Online Pass Confirmed for MLB 12: The Show – Servers Not Turned On Until Release Day

Posted March 2nd, 2012 at 8:15 am

With copies starting to circulate confirmation has come in that MLB 12: The Show is introducing its own version of the “Online Pass” which restricts access to online functionality for those who don’t buy the game new requiring payment in order to take advantage of those features. This news is not unexpected as last summer Sony made it clear that all of their first party titles would utilize them going forward.

It’s worth noting that not only will standard online games and leagues require the “Online Pass” but so will the brand new ‘Diamond Dynasty’ mode. Thanks to Chris Johnson on Twitter for forwarding the above image that pops up when Diamond Dynasty is selected.

As was the case last year SCEA currently does not plan to turn on the online servers for MLB 12: The Show until Tuesday morning. That’s important to keep in mind when early reviews roll out – they will not have played online at all in the public environment and potentially even unable to evaluate Diamond Dynasty mode – and also a bummer for those who choose to pick up the game at midnight as they won’t even be able to play online immediately but instead must wait until that morning/afternoon.

Concern is warranted as online performance has been the biggest weakness of the series and the decision is one that won’t instill immediate confidence. Not only will the early reviews be unable to take online into consideration but now with the “Online Pass” the company absolutely has to finally deliver improvements and bring it up to the standard consumers expect in order to justify the program.

  • Icon40

    I wouldnt trust reviewers about its online anyway but its sketchy that they keep it turned off like last year. Saw how bad that turned out for The Show and even back when UFC tried to do the same. Ill wait until people start playing online and talk about how it actually is before I make my decision to buy or not.

    • Amen_Ra

      While I don’t give a damn about Online Play, your decision is reasonable.  

      What I don’t get is why people are concerned about Online Pass.  If I was a developer i would be doing the same thing.  This also doesn’t lend a clue to how well the game will play online and neither does the fact they have dedicated servers.  I’ve seen crappy online performance from both connection types. 

      As for not turning on the servers until release day….who cares.  

  • Man, it sure seems like they are hiding something…

    • HustlinOwl

      lol, right. Or they are taking into account that people that have gotten the game early cannot jump online and begin moving up leaderboards

      • Keith.

        This guy, Cody Sharp, is the Editor in Chief of the IPhone Gamers Blog, so he’s got a vested interest in seeing PS3/Vita games fail.  No sense taking anything he says in a Show thread seriously.

        • I love The Show and own a PS3.  That doesn’t change the fact that they aren’t doing a demo and an important part of the gameplay, online, is being hidden from reviewer’s sights.  This is particularly funny since online has always been the biggest problem area in the series.  Doesn’t that strike you as strange?  

          It doesn’t help that neither commentary nor the franchise mode were changed much this year – both areas where I was particularly hoping for extra effort by SCEA.  As for iPhone Gamer Blog, it is simply a hobby.  It is certainly not a real job like Pasta has (I have a very real, time consuming day job).  I simply do it for fun and am lucky to make a few thousand dollars on it a year.  Why would that change my perspective on the mobile marketplace?  Quite simply, it does not.  

          • Smsixx

            Then whats with the apple avatar? Seems like you want people to obviously be aware that you are associated.

            If you were trying to play it down…you failed miserably.

          • poor pasta

             So much bull shit from a cry baby writer. the press gets online access but padre must not be worth giving the working copy to lol

          • Yep…screw consumers! Who cares if online is terrible again! Make sure that reviewers can’t properly evaluate it. That’s a real good attitude to take. 

          • Huh?  The logo is from my site which also uses the Disqus comment system as Pasta’s.  I just use the same login id.  You probably don’t know how technology works so I am more than happy to explain it to you… 

  • Keith.

    If SCEA does get online right, does that mean we’ll finally see The Show near the top of your year-end list?  Seems to be the ONLY thing you’ve complained about for the last 3-4 years.

    Personally, I can’t wait to see how online works with the PS Vita version of the game.  I’ve got some friends/family members across the country who have picked up the Vita just for this game, and I’d love to get some games in with them.

    • James Kraft

      Don’t count on it….He likes awful football games like NCAA ’12 and Madden ’11 more than games that are actually authentic to the sport.

      • Actually I liked Madden 12 and was hard on Madden 11, and liked NCAA 11 and was hard on NCAA 12. 

        The Show is continually held back by its sub-par online play. It’s disappointing cause they nail other aspects exceptionally well outside of commentary.

    • Amen_Ra

      You and ya family are the only folks in the US who’ll be playing the game on Vita.  I heard it only sold half as much as the DS in it’s first week.  That’s not good to hear.  Can’t wait until that price drop!

      • Keith.

        Wouldn’t be so sure about that.  Vgchartz shows 131% sales increase for the Vita in week 2, and Uncharted for Vita was the 2nd best selling game of the week.  There are going to be PLENTY of people out there playing The Show on Vita come next week. 

        • Amen_Ra

          Looks like they might be making a come up

        • Smsixx

          Yeah…plenty of 12 year old kids who begged mommy and daddy to buy a Vita.

          • Keith.

            Sounds like someone who’s never played a Vita.

          • Smsixx

            Tell me Keith…

            If your a full time working adult where does Vita fit in?

            If your sitting at home whats the purpose of using it when your console is 3 feet away?

            You obviously can’t use it while driving, on the clock, or when your fiancee/wife is telling you about her coupon adventures.

            So unless your trying to kill time at the doctors or dentist office I really see no “wow factor” unless your under the age of 18.

            Tell us all when and where you use yours and I might reconsider.

          • Amen_Ra

            Unless he travels with his job.

            your statement “…or when your fiancee/wife is telling you about her coupon adventures” is right up my alley.

            Of course she wouldn’t let me play it while she was relaying those tales.

          • Keith.

            I do travel with my job, but it’s in spurts.  The Vita for travel is just a bonus for me.

          • Smsixx

            Glad you could relate 🙂

            But how many people in general “travel to their job” who are also gamers?

            Look at the TV ads as well…just poor…They say “you will never be late again” and show some late teenage/20 something guy walking the streets with it (going to his job??? going to a friends house???) I mean cmon! How many people walk to their jobs or to a friends house? And this was obviously the best selling point the company had…if they had better we would have seen it instead.

          • Keith.

            Last night, my wife wanted to watch the movie Hugo on our living room big screen, and I had little to no interest in seeing it, so I got out the Vita and played Virtua Tennis (great game) for an hour and a half sitting next to her on the couch.  I’d look up every once in awhile, and was able to simply pause my tennis match whenever she wanted to talk about something.

            Beats the hell out of waiting for her to go to bed to get some gaming in — plus, I won’t feel guilty monopolizing the tv whenever the Show is released next week.  I’ll probably play the Show on my PS3 on Saturday mornings when she’s out running, but during the week, I can see myself playing a LOT more on the Vita than on PS3.

            If you look at comments from others with a Vita, I think you’ll read more than a few people doing the same thing at their home.

          • Smsixx

            Im fortunate enough to have a “man cave” in my basement…The wife picks a movie or a bad reality show on the DVR and I head downstairs (unless she demands my presence for it…you know how it goes).

            My wife works days and I work nights so most times im able to come home and just un-wind while she sleeps.

            For my lifestyle I still just don’t see myself purchasing it…and I just spent $300 on a PS3 last week just so I could play “The Show”.

          • Keith.

            In that case, I can see why you might not want or need a Vita.  But having a console-quality Show in my hands while the Mrs. watches TV is going to be a Godsend for me.

            And glad to hear you picked up a PS3 — if you like baseball, you’re really going to love the Show.  Enjoy!

  • James Kraft

    Nowhere in his story does he mention that SCEA, for the first time, will have dedicated servers, which will definitely help the online component. Gross oversight on his part. Continue grinding that axe, Pasta. Your last paragraph is laughable…

    • No one has any clue if online will be any better this year. 

  • Jeff

    Uh yeah.  All the review copies that were went out are fully online playable, not only for the game, but for Diamond Dynasty as well.  Maybe mixing in some facts would be advisable.

  • ~stealerface

    Hmm.. Seeing as though my last post was deleted within, say 4 minutes of posting, let’s try this again.  This is directly from the Developer of The Show:

    ” Members of the press with a “press” disc are currently able to play
    the game online, play Diamond Dynasty and do everything a consumer will
    be able to do online.”
    Seems to me someone needs to do a bit more in the line of research before spouting off his opinions based on something other than made up baloney.


    • Keith.

      Pasta doesn’t get review copies of The Show or games from 2k. Which says everything.

      • And one copy of an EA game in what, three years? That definitely tips the scales. 

        Being independent from these companies is what allows me to hold them to the fire when necessary and provide proper analysis of their actions.

    • If you feel that the public servers/environment shouldn’t be tested…that’s a big part of whats wrong with reviews these days. They’re playing on private servers with the best possible conditions given to them. They’re not evaluating the online play that actual consumers will be experiencing come Tuesday. We saw why that was the case last year with The Show, and the previous year with UFC, because they expect online to struggle.

  • HustlinOwl

    “According to my sources, which, oh by the way, happen to be one of the
    DEVELOPERS OF THE GAME, review copies that were sent out were fully
    playable online, not only with regards to regular gameplay, but also the
    Diamond Dynasty.

  • Lnelson33

    i just bought it and it told me that my code was incorrect

    • Guitrguy

      same here

  • Hvac638


    • Blaineyork

      I am also having the sameproblem

  • Bigboijay69

    to much time to get a game going online

    • Kaunblauk

      Hello guys! I am a baseball fan from Holland ..i would like to get the online pass for roster update and stuff. I bought the game from an canadian webshop but the voucher isn’t working. How come? The game was sealed but it says the code was incorrect of already been redeemed??

      • Tsitar10

        Im from Croatia Europe,same thing

        • Tsitar10

          Anybody know when online pass is ready to use