First Roster Update for NBA 2K13 Out Now

Posted October 10th, 2012 at 9:30 am

2K Sports today released the first roster update for NBA 2K13. The update includes some player movement, minor ratings changes, and additional players – though many are still missing and some on the free agent list are playing overseas now. A good list of what is currently wrong has been compiled here. No update yet for the rosters that are used when starting an Online Association and no word on when to expect them.

Some ratings changes of note include (the vast majority are down rather than up) include Dwight Howard dropping 3 points to 93, Carmelo Anthony down 3 to 89, Amare Stoudemire down 1 to 83, Dirk Nowitzki down 1 to 84, DeMar DeRozan down 1 to 74, Anthony Davis down 1 to 79, Ray Allen down 1 to 79, and Rajon Rondo down 1 to 89. Jeremy Lin was able to move up a point to 78. Players injured for a significant length of time like Derrick Rose remain unaffected.

  • lonnie

    what criteria do they use to do this when some of the teams haven’t even played a preseason game yet? like amare and mello dropping,why would they drop having not played? ..not complaining or bashing 2k,i just wonder how and what they are baseing it on before the games are played?

    • GKage

      Those who have power use it lol

    • They probably fixed some ratings after seeing that they’re OP in the game. Some players, like Blake Griffin & Damian Lillard are epically OP in the game. Lillard is leading the league in assists in my MyCareer.

      Also, Pasta just detailed OVR drops. Things like FTs, Speed, Strength & Vertical might have been changed that don’t impact OVR much, and some might have been dropped and others raised. to balance it out.

      • Khadeem

        Well I wanna know why Josh Smith has a 86 mid range and Ray Allen has a 72 mid range. Ray Allen is a great mid range shooter. 2k has lost its freakin mind. John Wall who is probably the worst shooting perimeter player has a higher mid range than Ray Allen. 2k sucks. Dont know why I bought it

  • shadowman

    they dont have R.Wallace on the Knicks…..

    • H-Town

      what a fail…..

    • Khadeem

      i understand that because he doesnt have a guaranteed contract.

      • Sandro Guedes

        Prigioni has a guaranteed contract and has been the best player for the Knicks in the preseason. Still no sign of him. Same with James White, he has a guaranteed spot.

        Seriously, how hard it is to get the rosters correct? it’s just what fans appreciate more, to have all of the players available to enjoy.

        I don’t care if players can make 10 or 50 varieties of dunks. I mean, i do, but that’s not top priority.

        • Khadeem

          naw they didnt sign james white to a guaranteed contract…imma knicks fan i kno….victor claver and joel freeland from portland should be on…n like you said pablo should be on there too….its typical from 2k sports to be extremely late with rating adjustments and roster accuarcy

          • Sandro Guedes

            James White has a guaranteed contract for 2012. It’s the 2013 that it’s not guaranteed:

            Now, it’s just plain stupid. To create a player may take half an hour for this guys. There are non-official roster patches that include Prigione and Wallace.

            How can modders be faster than 2k, when 2k has all the material to make it faster and better?

            Sad thing that NBA Live 2013 went down. I think 2k gets sloppy due to the lack of competition.

            Anyway, just downloaded tonight a roster update that includes lots of new players. To anyone interested, here it goes:


          • Khadeem

            yea ur right…i guess ur only as good as ur source…lol….but i completely agree with you about these rosters and with 2k in general…they are lazy and competition is gonna kill the experience for basketball games…with ea putting out a game there would be a reason 4 2k to try harder to make a better game and provide better updates such as player ratings, trades, and signings

  • KMillsZ19o

    Why can I use everyone on the nets roster except for josh Childress for so e off reason he’s not even in the rotation yet he’s on the roster I can’t sub him in wth? Is my GM messed up or something someone help me out here plz

    • H-Town

      put minutes on him…

    • smsixx

      Are you sure hes not burried in your reserves? This seems like a odd problem.

      • KMillsZ19o

        They had him not even in the rotation I they have him and stack house out the rotation completely correct me if I’m wrong but don’t a rotation supposed to be 15 players at minimum? Why it only has 12 players in the rotation on most teams makes no sense

        • You have max 15 players on your team, but you can only have 12 active for a game. The other 3 are injured reserves. You have to pull someone out of the active lineup to put your reserves in you lineup, but you do that in the menus before games, not during.

          • KMillsZ19o

            Oh aight I just did it

          • KMillsZ19o

            It’s only going to work for offline tho when I play online it won’t work lol I like Childress better than that Greene dude but online I’m going to have to play with Greene? Smh

          • idk, I don’t play online association. At least I wont until I need to grab the trophy.

  • smsixx

    Im a Detroit Pistons fan…I know my team is shit and in the middle of rebuild mode right now, but the fact that Andre Drummond was rated a 59 and others drafted 5-10 picks behind him are rated higher is laughable.
    Had he been drafted by the Nets im more then sure Drummond would be a 64-65.
    Some of the bias in the ratings is just annoying sometimes…Im actually shocked that Monroe and Stuckey actually have 80 overall ratings..Monroe is one of the most underated players in the league right now and Stuckey has really turned into a good defender (ask Kobe Bryant).

    • Greg

      They dropped both Stuckey and Monroe to 79 in the update. And they are still missing two guaranteed players in Singler and Kravtsov.

      • smsixx

        Typical…You cant have a Pistons player rated in the 80’s I guess lol

  • I will say this. How many resources do you guys think they have over at 2K? I’m pretty sure all resources are dedicated to fixing the disappearing scoreboards as opposed to updating players daily. Everybody is whining talking about “Rasheed isn’t in w/ the Knicks” “T-Mac hasn’t been removed from free agency” Man, chill. Let them fix actual major issues like disappearing scoreboards and on-line play. Then let them handle player movement.

    • Arrowe76

      How many resources do YOU think they have at 2K? I’m pretty sure the roster changes and bugs fixing aren’t done by the same people. Game programmers are programming and that’s it. The job is way too demanding to do anything else.

  • jz

    Old players need a bigger drop. Kidd, Carter, Allen, KG, Peirce, Kobe, Dirk, Nash. Players running on fumes.

    • not sure if serious

      KOBE IS RUNNING ON FUMES!? hold on a sec, i need to take a deep breath so i can…
      the only player running on “fumes” from that list is JKidd

  • CJ

    Why are they adjusting ratings? The season hasn’t even STARTED yet! I guess the roster guys must have a time machine or something. If they would tell me who wins this year’s Super Bowl, I’d split my winnings with them.

  • 49ersfan1

    plz leave players like rose in the game. and is kobe gonna be the higher than howard on the rosters or is howard still the first player?

  • Bird of Anger

    You can rate everyone else on the Mavs a 45 ovr for all i care and yes I understand he’s injured, but rating Dirk at an 84 is just plain silly.

  • tparker

    Nando de colo!!!!!!!!!

  • FuneralMelo

    That shxt is wack for Melo to drop 3 points. He was killing in USA basketball, disappointing move for 2k