The Line Drive for April 8

Posted April 8th, 2012 at 12:30 pm

The Line Drive is a weekly collection of news, links, and updates that didn’t necessarily warrant their own postings.

•Current deals: SSX at $30, Tiger 13 at $50 or $60 for CE, FIFA Street PS3 for $40.
•EA Sports has released a trailer for the UEFA EURO 2012 DLC.
•95 Perfect Games were pitched on the first two days of the MLB 2K12 contest.
•THQ has put out another survey for UFC Undisputed 3 this time for combat feedback.
•If interested in recording gameplay the HD PVR (I and many others use) is down to $170.

Side-blogs on Google Plus tackling industry topics – add to a circle and +1 while there! Also results of any ‘quick polls’ held on Twitter and Facebook.

•On why the Take Two CEO’s comments should concern NBA 2K fans.
•On NCAA Football 13 facing a huge wave of negativity.

News and content that may have been missed from the last week around the site.

•DVD/Blu-ray Releases This Week. Headlined by The Iron Lady and The Darkest Hour.
•Trailer for Ted. Comedy starring Mark Wahlberg written/directed by Seth MacFarlane.
•The Mummy Being Rebooted. Universal to restart the franchise for a third time.
•Trailer for Savages. Oliver Stone’s upcoming drug war film.
•Trailer for High School. Stoner comedy starring Adrien Brody.
•Trailer for Total Recall. The reboot starring Colin Farrell releases August 3.

  • Keith.

    LoL @ EA and their fire sale prices on Grand Slam 2, SSX, Fifa Street and Tiger Woods. Even at these bargain basement prices, The Worst Company in America is still overcharging for what should’ve been $19.99 to start.

    That next EA quarterly conference call with Ricotello can’t get here soon enough. Man, I can’t wait to hear him talk his way through this one. LoL

    • mcmax3000

      I completely disagree with your assessment of SSX & Tiger Woods 13 there. They are well worthy of being full priced games, though I think selling SSX for $40 would’ve been a smarter plan for EA.

      Either way, they are both great games with a lot of content.

      I do think FIFA Street should’ve been an XBLA game or maybe FIFA 12 DLC like UEFA 2012 is going to be. I haven’t played the full game, so I’m not really in a great position to judge, but the demo didn’t strike me as being worth anywhere near $60. However, I will give it the benefit of the doubt that the North American audience is probably not where they’re counting on that me selling so it not doing well here doesn’t make me jump to considering it a failure.

      Grand Slam Tennis 2… Based on the demo, I don’t know that I’d go as far as to say that it should’ve been $20, but I definitely think they should’ve considered a lower price point than even the $50 it launched at. I thought the fundamental gameplay was pretty good but it sounds like the game is kind of light on game modes & I don’t see Tennis in general having the appeal to sustain a full price, or close to full price, retail game.

      • Keith.

        At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what you or I think, the market’s spoken. Don’t bet on seeing another SSX, Fifa Street or Grand Slam as a physical release this generation — or maybe ever. And look for there to be talk of Tiger (or whatever EA begins calling it) becoming a bi-annual release.

        • mcmax3000

          Grand Slam & SSX are probably done as series, at least for now. They might return at a later time but I think it’ll be at least a few years before we ever see another one of either of those.

          I think the jury is still out on the other two. FIFA Street may have failed here in North America but I don’t think we can label it a failure overall without knowing how it sold elsewhere. If it was a huge hit in other countries, we may still see it return, though maybe not yearly.

          Tiger Woods, I’ve seen no indication of sales on & I don’t take a $10 price cut by Amazon (effectively the same price they were selling the game for on pre-order) as any firm indication that it’s doing poorly. They do sales on new games all the time, whether that game is selling well or poorly.

          Once the NPD report comes out for March, we’ll get a better idea of sales for Tiger Woods (though with it coming out the last week of March, it may take until April’s NPD report to get a full picture).

          I highly doubt it will become a bi-annual release anytime soon. I think it should be one but I don’t think it will be.

          • Keith.

            Sorry to be blunt, but you’re not paying attention. Target has TW13 Collectors Edition at the fire sale price of $34.99. Saw it myself at a target here in Atlanta yesterday (they had a few for both ps3 and 360). TW13 has to have amongst the highest of licensing costs for EA, when you factor in the courses (Masters alone costs a fortune I bet) and all the players. No way EA can justify keeping it a yearly series when the collectors edition can be had for half-off a mere 2 weeks after release, and the same week as the Masters, i.e., golf’s Super Bowl. If someone hasn’t bought TW13 by now, they ain’t buying it period.

            As for Fifa Street? You’re right — it has been on the top 10 list in the UK, where the top 10 games sell something like 15,000 copies. Lol. Good luck with that.

          • mcmax3000

            I prefer to wait & judge things based on actual sales data, rather than making assumptions based on retailers’ discounts. Some stores will do big discounts on popular items to get people into their store.

            I remember when Batman: Arkham Asylum came out, a lot of the stores here were selling it for $30 instead of the normal $60 for the first week of release. Obviously that game sold horribly…

            I’m not saying Tiger Woods (or FIFA Street), will be considered successes when everything is said & done, I’m just saying that it’s too early to say either way… But that doesn’t fit in with your anti-EA agenda so I don’t expect you to listen to reason.

          • Keith.

            The vgchartz data can’t be that far off, and it shows TW’s sales as being way down and Fifa Street’s as being downright terrible.  

            Besides, the fact that TW13 is being sold at fire sale prices 2 weeks after release is going to have a pretty big skew on the first month’s sales data, wouldn’t you agree?  But then again, that doesn’t fit in with your Game Changing agenda so I don’t expect you to listen to reason, either.

          • mcmax3000

            The fact that your source is VGChartz, which has admitted they will flat out make up numbers, pretty much negates your argument.

            They are not a reliable source of sales data. Never have been and probably never will be.

            Again, I’m not saying that Tiger or FIFA Street have been successful. I expect Tiger 13 to be down in sales quite a bit from last year because last year saw a big spike from including The Masters for the first time.

            All I’m saying is that until we see reliable sales data, anything about sales is pure speculation.

          • Keith.

            Half-off 2 weeks after release isn’t speculation, my friend.

        • That’s a fair assessment. I think those games, maybe exception of FIFA Street, justified the price with their content. But like you said the market ultimately determines the value of a product and EA misjudged the market. 

  • mad habber

    Personal I think EA has soiled their brand so much it is hard to continue paying $60 to $70 bucks every year for very small improvements. I really liked what I heard about the improvements for Madden last year (or this), but when I had a chance to buy it at a discount I just felt why bother. I used to buy it yearly now, I`m not sure I ever will again.

    Seems like 2k is backing out of sports gaming. I wonder if there is another company to fill in where there isn`t any competition. If not I guess I`m done.


  • MoneyMayweather

    Goodbye NBA 2k. EA sports lives!

    • Clintbeastwoods

      The only way ea could ever beat 2k at basketball is if ea buys an exclusive nba license! EA is the worst company in America the public has spoken!

  • Keith.

    Don’t look now, but the price of EA’s stock this morning has hit a new 52-week low of $16.01 (the old 52-week low was $16.05), more than $10 below the 52-week high of $26.13.

    Wonder if it’s the 4 straight bombs or “winning” the Worst Company in America title that’s driving folks to unload their EA stock.  Regardless of the reason, it sure brings a smile to my face.

  • Keith.

    Still don’t understand why the NFL player likeness ruling isn’t considered news around here (well, actually I do).  From Kotaku:

    “As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, U.S. District Judge Seeborg the ruled that EA’s using more than just numbers to bring their virtual players to life.”In his ruling, Seeborg said artists have a right to use prominent people’s names and images in creative works – for example, in a fictional film based on a celebrity’s life. But this video game simply shows the plaintiffs “in their conventional role as football players” and is the “digital equivalent” of using their pictures to sell T-shirts, he said.
    He rejected the company’s argument that it had a constitutional right to report accurate information about the players, saying the video game did not describe or re-create actual contests.”
    “Being one of the top-selling franchises in all of video games makes EA’s Madden series a big target for lawsuits and a ruling like this arguably makes the publisher more vulnerable than ever for a big legal hit.” 

  • JB

    Pasta what NCAA podcast are you referencing that Haumiller laughed off issues with last year’s game? I’d be interested to hear that. Pretty unbelievable if true.

  • Rm7280

    EA has ruined football gaming, incapable of designing Basketball or Baseball titles, and will try to push crap like street soccer, or Blitz.
    They have put out crap like Rugby, but wont touch Lacrosse, a game that lends itself perfectly to video. Three indy Lacrosse titles have been released, but no major companies will touch it.
    Man Sport Gaming blows right now, and EA is the major reason.

    • mcmax3000

       “EA has ruined football gaming, incapable of designing Basketball or
      Baseball titles, and will try to push crap like street soccer, or Blitz.”

      They’re incapable of designing a baseball game? They’re not allowed to because of the MLB/2K contract but when they were last designing them, EA’s baseball games were generally considered to be pretty high quality.