E3: Thoughts on Connected Careers in Madden NFL 13

Posted June 11th, 2012 at 10:00 am

EA Sports has struggled with communicating just what Connected Careers in Madden NFL 13 is all about and going with a new name to reflect the revolutionary advancement is playing a big part in that. Confusion still abounds from those believing the company has “removed Franchise mode” and any recognition of what is actually being offered remains cloudy at best.

Essentially being a “Coach” in Connected Careers is what Franchise mode used to be while choosing to be a “Player” is more along the lines of Superstar mode. Rather than the two being in separate universes however Connected Careers brings the experiences together to share in the feature set and even share with the involvement of others. 

Connected Careers is so deep and intricate that it’s practically impossible to write about everything it entails even following a run through with Josh Looman who headed up the designing of the mode. That is a good thing for those who want a really rich experience but could also be a bit intimidating to others. There are 85 different screens involved in the mode making for such significant scale that it would not be matched by any sports game in history. With the current confusion out there in mind what follows is primarily a rundown of the main features within the mode, how it all works, and answers to common questions.

What may have been a recent mistake is EA trying to bury the Franchise mode name in the wake of the announcement. It’s not gone – it’s just evolved, has a wider scope, and is framed in a different manner. Much of the discussion that was had with Looman related to areas where Franchise mode was weak last year such as scouting and the manner taken to prevent exploiting XP. For the most part the responses were encouraging and showed foresight.

Connected Careers begins with the choice of being a “Coach” or “Player”. Choosing to go through the career as a “Coach” entails everything Franchise mode used to be – you’ll play as the team, handle all personnel decisions, scout players, run the team’s draft, and so on. Keep in mind regarding the decision that it can be changed at any point throughout a career if one decides they’d prefer to play it in a different manner.

Taking on a “Player” means controlling only that one player just has been the case in Superstar mode. That can be started as a created player (can even use GameFace), taking on a current NFL player, or choosing a “legend” and those begin with ratings representative of their skills as a rookie. There are also “player types” and selecting a speedster increases the likelihood of becoming the team’s kick or punt returner.

One new element is the addition of storylines which are present for both coaches and players. For example, when choosing to be a “player”, you’ll also select from options like whether they were a first round draft choice or went undrafted. This not only affects initial ratings and play time but also expectations. Those who start as “undrafted” will have lower expectations and easier goals to achieve but understandably less playing time to do so.

All of this ties into XP which is a factor on both sides as well. It’s more self-explanatory with “players”. Earn XP by performing in games or in practice and spend it on improving skills. For “coaches” though XP is earned in both a group pool (to distributed to players or spend on bonuses like getting an edge in negotiations or free agency) as well as on an individual basis. There is the choice at the start of CC to have XP tallied after every week, every four weeks, or just at the end of the season.

What’s really intriguing about this is that it presents a much better form of progression and regression. Putting in backups during a blowout will actually be beneficial because they can earn XP that way. Different types of practices will also allow for players to take advantage whether it’s the starters or the backups as they get more opportunities. There will also be regression points given out. That factors in primarily due to age but there are other scenarios such as when players are coming back from injuries, and there is a certain random nature to it as well that can play a part.

Free agency is also totally different than last year’s “Ebay style” auction system. Connected Careers was actually in development alongside what was being built for Franchise mode in Madden NFL 12. Many things did carry over but free agency is now framed more like NCAA Football’s recruiting. There are currently four weeks in the initial free agency period (was told this might be bumped to five) where offers can be made, the weeks advance, and then it’s learned if a player has accepted an offer or is still on the market.

This will add some real competition and challenge to free agency particularly when battling with other users online. Make your best offer right away or risk losing the player! There are different player types, including “unpredictable” I’ve been told, that determine what factors they consider when deciding to take an offer or choose between multiple ones. Some players will sign right away and others may wait it out. Team makeup and schemes will also be considered with free agency and drafting.

Trey Wingo is involved in Madden 13 but not with a traditional studio show. Instead he will provide updates on incoming rookies throughout the season and during the draft. Some rookies will have stories that are tracked – there are 10 different storyline branches – and those will be covered for a handful of players each year. That adds an emotional attachment to what had been essentially faceless rookies. Drafting numbers is not nearly as compelling as drafting stories.

Scouting was a major weakness in Madden 12’s Franchise mode and it’s been worked on. More scouting points are given to use and more information can be gathered on players. I still suggested that readily available information on prospects such as 40 times, bench press, and so on should be provided on every player which it still is not.

A new story engine will attempt to provide more context to events and frame all the goings-on across the league. That connection to other events has been lacking in standard Franchise mode. There is even a faux Twitter feed which features a number of sports personalities commenting on various topics. Expect Skip Bayless to be his typical contrarian self.

There too are some surprises in store. Players and coaches can come out of retirement – generally that’d be after just one year off – and there are even some who are not currently in the league that are in Madden. The obvious joke was made that Brett Favre must be one of them. Understandably no indication was made one way or the other if he actually is.

There are of course downsides that accompany major changes to a mode and they will attract the ire of those who have become accustomed to utilizing certain features over the years. There will be no player editing of any kind, custom playbooks are not able to be used within the mode, and there is no “fantasy draft” at the start. There will also be no ability to import a draft class from NCAA Football 13. The time to implement properly was not there but for those who place high value on them why they’re not included won’t matter.

Most importantly though in everything Connected Careers – all of the features are the same whether it is being played solo or involving up to 32 individuals online. There are benefits to doing an “online” career even if playing solo such as having the access from the website (which has yet to launch but will at MaddenCareers.com) and the ability to add people in at any point down the road.

Any mix of “players” and “coaches” can be involved in online Connected Careers. That means there could be a league of all “coaches” (think standard Online Franchise), all “players” (essentially an online Superstar mode), or a mix in any configuration. So yes, if a “coach” is going up against a “player”, the latter is only going to control their guy while the opponent gets full reign over the game.

Madden NFL 13 is showing ambition that has been sorely lacking this generation with the debut of Connected Careers. It may be overwhelming to process everything that the mode entails and to fully comprehend it even once an attempted explanation has been provided. What’s clear however is a great deal of thought and resources have been put into Connected Careers and it carries with it great potential. While the “Infinity Engine” physics are the flashy enhancement to the game this year Connected Careers may be the one that provides a lasting legacy to the series.

  • Dmoneysb

    This is going to be epic

    • NoFro904

      Custom playbooks would of been nice though

      • Chicagobearsdefense

        coaches and former players come out of retirement to coach in madden 07 lol. that isnt new. other than the thing that will help make true kick returners more likely return kicks for A.I. teams, none of this is new really. i used to be able to see the cone, 40, bench, verticals in the old maddens that had training camps and stuff. As long as there is a franchise mode im happy, dont care what they name it.
        Suggestions: make the schedule appear how it used to in old maddens,  not how it is now in the main screen of franchise mode. add practices to the game that reflect the real nfl. up until now practice is more practice for u, noone can get injured, its just stupid. make injuries a part of practice. 

        • Firecouch

          How can you say this stuff isn’t new?? You must not comprehend how amazing this will be.

    • tell me how this will be that great?one team fantsay football mode?

      • duh

        yes realism is great. A long last franchise mode is great. Immersion is great. The ability to switch to another player or coach whenever you want is great. 

      • What are you talking about? Did you even read the article? 

        • look here is the long and short of this people ea has figuredout away thanks to josh looman to bleed money out our pockets by useing head coach. to make us pay for dlc. because they really didnt wanted to ethier bring back owner mode or franchise without makeing you pay for it. you guys can get mad at me all you want. pasta you dont have listen to a damm thing i say . but as a long time madden gamer im really hurt by how easy you guys fall for the ea hype machine.and pasta i really think that you are scared to tell them and the people the truth about this ea game plan for three years.and as gameing reporter you wont ask them as well as operation sports, as well as coach ruckus and others. because think that you are going to loose your postion, or want to get a job at ea. people if i worked for them as a person who has spent over 25 years in video games this is the worst in history. and all of giving them high fives for screwing $60 dollars out of this american pubilc and across the world. i hope that ea loose money on madden 13.

          • Firecouch

            You’re an idiot…learn how to write
            before going on a tangent.

          • your just another looman ball licker you like loomans salty balls in your mouth? sure sounds like it

    • Amen_Ra

      Real talk!!! Say what you want about EA Sports but this is gong to change sports gaming. This is. Ebiggest thing to hit sprts video games this generation.

    • lp81

       Can’t play a 2 player connected career on 1 console means I won’t be getting this.  They lost me with that fact alone as one of the main reasons I get the game is to play offline franchise with my brother.

      • Gigs

        I feel your pain man. My brother and I used to play Madden, NCAA Football and NHL all the time together. Nowadays it’s just me so it’s perfect…but I know what you’re going through. 

        As for that being the reason you won’t be getting the game? That’s asinine.

        • lp81

          Well, that’s just like your opinion, man.

          I imagine, being on your own now, that doesn’t matter as much, to you, but it does to me.

          I enjoy the competitiveness that comes from playing my brother; how we’re always trying to one-up each other.  Playing against the CPU gets boring and I don’t get any enjoyment playing online against strangers.  That doesn’t do it for me.

          If that’s asinine, then let it be asinine, but I’m not going to throw $60 down for something I can’t enjoy as I once did.  I got Madden ’12, and as interesting as the changes in ’13 seem, I’d rather keep playing ’12 with him than not.

          Maybe they’ll make it so two can play in ’14 on one console, but until they do, I won’t be buying the game.  Not new anyway.  Maybe I’ll pick it up on the cheap used nine months from now, but they lost me as a customer.

      • Amen_Ra

        So you can’t play with two players on 1  console?  Even with different log ons? that sucks

      • man they have become a online, bleed money out of us company.i used to love ea-sports people say im hateing because i care about you all. and just like you i buy there games good or bad. and for josh looman and this team to piss on us is crazy i feel like sueing ea on behalf of you guys. that”s for real

  • I have to admit I was ready to throw in the towel and not buy Madden this year for the first time in a LONG time… and I think I’m changing my mind. This sounds very promising.

    I’m very bummed that you can’t import draft classes though. I just hate having randomly generated names.

    I’d be ok with even just being able to edit draft classes (like you could in NBA 2k this year), to “create” at least just the big names in next year’s draft.

    • ill be good with the draft classess if they dont have giant shoulderpads and qb wristbands on both arms

    • mike

      agreed. going to gamestop to cancel my ncaa preorder as we speak….that’s the only reason i generally get ncaa….

      • Mikemck09

         Damn dude, I wouldnt spend 65 bucks for a draft class… They have them online for download, easily transfer them into your harddrive lol… Doesnt matter this year though…

        • I pretty much do too.

          I’m just not a huge college football fan, but it was worth it for me. Got to play a fun game for a couple months till Madden came out, then trade it in for about $30 towards Madden…

          I see your point, but $30 for draft classes and a couple months of play is worth it for me.

          • mike

            as do i, but my expenses are set and i dont’ buy a large amount of titles….so…not that big of an expense, but like chris, i’m not much of a college football fan, but it’s a good time killer leading up to madden…also not big on downloading items as such and putting it on my HD…besides one of the big draws for me was having ‘my’ draft classes…

        • good man . fight the ea make them respect us.

  • Smsixx

    Am I the only person left on earth that just wants a franchise mode that actually works, and has simulation stats that are realistic? (Free Safetys starting all 16 games and only getting 25 tackles???)

    • Tom

      They fixed it. They rebuilt their simulation engine this year bro

      • you just keep believing that…..

        • Cudder

          this made me lol

        • Chiryder

          I swear they said that last year.

    • superman2352

      Exactly…right on the money. This is so frustrating.

    • Chiryder

      Or how…in a 15 minute game: My QB only throws 13 passes RB only rushes 10 times and the team gains 175 yards. Really?! Or how every middle linebacker in the league can get 100+ tackles except mine. I swear. I get the 9ers and don’t change schemes coaches or nothing and yet Patrick Willis gets 80 tackles every year. Even though the years before I took over he averaged 110 tackles a season.

  • NoFro904

    Ok im sold, take my money 

  • Korey Page

    I’m one of the few minority that likes to import draft classes to Madden. Pretty much the main reason I’ve bought it lately lol. I’ll just wait til next year or so now. 

    • Coolcam28

      How is that the MAIN reason to pay 60 bucks on something?

      • Korey Page

        It’s the main reason for me because I get more use out of the game with that feature. I prefer NCAA more now because of the online dynasty. 

        I played franchise mode in Madden mostly and none of my friends  are invested into Madden online like that. So in the end it was a major reason I bought the game. (The past two years I waited to buy Madden anyway.)

    • mike

      nope, that’s why i get ncaa….going to cancel that pre-order…

    • I agree. If I can’t import draft classes or edit pre-made ones to reflect actual players coming out of college this game mode is useless to me.

      It’s not that I don’t think Connected Careers was the right direction to take Madden’s career modes, but I’m sick and tired of being sold an incomplete product.

      • It really sucks to not be able to import I loved that feature.Year 2 is going to be stupid without Matt Barkley, Barkevious Mingo ETC.

    • I don’t like it. It’s too hard to get the players you want to be any good. 

  • Sean

    Thanks for breaking this down Pasta.  I am not nearly as confused as I was, but still wondered whether or not the retired players can actually join teams within the coach mode?  For example, can Walter Payton come out of retirement in the middle of the season and join a team?  If so, can that be turned off?  While I think that would be interesting, I think it may detract from the realism of wanting to do a full season.  Can you touch on that a little please? 

    • Good question. I’m not sure on that, didn’t think to ask it. Maybe hit up Josh_Looman on twitter and see if he’ll clarify or I can try to follow up with additional questions that people have in the near future.

    • Looman said there was an option to turn off HOF players.

  • Arrowe76

    When you say “no player editing of any kind”, do you mean in Connected Career mode or in every mode. Meaning no Roster Edit oustide of it?

    • Jeejnc

      Does this mean I won’t be able to change players’ jersey numbers on my team? That’s kind of important to me, but the rest of the player editing isn’t necessary within the game mode.

      • Yeah, I like to be able to change player numbers and accessories. In a lot of the draft classes, some players would have ridiculous equipment on.

        • Definitely. This is pretty important. Also the fact that players who had an amazing season were still the same rating, yet some scrub jumped +5. I would just edit the ratings myself to accurately reflect their contributions (or lack thereof) for that season.

    • My understanding is just within Connected Careers.

      • Still kind of disappointing.

        Being a Steelers fan, it was always nice the if I was going to sign, say, Julius Peppers as a free agent, I could change his position to OLB to fit a 3-4 defense.

        • JP

          My understanding is that there is no player editing…period…outside of the one player you create inside of CC…

          So basically…you can’t edit a roster outside of CC (main menu) and then use it in CC…if I understand correctly. 

          • Brett Favre

            I assume they mean there is no editing ratings, It would be a shame if we couldn’t change positions/numbers in Franchise considering you’re the “Coach” who determines where a player lines-up. I guess we won’t really know for sure until they release more information or august 28th. 

          • JP

            No…no editing period…names, numbers, equipment…no editing in CC…

            Josh Looman…lead developer…confirmed on Twitter

    • I was scouring the internet last night trying to answer the same question for myself. What I gathered from the things I read was that you can still edit players/rosters from the main menu prior to entering a game mode, but not during a game mode such as Connected Careers.

      “@Jarred_Hageman long sleeves will now be an option for anyone. #Madden13” 

      This is a quote from Michael Young’s Twitter regarding a question about the long, loose fitting sleeves seen on Walter Payton in a recent screen shot. This leads me to believe that in order for them to be an option for everyone, there would still have to be player editing available in some capacity.

      • JP

        Only on your created player inside of CC…

        No changes made in the main menu will be allowed inside of CC…

        Similar to Online Dynasty last year…you will have to download the most current roster file when using CC…rendering all changes made outside of CC useless…

        It sounds like there will be NO EDITING inside any career mode (aside from your ONE created player)…only in play it now…which seems absurd…

        • Where are you finding this info?

          It would be completely redundant to be able to edit players if those edits only showed up in offline exhibition games. Could they really be that stupid?

        • Where are you finding this info?

          It would be completely redundant to be able to edit players if those edits only showed up in offline exhibition games. Could they really be that stupid?

          • JP

            Josh Looman confirmed on Twitter a few days ago…it’s been snow balling since then…

            I don’t want to say where unless Pasta says ok…he busts his tail for us and I won’t drop info unless he says ok…

            Pasta can probably confirm it for you…

      • Bmla88

        If you can’t edit player numbers they better not be giving #34 on the bears or #16 on the niners to some scrub. The thing that has pissed me off about Madden the last few years is the mind numbing glitches, from constant rain in franchise mode to qbs being injured all the time in franchise mode to o linemen but no d-linemen jumping off sides when you use snap count. Fuck you EA. They can’t put out a good product, look at NBA elite and that cancelled dark knight game. They have ruined one of the great sports franchises in Madden.

  • Keith.

    Meh — I could care less about this stuff, but good for people who are interested I guess.

    Better news for me…EA’s stock has started this week on the slide again, down 31 cents to $13.16.  Going to take a lot more than this connected careers stuff to turn all of EA’s problems around.

    • Tubthumping98

      I read the words stock and knew it had to be you. Thank you for once again informing us on such useless information! Do you care to partake in telling us all about the number of stocks that are outstanding? Or how about the stock’s beta. You know, things that are actually useful in determining value of a stock. Or how about tech stocks that produce similar products? I’m sure they’re all going to throught the roof. Right?

      You say meh as if you’re above this story. And the idiotic thing is, you’re posting on a site about video games. Maybe Pasta should hire you as a finance expert so you can save us from all googling EA’s stock price.

      Other than that, great post.

      • Keith.

        Glad you liked it.  Down 45 cents to $13.02 now — maybe we’ll see (yet) another 52 week low being set this week!

        • Keith.

          Falling so fast it’s hard for even me to keep up — now down 48 cents, to $12.99.  The most recent 52 week low is $12.86, so it shouldn’t be long now until a new record low is set.

          • Keith,

            Don’t stop.

          • Keith.

            Damn — it’s now down 60 cents to $12.87, just 2 cents above the 52 week low.  Maybe we’ll see that new record set today…

          • Keith.

            And there we have it — down 62 cents for a new 52 week low of $12.85.  

            Great start to my week, I’d say.  🙂

          • Keith is a idiot

            which is pathetic

          • Keith.

            Finished out the day down a whopping 65 cents, at $12.82.  Here’s to hoping that the free fall continues tomorrow.

          • forty six & 2

            Why is that a great start to your week? Did EA’s stock dipping make you any money?

          • Keith.

            Not a penny. But since more than half of their company’s value has been shaved off since November ($26+ down to $12+), I’m betting they’re less able to afford being able to grossly overpay for the exclusive NFL license than they were last week…or 6 months ago. Good things come to those with patience. Another 6 months of this and EA will have a new CEO, while all of us may have 2-3 other football games to choose from.

          • Eagleyedesigns

            I want a new Tool record.

          • Keith is an idiot

            that doesn’t sound gay…*Insert sarcasm*

          • I Mean Really?

            This is hilarious.  You guys are such losers.

          • Says the overweight, inhaler-carrying, pimple-faced teenage virgin who is clearly insecure in his own masculinity…

          • Says the morbidly obese, inhaler-carrying, pimple-faced teenage virgin who is clearly insecure with his own masculinity.
            Don’t worry, Rusty. Brighter days are ahead.

      • Crimson

        I read the name “Tubthumping98” and I thought who the fuck is this. I don’t remember reading anything useful from this condescending asshole before.

        Keith’s daily posts and points of view, on the other hand, are appreciated by many on this site.

        Great post Keith, I and many others here, enjoy the news of EA’s stock falling just as much as you do. Thanks man.

        • Keith.

          You bet, brother.  

          Fyi — EA’s annual shareholder meeting is coming up on July 26th.  If EA’s stock continues its free-fall (down from $26.13 in November to $12.82 at today’s close), Ricotello is going to have an awful lot of explaining to do.  Should be fun.

        • Keith.

          And as for Tubthumper, I’d imagine that there are at least a few folks on the inside of EA’s headquarters who’d love to see me leave Pasta’s forum completely, but it just ain’t happening.

        • Eagleyedesigns

          Again, this Madden hater has it reserved at Toys ‘R Us.

    • Amen_Ra

      At first I found Keith funny, but now it’s sad…..FOR EA, because the shit does not look good.

    • Used to find Keith’s EA bashing sort of annoying, but now that EA and Josh Looman have basically made franchise mode into something I have no interest in playing whatsoever, I hope their stock continues to plummet. 

      • Keith.

        How do you think I feel — think I’ve enjoyed having to ask for in-game saves, realistic play action pass plays, realistic OL/DL interaction, realistic penalties, realistic special teams play (after all, it is a third of the game), realistic ball physics (supposed to be a football, not a brick), and more gameplay camera options these last 8 years? Not like I’m asking for things that shouldn’t be part of every football game in 2012. Yet here we are.

        • With Madden, the only way to get more gameplay cameras is to tilt your TV in a different direction and look out the side of your eye…

    • Used to find Keith’s EA bashing sort of annoying, but now that EA and Josh Looman have basically made franchise mode into something I have no interest in playing whatsoever, I hope their stock continues to plummet. 

    • J Ship

      Lol your stock info postings make me laugh

  • Nick

    I can’t wait for this! It’s going to be amazing

  • fetaforgetta

    when you say no editing of players, does that just mean ratings? or you cant even change their equipment anymore? 

    • Everything – can’t edit appearance or equipment either.

      • chris

        what?  What is the logic behind this?  Equipment they always get wrong, and now we can’t even change it?  Thats messed up.

  • CJ

    Not being able to edit players is going to be a dealbreaker for alot of people. I can understand not being able to change ratings and such, but not even being able to edit equipment and jersey numbers is kind of unforgivable. It’s a shame, too, because it seems like they were headed down the right path.

  • Kick2crash

    Pasta, so the no editing thing caught my eye. Does that mean we won’t be able to edit the players on our team equipment? Like changing sleeves and such. 


    • Wake Up

      Yes. That’s what it means.

    • What don’t you understand about “No player editing of any kind?”

  • Vick_johnson2

    There is no way they cannot take away the draft import from Madden. I truly understand not satisfying everyone but to some the playing the franchise was one of the best reasons to play along with adding future rookies / stars. Aww! The anticipation!!! I can tell this year madden is gonna be lame.

  • Not having custom playbooks available is a big bummer for me… It makes sense to me why NCAA draft classes would conflict with the story mode or why a Fantasy draft would mess up the rosters, but what is so difficult about allowing you to use a custom playbook in game? 

  • hoodiii

    It amazes me how people do not understand that this is a major change on how EA has done a mode for Madden ever.  Everyone is basically getting what they want except for import of draft classes and player edits.  People must understand is they have built a great foundation to build on that should move Madden forward in a more positive manner for years to come.  Imagine if NCAA is moved forward with a connected careers that will integrate with Madden.  I think people are having a hard time grasping how epic of a move this is for EA sports.  All of us will benefit in the end with both NCAA and Madden.  It still is a mind blower that they allowed Josh Looman to take it to this level is unheard of for EA.  Hats off to Josh for convincing the suits to give him a crack at doing something epic.

    • Gak

       I think you got something there.  I believe this whole connected careers is the first step of integrating both games.  Generally people by either NCAA or just Madden.  Connected careers will have users buying both to see their player start from being recruited from High School to going to the Hall of Fame.  Very smart on EA’s part and it would not surprise me to this happening next year.

      • man i understand what you are both saying . really you guys need to stop i was really hurt this year by this news.and hoodi im sorry for my tone im just trying to get you both to understand why they played us with all this new crap. why do you think that ian cummings, and phil frazier really left ea huh?

    • DrMethodical

      That’s great they do such strong work, but I’m confused on how EA is the only company that seems to be required to remove past features to move forward. Other games just seem to add to the experience. I may not buy this game if it’s true that when they say “no player editing” they mean that I have to live with drafting wide receivers who don’t wear gloves and QB’s who do, running backs who come in with #49 jerseys and etc. What if I don’t want my pocket passer to wear a dark visor, sleeves and six different, non-matching arm accessories?! and be #13?!

      • Maddenbs

        Exactly and pasta is wrong that everything else is still the same u can only control one team nO editing no play books no import. Madden screwed offline players big time

    • this is epic to get your loot why in the hell do you think all ea sports games pricesour being marked down because they suck. and you give josh looman credit for crap that madden had back in “90s and 2000’s

  • Jpdavis1982

    This is going to be amazing, everyone that thinks EA is lazy needs to watch this and see how in depth they are getting 

    • Wake Up

      Josh Looman needs to branch off and start his own team and make a football game. Dude’s the only one with actual talent. Didn’t he create Head Coach ’09? That game had real depth. I can’t stand these other goofballs that only care about cash making gimmicks and ways to profit.

      • Mikey91

        Head Coach 09 was awesome, a little slow and buggy but immersive as hell for hardcore fans. It’s a shame they had to cut out so much.

      • are you crazy? josh looman full of crap he wants to bleed you dry for dlc it all play of the three years dont you get man?

  • Wake Up

    So let me get this right. They’ve taken out NCAA importing, custom playbooks, editing players, and pretty much whatever else would give the game a longer life span. All for a mode that nobody really understands? I bet they start charging for DLC for this mode in the near future too. What a joke. Why dont they get the modes they already have in the game fixed, before they start adding more flawed modes to the game? Wtf happend to getting online franchise right? And instead of fixing NCAA importing out, why didn’t they just fix it? Can you at least edit your draft class like in NBA 2K12? anyone know?

    • Keith.

      “I bet they start charging for DLC for this mode in the near future too.”
      Me, too. 

       Pasta, any word as to whether the XP is something that can be bought with cash?   It’s EA, so the opportunity to bilk more money through paid-DLC has to be there, somewhere.

      • I didn’t ask but I read somewhere else, not sure where, that there is no DLC/microtransactions within Connected Careers. So no, can’t buy XP, if that info is correct.

        • In one of the video interviews on OS Looman says there will be no purchasing XP of any kind as DLC

      • SmashMan

        Josh Looman says no:

        They’ll probably continue to make a ton on Ultimate Team coin purchases though.

  • Thanks man you helped clarify this mode. I love it.

  • pasta you kill me. why dont you tell the truth? you can play only one team and you cant play any of other team schedules can you? its mighty funny you didnt answer any of my questions last week when you was at e3. pasta i like you and you do a good job. but on this im stll buying it but its not worth $60.00 dollars . for a half a game mode . and why they could not half a offline /online  as part of connected carrers mode. just admit it . josh looman got mad because ian would not push his ideas. because i talk to the former devlopers and they both told me . that peter moore didnt give them the create respect that they want to keep franchisemode/w halftime show. but he killed it on the spot. untill they lost money. and that all this stuff was in the works last year but they was shut out. im not giving josh or mike young any credit for ian”s idea

    • Keith is a fool

      The hell are you talking about. Most of these ideas were from NFL Head Coach 09 which was Looman’s game. 

      • i have a question? why didnt the suits go for this stuff last year? huh. and what was wrong with phil “the owner mode frazier”s part in this huh? josh looman is only tell what you want to here. how many years have we jumped on ian cummings for not bring owner mode back? huh. and if he would have called franchise mode -connected careers with 32 teams . like the real nfl would you have problem with that.? nfl head coach was fantasty football mode thats all. madden nfl was different where you had full control over your team? you dont get at all. they wanted to make madden cheaper. he wanted his vision and not what made madden. even with 2k5 nfl madden was unqiue. because it had the owner mode. josh was mad because it was not his idea.

  • Knowself5

    Editing player ratings is the first thing I always do in my offline franchise mode. I had planned to edit Tebow into a full time RB and knocking down Peyton’s ratings cause im positive they will have him overrated coming off Neck Surgery. No editing players is an EPIC FAIL by EA; I would like to hear an explanation as to why they took it out.  Hopefully enough of us complain and they patch it in like that dpad fiasco a few years back.

    • Yes! Thank you. Player Editing to me is very important. I don’t like using, never have and never will edit ratings. I like when players have ups and downs. But as far as editing players appearance/equipment and numbers…that is crucial. If I trade for RGIII or Peyton Manning I want them to have their respect numbers (10 and 18) Players numbers are incredibly important (why else would they retire a number a player wore in the NFL) Also, if I want my RB to have a visor or decide that my drafted WR should have gloves and a towel than I should be able to change that. The fact that player editing has been removed is complete bullshit. I am able to live without the NCAA Draft Classes (even thought I loved that but they haven’t got it right yet so until it’s perfect than I’m okay without it) I am unable to live without roster editing. To me that is just dropping the ball and no excuse for that shit. Let’s gripe and complain as much as possible and hope for a patch that brings it back (and maybe even Fantasy Draft too) 

      • Cjperk77

        So a little background on how I think they came up with this decision…  I saw Looman’s presentation at E3.. Basically EA was getting a ton of complaints from the three different modes Superstar, online franchise, and offline franchise.  Essentially when they change anything on any mode it was just changing that mode.  This was a move made such that they can change all three modes at the same time.  For example last year a ton of online franchise players felt cheated because they didn’t get some of the enhancements to online.  I think the main reason player editing didn’t make it into Madden 13 is that if you are online how would it work if I had someone at 90 and you had them at 70… Who wins out…  In theory it could work for offline IMO, but they probably didn’t have time to implement this year.  Just a guess.  

        • CardLover

          They were able to add a player editing option last year offline…but they took out that in this year’s offline Player Editing. (There’s a separate option to play online)

          F-ing brilliant.

        • Mike

          So another example of online ruining the offline experience for us. Great job EA. No editing = NO BUY.

        • aaron

          good opinion people would cheat that way

        • thats why offline and online should stay separate this combining of modes has destroyed the game its worthless to me now all the fun things i did have been taken out am going back to NCAA

      • sadly they have never patched or added anything after release

    • I’m with you 100%, although from what I had been reading, not being able to edit players only applies to Connected Careers. There was a comment made by Michael Young on his Twitter that implied we would still be able to edit the base rosters before entering any game mode.

      • mike young sold out as well the blood drying pocket grap begins in 2012,13, and pasta knows it/

      • no you can’t its only in play now mode you can’t even edit a number in CCM it all comes down from EA

    • I agree I’m so bummed.

  • Eagleyedesigns

    I’m sorry man, but this shit is COOL!  Can’t wait…

    • Crimson

       Really? You think so? You don’t even seem smart enough to be able to manage all of this layered, worthless managerial crap they are adding to the game.

      • Herman’sHermits

        Crimson – Don’t be an asshole for the sake of being an asshole. A lot of us are excited. Feel free to continue whining as if this game is the end all be all of your life. It’s just a fucking game.

        • Crimson

           Alright man. Be excited. I’ll back off. We’ll see how good it actually is when it comes out.

      • Eagleyedesigns

        Hey, I got a degree…

        • Crimson

           I’m sorry man. Lets just drop it. You know I’m buying the game and I have every reason to be skeptical about it. You were highly critical yourself a month or so ago. A change of heart is possible, but you suddenly became a full on salesman.

          • Eagleyedesigns

            Well, most of my anger is/was directed towards NCAA…I absolutely refuse to buy that shit.  I was on the fence about Madden.  Now, I’m a little excited…

          • crimson me and my brother figured this whole thing  out these folks are being played noway ea is not going to charge to bring back some form of online /offline franchise or connected careers leauge mode with a patch. before the game is released but first they got get the suckers to pay $60 bucks by lowering the price with pre-orders then chargeing you for a mode the just supposely got rid of. then come with patch switch to get the money drain out our pockets this is laid out plan by andrew wilson and cam webber as well josh looman.

  • guest

    me and my friends always do fantasy drafts, have for years and years, so there not being one this year is horrible,really upset at that but otherwise everything else looks awesome

  • So we can’t move players to a different position? Like say i have a 4-3 DE who can be a 3-4 OLB, i can’t move him to OLB? 

    Not sure why they would remove editing. Seems kinda silly.

    • Nope. Absolutely can not do that. I couldn’t agree more. Player Editing is crucial to “Franchise Mode” and to me this unreal. Total fail. 

      • The fact that they removed the ability to edit player’s heights and weights years ago irritated me to no end. If I wanted to move a 3-4 OLB to a 4-3 DE, he would obviously have to pack on a few pounds. Not being able to edit players at all now pushes me over the edge as far as this game is concerned.

  • Brian

    is there a broadcast camera option in madden 13 ???

  • Matrixkk3

    if you are in a online franchise as a player with other people, can your player get traded? I know you are not allowed to play with another online player but i thought id ask.

    • Hadn’t even thought of that. Will try to find out.

  • Collin

    i think its dumb that certain players are from preorders. i preordered madden from amazon to get lt but gamestop gives you john madden. so what i cant use john madden now… stupid

  • WTF! You can’t import your draft class from NCAA 13???? Thats the best part of a franchise.

  • Millertime2480

    So no import draft class at all? Or is it just in the online version as a coach? That’s absurd if they took it out completely…

    • chris

      none at all this year.


    Ok thanks pasta for clearing everything up. Just one thing I’m unsure about: is there still regular franchise mode? I understand what connected careers is but did it fully overtake the offline franchise or is connected careers simply another game modes option to go along with franchise?

    • Carny

      Nope only one mode and thats cc Horrible horrible idea. Only control one team no editing no import no play books who the hell is in charge over there. U basically shitted on all offline gamers thanks for nothing as usual madden

    • no its not its nfl head coach josh looman style. i want you to ask pasta or them ea dudes why couldnt they have both in connected careers mode. im telling you the truth. my cousin didnt want me to be mad so he lied. he works for ea-tirbuon. and he was in on the whole thing. he said that 5 guys on the team tried to get josh to keep both.pasta wont tell you that

  • Johnny7s

    will it be like online franchise mode and is there a fantasy draft like last year with like a 30 year limit?

  • Qh_rhema2006

    personally i can do without import draft class for this year because they made up for it with the infinity engine and the depth of connected careers. im pretty sure they will bring importing draft classes back next year, but when they do, can you imagine the depth this mode will have, even more than now. i can see me taking a player from high school, through college and then on to the nfl where he will have the opportunity to have an hall of fame career, plus have a storyline to go with it all. this mode will definitely have us buying both games if we want the full experience of a football career. then next year i think both games will have this new engine which will add more excitement to it all.

    If someone ask me before all this was revealed, that, to get a new physic engine and a deeper online & offline and superstar mode, that i would have to do without importing draft classes and editing players for 1 year, it would not have been a difficult choice for me, i would have chosen the new engine and connected careers easily. im pretty sure 85 to 90% of the people who play madden would have made the same choice. like it or not EA is taking a huge step in the right direction with all this and this is just year 1 of a 3 year plan according to EA. with that said ima have to find a way to wine and dine my wife for the whole month of august, up until the 28th, spend as much time with her as possible, because once the 28th gets here, its going to be work and madden, work and madden, work and madden, work and madden, for a long time….lol…im sure she will nag me at some point to spend time with her instead of the xbox “playing that stupid game” is her words, but ill hold out as long as possible.

  • Diiiidddyy


    • Kobe

      Wondering the exact same thing!!! I was excited for this game with the new Physics engine and everything else they added but, no offline local multiplayer is a no go for me!!!! My and I would play that exclusively for hours and now it won’t be possible!!! Absolute BS if this is the case. I will cancel my pre-order the second I find out its true1 PASTA can you confirm or deny no local multiplayer in Franchise offline this year please?

      • Kobe

        My Brother and I*

  • Millertime2480

    Is import a draft class still in the offline version of coach (franchise) mode?

    • chris


  • DarkBlade

    this is good but the connected carrear for player mode is horrible you cant get drafted but instead you get to choose first round or not drafted at all! why not just implement a draft game between two teams of draft prospects and have your draft stock be based on how you perform at that game. then before the draft have teams who are interested in you ask you questions to see if you are right for them.so after you get drafted you get your rookie contract that’s non negotiable but after it’s up you can negotiate a contract with your team or go to free agency and see what you can get. during your carrear you will be interviewed in post game press conferences. As you play better and become more popular  your player will get offers to be on magazine covers, commercials, etc. now that is what connected carrear my player can and should be. it’s very possible NBA 2K12 did it so why not Madden NFL

  • Dan

    No custom playbooks?!?! Ouch…….otherwise this mode is (on paper at least) thoroughly impressive 😀 damn, no custom playbooks though…

  • Bobo

    I understand I can only CONTROL one team.  But…can I play any game on the schedule even if its not my team??  Ex the superbowl, or the game when Manning plays Manning, etc. 

    Also wondering if I can create a guy for my team, even though I’m coaching.  Example: I choose to be John Madden and control the Raiders.  Can I create my own Marcus Allen to put on my team?

    Answers would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks, PP !

    • Not sure on the first thing. I’ll have to follow up with Josh Looman since there are still so many aspects that aren’t completely clear still. On the second I’m guessing that’s a no based on the setup but can’t say for sure. 

  • Frofro2136

    have a question. This worries me, can we still play like how we did on
    old Madden Franchise and just take control of a team (be the GM – I
    think it was ) and do all the trades, and the playing, or do we have to
    be one specific player OR we can be a coach and control the trades… Seriously
    I only buy madden games for Franchise mode, and I was really excited
    for this game, and now I’m worried. I’m not really a superstar


    Pasta pleasseeeee I SPEAK ON BEHALF OF THOSE WHO ONLY BOUGHT THE GAME FOR THE OFFLINE FRANCHISE MODE, because the game is not released,, do everything in your power to make it heard so there can be multiple teams in a franchise, a fantasy draft option, and in franchise player editing… !!

  • pasta dont be mad at me. i like you post and information. but i need you to know my peeps told me that they are getting rid ben the ncca guy as well and that mike young will be doing ncca14 next yr.pasta this a gimmck that there hopeing people is will buy into and  not bring back some form of franchise mode. but like i told my peep. if they dont bring back 32 teams on madden14 then im done.and every thing we are use to . he said that there working on 720, ps-4 gms also.

  • Firstlast

    So i get that there aren’t fantasy drafts or player editing for ONLINE connected careers (which i’m upset about), but, what about for OFFFFLINE connected careers. Are the features the same, or for offline connected careers there is fantasy drafts and player editings. Pasta?

  • Keith.

    Pasta, did you happen to ask any of the Tiburon people at E3 why in-game saves are a no-go again this year?

  • Crimson

    I think we’ve already played “Connected Careers” mode way back in 09. It did not enhance the “on the field” gameplay at all.

    We won’t be calling it “Franchise Mode” anymore? That’s a real good EA Jedi mind trick there. So the on the field gameplay will pretty much be the same, huh? Oh, I forgot  about this so-called “Infinity Engine” marketing push. How could I forget that. Wow. The “Infinity Engine”. That’s catchy.

    If I remember correctly, “Connected Careers 09” was complete garbage.

    • Crimson

      Remember that crappy game NFL Head Coach 09?


      • Eagleyedesigns

        Oh, this guy has it reserved at Toys ‘R Us.

      • Qh_rhema2006

        ok well go play 2k5 if you are not into madden … its just that simple.. but like eagleyedesign says you probaly already pre-ordered it and will be out there at midnight

        • Eagleyedesigns

          No, he DID.  He told me and that is a FACT.  That is how fucking stupid this asshole is…

          • Crimson

             I, Crimson,have it preordered at ToysRus. Its official. I am openly admitting that I am going to buy Madden 13 at the lowest announced price possible and I will promptly trade it in after the first week of ownership if I’m not having fun playing it. I have made this clear to everyone here on more than one occasion. Eagleeyedesigns is now free of his obligation to tell everyone that I have it preordered at ToysRus. I only hope that I may desire play this Madden longer than a week, but I really doubt that it will happen.

            Dear Eagleeye, it kinda takes the fun away, when I openly admit what you are here claiming, huh son? Don’t worry young man, there will be plenty of other future opportunities for you to jump in and look stupid. Trust me, you haven’t missed a single one yet. At least you’ve gotten that horrible “overuse of profanity” problem under control. That’s actually a good start. I’m so proud of you, son.

          • Eagleyedesigns

            LOL…I am NOT a kid!  I’ve seen the original Jaws in the theater, damnit!

          • Eagleyedesigns

            And spell my motherfuckin’ name right, Goddamn…

          • Crimson


            Peace to you brother. I’m done feuding with you.

          • Eagleyedesigns


          • Crimson

            ” I’ve seen the original Jaws in the theater, damnit!”

            Too funny. Me too.  I went back the next day and then I saw it again. I’m glad you have a good sense of humor man. I’m big enough to apologize to an internet stranger too. So…I’m sorry for defaming you. Good luck with the game. I hope it’s worth keeping this time around.

        • Eagleyedesigns

          Sir, I would also like to suck your penis.

          • Crimson


          • Eagleyedesigns

            Hey, I didn’t say that?! LOL

          • Crimson

             I know you didn’t say it. Somebody was being a wise ass. Kinda funny though.

        • Crimson

           Nope. I’m also having it shipped for free. I’ve never understood people going to midnight releases.

    • Eagleyedesigns

      This guy has it reserved at Toys ‘R Us.

  • this is stupid as fuck flat out

  • Crimson

    Pasta, are we really buying NFL Head Coach 09 again? 

    • Eagleyedesigns

      This guy has it reserved at Toys ‘R Us.

  • BANE

    What!? No player editing? What the hell? That one omitted feature just stopped me from purchasing this years game. Im sorry, but i HAVE to edit my players equipment as im playing my franchise. That is such a simple thing to include in a sports game that there is no excuse for it to be absent. Wow, huge news for me. I was really looking forward to this years game.

    • Not to mention the player ratings EA puts out are consistently awful and need to be tweaked before playing anything

    • Qh_rhema2006

      if that alone stopped you from buying the game then i dont think you’re true madden player. the new engine alone his a huge improvement, and you have a deeper online, offline, and superstar mode with connected careers. plus all this stuff (editing players and import draft class) will be back next year. they said they wanted it done right and if they couldnt do it right this year that they were not putting it in, i respect them for that

      • BANE

        Whats a “true” Madden player? I felt the series sucked hardcore ass from 2006 up until 2009, but have really enjoyed the most recent games. Does that exclude me from the “true” Madden player ranks? I play ALL my sports games(NBA 2K, MLB the show, F1 2011 etc) the same way, which is offline franchise mode ONLY. I get a lot of enjoyment from editing players equipment and the like during my franchise. I like have my virtual players match their real life counterparts as closely as they can. If i can’t do that, thats taking a large portion of why i play the game away. If next year they add an extremely simple element like editing equipment, then ill give the game a look. But i have NO desire to go through a franchise mode without the ability to edit my players equipment and ratings if need be. It seems as though only EA has a problem with this. All the other sports titles never seem to miss out on the little details like this.

      • RL52

        Don’t blame the consumers dipshit.

      • Mike

        Rhema your an idiot. Sim fans like realism. Editing roster equipment has no effect on gameplay. no reason to remove it. something tells me EA wants us to pay for roster updates. Removing editing is how it all starts. Oh and enjoy the madden draft classes when your franchise QB has equipment like and OLinemen. Gameplay is only a part of the game that true hardcore fans enjoy. Clearly you don’t but most of us do. No editing = NO BUY. If they put back in Madden 14 then I’ll buy Madden 14. Until then no madden which sucks.

  • bosshog

    I have to believe the whole editing players thing is something that will be taken care of before the final build. It makes no sense to leave out a feature that is so minor and that has been so standard in the series, yet is so crucial to a lot of people. Not being able to edit ratings is fine, but being able to edit equipment, positions, and jersey numbers is very important for the realism factor. The mode sounds too promising to throw a wrench into it like that. I’m almost sure they will remedy this.

    • Keith.

      “Not being able to edit ratings is fine”

      Really?  Tell that to the people who don’t update their rosters online, and who are totally stuck with EA’s out-of-the-box default rosters and ratings.  

      • bosshog

        I meant within CC mode. Remember that up until last year, you couldn’t edit player ratings within Franchise. I don’t have a problem with that. From what I gathered, editing ratings outside of game modes will still be in effect.

        Being unable to edit ersey numbers (and, secondarily, equipment) within CC are the major loose screws for me.

    • I agree with you up to the point about EA remedying the situation. EA has never been one to add something back into a game just because its what their customers want. Even with the game only being $45 at Toys R Us, this is a non-buy for me, based solely on the fact they removed the ability to edit players in CC, the ability to control multiple teams, and the ability to import/edit draft classes. Those are the most elementary of features for any sports game, and without them, I refuse to buy.

    • Qh_rhema2006

      yeah next year.

      • Thisisbullshit

        Those clowns at EA said next year even though it’s not the final build and there are a few tweaks still being made (like reducing jersey number size.

        Fucking disgraceful.

  • So there is no Fantasy Draft in the game?

  • Texan

    “No player editing of any kind in franchise on or off line”….sounds like a licensing agreement with Nike! Whatever, as long as the gameplay is solid, I’m good!

  • Eagleyedesigns

    I love the people on here bitching about Madden 13 and Connected Careers…AND THEY ARE STILL GOING TO BUY THE GAME…If you hate this shit so much, don’t buy the motherfucking game…Certain fake-ass fuckin’ people that reserved their copy at Toys ‘R Us…Yeah, I wanna waste $45-$60 on SOMETHING I HATE…’Cause that makes a whole lot of motherfuckin’ sense…Why don’t you just burn the the cash then?  You people that hate this game are going to buy it retail, then one to two weeks later, after you realize that nothing about the game changed to your liking and you still hate it, you trade the fucking thing in for $30.  THAT FUCKING DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE…How dumb are you people?  VERY…Especially the one that has it reserved at Toys ‘R Us who constantly is bitching and complaining about every little motherfuckin’ trivial detail about the game.  Save your money and quit trolling.

    • 44

      Eagleyedesigns talking shit again.

      • Crimson

         He’s always talking out of his back side. Its always motherfucking this and motherfucking that with these kids like him, that need to swear all the time because they think makes them sound cool on the internet.  I find it very concerning that they just allow these juvenile hall delinquent kids to access to the internet and still not monitor exactly what they’re doing on the net. He’s probably just wearing an ankle bracelet.

        • Eagleyedesigns

          I’m not a kid.

    • Crimson

       I am the object of his cowardly tirade. He doesn’t mention me by name because he is afraid I will say something that he can’t intelligently respond to, without sounding like the profanity driven, crystal meth loving idiot, that I imagine he really is. I am buying the game to play a “hopeful” simulation of Philadelphia Eagles NFL football. I’m not buying it for the “Connect Careers nonsense that EA is trying to market this year. Every year I am hopeful and every year Madden is the same old garbage. I don’t ever buy into EA marketing. Been there, done that. Its all about playing a decent game of football. I truly won’t expect to keep this one long either.

      Hey Eagleeye, I’m right here. You don’t need to be scared anymore. You already said if you saw me on the street, you would rip my head off, so why are you talking “around” me, instead of “to” me?

      Maybe its because you’re an intellectual coward? Is that also why you curse so much?

      • Eagleyedesigns

        Figures, you’re a fucking Eagles fan…

        • Crimson

          Yes I am. We are gonna get it right one of these days, with or without Andy Reid.

  • Tyg412

    im assuming draft classes wont be back until ncaa gets the new engine but i never understood why ncaa wasnt built in conjunction with madden. that way they can work together and we arent getting kiss shoulder pads anymore in our draft classes. it looks like theyre moving towards that with the controler layout being the same across both games but who knows.

    • Qh_rhema2006

      exactly what i been saying, i think they will link both games like never before to where you can expeience a football career from high school. i think with all the new stuff their putting in madden that it had to sacrifice some things to get them right the following year which will be ncaa 14