NBA 2K13 Leaks Uniforms Including a Misspelled Oklahoma City Alternate

Posted October 10th, 2012 at 11:45 am

Jerseys have leaked early through past NBA 2K titles and this year is no different. A hex-edited roster file, readily available on 2K Share to download, includes numerous uniforms not currently available in NBA 2K13 and some that have yet to even be officially revealed by the league. These unis – which are on the disc but generally locked until a code is given out at a later date – have been pulled through the Xbox 360 as it is not possible to do the same on the PS3.

The new uniform that is getting the most exposure is one that had been under wraps for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Their new alternate is now on display along with an egregious error as 2K spelled Thunder as “Thudner”. There will probably be a patch or update down the line to correct it before being publicly released.┬áThe file, which was first noted by Operation Sports with Kotaku spotting the misspelled “Thudner”, is available to download under the name “Hyperballer21 Hex Roster Update” through the 2K Share feature on the 360.

Other jerseys accessible through the file include recently announced alternates for the Portland Trail Blazers, San Antonio Spurs, and Denver Nuggets, the “White Hot” look for the Heat, and “Christmas” variations for a number of teams.

  • Hovver

    attention to detail has never been 2k’s strong suit lol

  • Tyrone

    Dude shut it!

  • Still pretty nice unis.

  • Dme

    forgetting the spelling those are really bad unis anyway.

    • I actually think they looks sweet. They’re not as plain as their regular jersey.

  • H-Town

    2k is messing up a lot this year, MyTeam is just pointless cause you play people who spend real money and overload their team. Then you have this misspelled uni. MyPlayer blacktop once again faggots who spend real money to make their guy 99 ovr, however I find it fun. MyCareer is a big plus though loving it.

    • KMillsZ19o

      Why are you complaining for its the same crap it’s not like they are buying 99 overalls they are spending money to buy VC points the same points u get for playing gms

      • H-Town

        Idk lets see you pay for VC you get high overall in like 3 seconds, do it yourself without buying VC, takes you a couple of weeks.

      • So people will defend 2k doing microtransactions (rather shamelessly) but criticize others (ahem) for doing it?

        Ah, ok, I see how it is now…

        • H-Town

          I love how he says “it’s not like they are buying 99 overalls they are spending money to buy VC points” Ok lets put 2 and 2 together. They buy the VC with money, correct? After they buy the VC they put on their guy to make them 99 overall. So bascally @KMillsZ19o:disqus you are an idiot, because they are indeed buying 99 overalls.

          • Either that, or they’re buying “super teams” within MyTeam.

            Been hearing that when you get to the 6th seed, you see teams like:

            PG: Steph Curry
            SG: Kobe
            SF: KD
            PF: LBJ
            C: Dwight
            6th man: another star

            And the only reward for making it to/past the 1st seed, from what I’ve read, is a ‘Michael Jordan’ for your team. There’s not even leaderboards or records posted anywhere, so it’s ridiculous. Fun on the lower levels, but the more you win, the more ridiculous it gets.

            But of course 2k will get a pass from the loyal fans…and then those fans will criticize Madden’s loyal fans, like hypocrites. Sad really.

          • H-Town

            You put it right on the point with that lol. Im not a EA nor NBA 2k fan boy, I like both games equally. As far as I seen 2k fan boys are basically like little girls that go around chanting justin beiber.

  • Why do you lose points for a FOUL thats animated??? This game is the worst, they never fix the real issues. Shot clock cheat is still in here, the cpu is GODLY on hall of fame. Dwight Howard knocking down jumpshots with a hand in his face. Come on 2k, u do the same shit every yr.

  • okcokc

    and now your oklahoma city THUDDDDDDDDDNER

    • J.T. campbell


  • 49ersfan1

    that okc uni is ugly.

  • 49ersfan1

    fix the thing were the scoreboard disappears in gms and blacktop, and i hate vc! it ruins myplayer and blacktop.

  • unh

    why is Westbrook shooting left-handed?

    • J.T. campbell

      ive noticed when you crossover dribble to the left with a right handed player he shoots jumpers with that hand until you cross back over to his strong hand which is pretty cool if u ask me

  • J.T. campbell

    they should jus remake tecmo bowl and and double dribble it was alot less crying back then lol the simpler times

  • MARZ76

    question the jerseys are in 2k share only on 360..then sum1 made them or 2k made them? ok if 2k didnt, that means sum1 hack 2k to make them? did sum1 hack 2k to unlock the jerseys? isnt that 1 of the reasons 2k didnt put crewmode back because of the 360 hackers right.