Madden NFL 13 Cover Candidates: NFC North

Posted March 6th, 2012 at 4:00 pm

EA Sports continues their reveal of candidates for the upcoming 64 player tournament to capture the cover of Madden NFL 13. One division per day will be announced leading up to the start of voting in the round of dual team representatives on March 7th.

The NFC North presents a few tournament favorites with the likes of Calvin Johnson and Aaron Rodgers. One surprise inclusion is Percy Harvin, who had been signed for one of the NCAA 10 covers, but was dropped at the last minute by EA due to a positive drug test at the Combine. Brian Urlacher, Greg Jennings, and Adrian Peterson are the most notable omissions.

Chicago Bears: Jay Cutler and Matt Forte
Detroit Lions: Calvin Johnson and Matt Stafford
Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews
Minnesota Vikings: Jared Allen and Percy Harvin

  • 49ersfan#1

    they all deserve it-ish except percy harvin and jay cutler. maybe even matt forte, but that idiot peyton hillis took aaron rodgers’s crown on madden 12. i regret buying madden 12. it sucks and hillis is a noob. gonna buy madden 14 if its worth it. now im gonna go play madden 08, a real american football video game. fifa 12 is better.. nba 2k12 is ok.

    • Cbi

       Why doesn’t Cutlers deserve it?

      • Cbi

        Do people honestly still think the guys sucks?  His receivers are worse than the Browns receivers and he has one of the worst lines in the league… yet he still had his team in the playoffs before he got hurt.

        • Chicagobearsdefense

          No his receivers are not worse than the browns receivers. Earl Bennett is one of the most underrated players in the NFL, he’s got incredible hands and after the catch he’s a force. Knox is fast, agile, but does tend to sell the qb out on 50-50 balls. Hester like knox, would benefit from better blocking (SO THEY CAN FINALLY GET DEEP).. anyway Cutler does not deserve to be on the cover this year and neither does forte, they didnt finish the season. I would buy multiple copies of a madden with a bear on it, especially the great cutler, but this isnt the year. Isnt this supposed to be a defensive themed year??? Why were Urlacher and Peppers not nominated??? 

          • Chicagobearsdefense

            what woulda been nice, is if they fixed the damn special teams blocking/plays/etc- which are crap now, and put DEVIN HESTER on the cover-

      • No3456

        The guy is a Green Bay homer if you read the post – so he is just being biased.

  • Mrosnwo

    As a bears fan, I wanna vote for Aaron Rodgers. Let the curse rage on!

  • Xcef2008


  • Who cares???

    How about they put a donkey’s ass on the cover? You’d have to be a real close minded jackass to still care who’s on the cover of a damn Madden game. There are no such thing as Madden football fans anymore. There couldn’t possibly be anybody left over from previous console generations who still get excited about the next installment of a Madden football game. Its just not possible. Madden needs to die a horrible death, so videogame football can be reborn again.

    • Xcef2008


    • No Love For Anyone But EA


  • Fuck This Site…

    I can not believe that 2 baseball games have been released today and this bullshit site is still covering Madden. Are you kidding me Pasta? The only article on The Show is fucking Loading Times… Unreal bro, I cant believe how much of Madden you cover no matter what season is in session. So fucking bias dude… You shouldn’t have the privilege of calling this a sports gaming site, its more like an EA NFL Madden website… This site totally changed during the couple of years I have been following it. You used to cover The Show, MLB 2K, Backbreaker, MMA, etc. Now it is only Madden that gets coverage. Very unfair website… Who gives a shit about Maddens coverboy on a big baseball game release date?? Only you!

  • EX

    No Ponder?

  • Packfan#1

    LOL! No Greg Jennings???! He put da team on his back doe!

  • DNA

    Madden suuuuucks put a jar of vaseline and a dildo on the cover for all the years they’ve  been F@###$ing us!

    • Geeznutz