only gave up an average of 14.7 points, and they are the superbowl champs. I’m surprised to see any decreases. Well looks like the Giants receivers will still be irrevelant, and will still be inferior to teams like the Cowboys and Eagles secondary. I bet Eli’s throwing power is still at 90 and Corey Webster and Aaron Ross are still slower than some DEs and only a few points faster than Ray Lewis.

    • Kmack24

      its a damn shame the terrance newman has a 97 speed when he couldn’t even cover a twin bed with a king size blanket… smdh

      • Logic

        A twin bed LOL I’m using that one.

  • Logic

    The Giants still aren’t rated like a Superbowl team. Yeah they went 9-7 and the Packers only was one game better in their Superbowl run; one game really isn’t that big of a deal, but who and how the Giants played throughout the Superbowl was wayyyyyy better than the Packers run. There shouldn’t have been one decrease. The Giants still are inferior to teams on Madden they have no business being inferior too. He gives Eli rating increases in other areas to make his throwing power go up. In stead of just going straight to the source. 9 tds and only 1 int in the post seasn and the D-line Osi, Tuck, and JPP were good in all games. I guess Moore juts can’t fight off the bias in his heart; it’s too much for him. He rates teams how he fels about them.

    • Ghost of John Madden

      The Giants weaknesses in Madden are their linebackers – having a deep linebacking corps is worthless in Madden, as nickle and dime corners are more important against the pass and the defensive line is more important against the run

      Their offensive tackles are weak – which doesn’t matter in Madden because defensive ends get no outside pass rush

      Thats it.  They are very good to excellent at every other position

  • Logic

    The game play of the Giants is terrible. You can play with the Eagles and Cowboys without even trying, and you already know next season Moore is going to give the Giants hell the first time they lose they are going to get it. He’s going to wait and as soon as the defendin Superbowl champs lose it’s all over. When it;s only one person doing something like ratings and they don’t have to answer to anyone they can do what they want. Moore is bias for the Cowboys; just because he says he’s a Bucs and Broncos fan doesn’t mean he really is. He can just say that to throw simple-minded people off. He’s bias for certain teams.

    • Ghost of John Madden

      If you like an inside-out running game and a strong defensive line, then the Giants are the best team in Madden, and have been since JPP became a 90 somewhere around week 14.

      No other team even comes close to the Bradshaw/Jacobs running game, and no other team even comes close to the Kiwanuka/JPP/Linval/Canty/Osi/Tuck d-line

      • Predalienmack

        no one comes close to the Bradshaw/Jacobs running game? Williams/Stewart? Sproles/Ingram? Mathews/Tolbert? There are plenty that are just as good as that duo, if not better when you factor in the offensive lines….you are absolutely correct about the d-line though.

        • Ghost of John Madden

          Jacobs is better against a 9 man front than Stewart, Ingram and Tolbert, as he always falls forward due to his size and strength.

          Bradshaw is better than Sproles and Matthews, and as good as Williams.

  • Mikemck09

    Football season is over, and yet another Madden write up… I am dying to see some MLB 12 news… I have to look for some other websites… Anybody know of any blog sites similar to this one with a lot LESS Madden coverage?

  • Josh3469

    any word when the online franchises will be updated?

  • Michael Boley down again? seriously?

    • Chambro5988

      yea, i know, smh

  • I am fully convinced that Michael Boley slept with Donny’s mom.  That is the only logical reason for his consistent rating drop

  • Jz

    So these rosters were done on monday and will take 5 days before they release them. I don’t understand that.

  • Daddytropic

    Are the updates Online yet? 

  • Zalbo

    why vollmer, solder and waters go down? givin up 2 sacks to 3 geat DE is not enough to kill this o-line. only mankins should go down a bit… anderson 2 sacks and goes down…gronk goes down after playing on 1 leg…brady leaves 99 club after a 5000 yard season+Sb appearance… another horrible update, looks like he don’t look at the game or at the stats box. how can he still work?

    • Ghost of John Madden

      Volmer is rated like a starter and didn’t start
      Solder got benched for the aforementioned Volmer
      And Waters played poorly, giving up a sack, a safety, and an injury to Brady’s arm

      • Hipnotik925

        you’re referring to the sack where brady had a clean pocket but for some reason stepped up into osi? and then stumbled back and got sacked by tuck? lol that was on brady for terrible pocket awareness.

    • Damnthisduck

      Everyone thtews in his 5000 plus yatd theres a few qbs that had 5000 plus yards and rated higher then brady but not rayed 98 like brady he is a has bein qb was good before his injurys now you get to him once and he is raytled unlike eli that stays cla

  • Leroy Bluefort

    I don’t know who hates the steelers more Donny Moore or Rodger Crockdell  

  • coby fleener

    the rosters should be out today

  • Do people seriously not understand why allowing every single ball thrown your way to be caught and missing tackles warrants a decrease? Michael Boley fuckin sucks LOL

    • Logic

      Then they need to do that for the Pats defense as well. The Denver Tacos (which shouldn’t have even been in that situation) made life easy for the Pats. Boley had 2 sacks, 1 stop on 4 down in the red zone (falcons) and played well. You act like he’s the only linebacker to get did by welker and woodhead. SMH

  • Ravens

    Hey, if its a final online franchise update, how come it doesn’t list the players ratings changed?
    For example I am a baltimore fan, normal online franchise Vonta Leach is a 91, while online he is a 97, shouldn’t that update also in the new franchise update

  • Rm7280

    Brady has become a dink and dump QB, with poor downfield accuracy, I predict he will never drop his deep throw accuracy, ever in Madden till he retires. Madden may lower numbers occasionally but he wll remaine deadly accurate on deep balls. Unlike what’s “in the game”

    • Ghost of John Madden

      Just because Tom Brady doesn’t throw downfield doesn’t mean he is not an accurate downfield passer

      For example – that hail mary travelled 60 yards in the air to within an inch of where he wanted to put it.

  • did you know in the NFL your not supposed to give up any sacks, stop making excuses for your team

  • Stiffeister12

    before jay cutler got hurt he was playing the best football of his career and they did not update him that week cause he was injured they should of bumped him up 2 points or at least o1.

  • Csousa

    When exactly is this update supposed to freaking come out??

    • Ghost of John Madden

      I bet you are one of those guys that starts to put something together before reading the instructions

  • Guest

    I guess Giant fans will still miss out on the NASCAR Package because Kiwanuka didnt get an increase

  • I don’t understand how Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and Mark Anderson all get decreased… yet Wes Welker remains the same. Tom Brady finished the season with over 5,000 yards and literally CARRIED his team to a 13-3 record and came within 1 dropped pass (thanks Welker) away from winning his 4th super bowl. Rob Gronkowski made defenders his personal play thing all season long and set a new record for most TDs and receiving yards by a TE in NFL history…  but he tears ligaments in his ankle in the AFC championship and gets dropped a point because he was playing injured and only caught 2 passes. Last but not least, Mark Anderson was literally in Eli Manning’s face darn near every time he dropped back to pass, even came away with 2 sacks… yet he’s decreased. All of this while Wes Welker dropped a wide open pass that would have sealed the win… and isn’t even touched.

    Call me biased… but this stinks of somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

    • Saf

       Tom Brady’s playoff performance begs to differ.

      • Scarecrowman175

        Brady’s playoff performance we great. Finished with 8 tds and 3 picks and I do not know how many yards. How is this bad?

        • 6 TDs came from one game. Stop playing dumb, aside from toying with that pathetic broncos team, he didn’t do SHIT in EITHER of the Championship games

        • Waste of Time

          Please Brady was terrible

          • Brady is the only reason they were even in the playoffs. Peyton Manning disappears in the postseason every year yet he still clings to his illustrious 99 OVR minus this year (for obvious reasons).

    • Look past OVR.  The decreases Gronk received was in blocking attributes:

      PBF -2
      PBS -1
      RBF -1
      RBS -1
      IMP -1

      Prior to the ankle injury, Gronk was one of the best blocking TE’s this year.  You could argue that he didn’t deserve a decrease in blocking since it was primarily due to the ankle injury.  

      For Brady, THA appears to be a stand alone number that doesn’t impact OVR.  Now, SAC, MAC, and DAC do impact OVR.  Brady got a decrease in MAC from 97 to 95, that was it.  If you go into the player editor mode an raise Brady’s MAC back to 97, you will see his OVR go up to 99.

      This is why I always say look past OVR and into the attributes.

  • king

    when online franchise update ? ps3

  • Guest

    when is the update does anyone know?

  • cbtwentysix

    it came out today on ps3 is there another one coming?

  • No3456

    Tom Brady lost his 100 THA.

    • Logic

      It doesn’t take much accuracy for the dink and dunk pass.

  • Paxkanax

    No love for chris snee?…SMH

    • Logic

      EA hates the Giants. These ratings aren’t baes on performance; it’s based on how they feel about the team. Their personal feelings cloud their judgment. That’s why dallas and the eagles are the way they are on the game. That’s why the pats and packers have top defense on the game and yet not in real life.

      • Rubberfrog

        So true just how they feel about the team.. Get so mad seeing the packers defense rated extremely well

  • Zacho_12

    But let me get this straight Rogers doesnt gt a decrease for a bad game agianst Giants but Brady Does???? How does that make sense???

  • Logic

    Ratings mean nothing on madden. If you place JPP at LE he’s a 98 overall, and yet I can get defended well by an O-linemen that as a 72 overall.

  • Smitej10

    will madden12 update rosters for free agency

  • TrU187

    Where is Peyton at?!?!?  He’s supposed to be a Bronco now.