MLB 13: The Show Diamond Dynasty Mode Improvements

Posted January 17th, 2013 at 5:30 pm


SCEA has released a look at some of the changes coming to Diamond Dynasty mode in MLB 13: The Show. Diamond Dynasty was introduced in MLB 12 as an attempt at creating a team-building/card collecting mode similar in nature to Ultimate Team found in EA Sports titles. Conceptually the mode was sound but there were several poor design decisions and technical issues that made it difficult to enjoy. Check out full impressions of the mode from last year.

In MLB 13 the mode is receiving improvements to areas such as navigation, the marketplace, overall balance, and how online opponent quits are being handled. Roles for pitchers, the ability to choose DH or no DH, and new maximum attributes that can be reached with some player cards are also being implemented. Though certainly shaping up to be valuable changes when considering the sheer number of problems and overwhelming nature of the mode last year hopefully there is a lot more being addressed than just those things. Continue on for the video overview of Diamond Dynasty and leave any thoughts in the comments! 

  • noci

    They couldnt get someone who wasnt half asleep to narrate the video???

    • fantasyboi

      pretty sure he was half baked….

  • Grant

    Didnt last more then a few minutes in this mode last year. Will try it again if they actually make it so you know what youre supposed to be doing.

  • Keith.

    This mode isn’t for me, but nobody can ever fault the Show for not giving its customers enough variety in mode choices. Between this, HR Derby (pretty fun last year), the Challenge of the Week (also a fun distraction last year), the new Show Live mode, the new Playoff mode, and the updated RTTS, franchise and season modes, I’d argue SCEA gives better choices than anybody else in the sports games category.

  • Amen_Ra

    Another waste of time on a gimmick mode that should have went into improving the overall product.

    • completely agree. I know they spent a lot of time on it, but like Grant said, I went into that mode last year and honestly tried to play it and couldn’t figure out what the hell I was supposed to do. I was completely lost and haven’t touched it since. It’s a stupid game mode that only a tiny fraction of the community plays if I had to guess.

      • JcubZ

        80,000+ isn’t such a small audience of people who at least tried the mode. 8,032 pages with 10 teams per page is how I got to that #. Doesn’t mean they all put hours into it though. Other sports games have similar modes so it was inevitable that The Show would add one as well. Its a revenue maker whether the development team wants to admit or not, but the mode was seriously flawed in the end and there such a surplus of money in the mode that every team as stacked top to bottom. There was never any need for anyone to put any real money into it even if that option was available. If it becomes a more balanced mode and has some actual strategy in team building it could be great. You can make excuses and say it was their first year trying, but like you and others may have been turned off by the mode’s lack of direction. Maybe they assumed since Fifa and Madden have card team building modes people would just know how it went down.

  • matt

    This mode sucks. get rid of it.. Put edit jerseys outside DD

  • When the PS4 comes out….. GET RID Dynasty and install an Expansion Mode.

    I mean shit, Acclaim Sports did expansion mode.. lol