NHL 13 Adds Social Sharing Features

Posted October 31st, 2012 at 6:15 pm

EA Sports has activated new social sharing features within NHL 13 that were made possible through the recent patch. The features were not detailed in the patch notes however the option is now available to anyone who is connected online and has downloaded it.

Though being framed as “social sharing” the functionality for NHL 13 is limited to Facebook and can easily be enabled or disabled at any time from the main menu. The sharing includes auto-posting of game results, boost unlock notifications, completion of NHL Moments Live scenarios, and more in the way of information and progress. It also allows for the uploading of highlight videos or screenshots but it appears as though that will simply link over to the EA Sports World site where all uploaded media from the game has resided all along.

  • Crimson

    EA Sports added Facebook sharing to a video game. I doubt anyone will be lame enough to ever use it proudly. How about a story about the huge ton of money EA is losing, year after year. We could use some more good news like THAT, and a lot less of this.
    What an extremely slow news day at Pastapadre.com.

    • Keith.

      I’d love to see an article from Pasta on EA’s financial woes. I mean, during the quarter that Madden was released last year and this year, EA lost $340 million and $381 million, respectively. I’m not an accountant, but how do they justify the exclusive NFL license (or NCAA) when the losses are getting bigger, year over year? Bet they don’t double down on Madden’s or NCAA’s dev budgets next year.

      • Crimson

        LOL….with losses like that, they might start to rethink Madden altogether. But, you know how these things go, there are new consoles coming and EA needs to have a new stripped down version of Madden 07 again ready to launch with the next gen consoles. They’ll strip it all down, removing all the features from this gen, and then each year, they’ll put one or two of the features back, and call it a new game. It’ll be the exact same shit we suffered through this generation, happening all over again on the new consoles. They can’t lose enough money fast enough to stop them from ruining another console cycle with their weak ass football games.

        • Keith.

          LOL…yep, it’s already happening with WiiU (and Vita). This is from a story on IGN yesterday talking about M13 on WiiU:

          “Madden 13 lacks the CPU-intensive Infinity physics system that made such a big impact in the 360 and PS3 versions. It’s also missing Madden Ultimate Team and online team play. Speaking with producer Yuri Bialoskursky while I took control of my incompetent, beloved Oakland Raiders, I learned this is largely the result of the game’s incomprehensibly short development cycle. The team began experimenting with prototypes this past February, and didn’t formally begin production until April. … Madden NFL 13 for Wii U is definitely playing catch-up with the 360 and PS3 versions and it’s not going to reach either of them this year. Yet, it’s impressive just how quickly EA Tiburon has put together a version of Madden that is, while not identical to the others, really close.”


          • Crimson

            ‘Yet, it’s impressive just how quickly EA Tiburon has put together a
            version of Madden that is, while not identical to the others, really

            Who’s impressed? I’m not impressed. I can’t remember the last time EA Tiburon impressed me. Wait…. Nope. I can’t remember a single incidence in the past ten years when these sorry ass devs at Tiburon impressed me. Not one. I’d imagine that ever since the original NFL2k came out, these incompetent hacks over at Tiburon have been pretty much dumbfounded on how to replicate the formula for creating an impressive football game. And still to this day, with their best effort, “MaddenNFL13″…it hasn’t happened yet. MaddenNFL13 is just the current re-release of that crappy launch game Madden 07, with a sloppy so-called physics engine tacked on for current year marketability. It actually may impress some people who’ve never come to expect much from EA anyway, like the folks over at IGN, and maybe this guy Mr. Padre here. I’d say that they have pretty much doomed the future of videogame football, that EA Sports has pretty much killed the idea of anyone else making a decent football game for a long time to come. We can all thank them for that. That’s what so impressive.

  • mcmax3000

    I can’t think of anything I’d be less interested in doing than sharing my NHL 13 gameplay stuff to Facebook.