More on the Changes Made to Hitting in MLB 13: The Show

Posted January 31st, 2013 at 5:15 pm


A new developer video blog has released for MLB 13: The Show detailing the changes made to the improve the hitting experience. Given the somewhat punishing nature, and resulting frustration, things have eased up this year with widened timing windows. Beginner mode is an option for novices while the push-pull hitting trajectories will bring tendencies more into play. Also of note is an array of new batting cameras, reduced number of ground rule doubles, wider range of fielding skill for players, and the wind having less effect on the traveling ball.

  • grendt

    Hopefully these things make the game more fun and interactive. Sometimes feel like the results are predetermined. Especially with the way the late game AI always makes a comeback.

    • saintpatrick33

      should be called MLB THE SHAM , nothing more than canned visuals added instead of real interaction

    • Amen_Ra

      Yeah they say isht is not predetermined but the AI has pulled some ridiculous comebacks on me

      • HustlinOwl

        cause you suck lol

        • saintpatrick33

          why do you keep defending this game ? everyone says the same thing not fun , un interactive and predetermined and late inning comeback , hoo hoo get a clue loser

          • HustlinOwl

            defending what I have no issues with the game and take it for what it is. A GAME and pretty damn good one. If you dont enjoy it then quit posting about it and purchasing it, pretty simple as what Ive done with all EA Sports titles. Is no comeback like I said those just suck at the game and fail to realize their faults in gameplay or not utilizing players at appropriate time.

  • Hope this makes game better. I hate when they told me I make solid contact and timing was perfect yet the hit results in a out. I know that it happens but on the 2nd highest difficulty it feels like the game cheated.

  • saintpatrick33

    Yeah dont count on real hu interaction any time soon just more visuals to make the game seem less scripted and forced at key moments as the havent did anything to the unrealistic Pitcher Confidence which is the main issue most have .

  • saintpatrick33

    Yeah no real interaction as always since 07 and nothing more than forced canned visuals to make the game seem less forced and cheap AND dont expect any real gameplay changes as pitcher confidence is the same as 12

  • Ricky Orts

    Longo’s stance is a sexy thing!!! haha! Glad to see they took the stupid ring off the middle of the bats… Now, all we need is the Nike Logos on the cleats and batting gloves instead of the neck on the shirts O__o

  • blloyd8298

    So is the Nike gear limited to just the shirt under the jersey? I’m still not seeing any gloves or cleats with name brands..disappointing.

  • Keith.

    Looking forward to trying out the new close-up batting views on the Vita.

  • The new menus, overlays and scoreboard look downright sexy.

  • The animations, stadiums and crowds look exactly the same as they always have! WTF? Is it really that hard and time consuming to improve those things? I hate buying this game every year only to feel like I’ve paid another $65+ for the same damn game as last year’s version!

    • Mike

      Stop buying it then ?

  • saintpatrick33

    SCEA should change the name to MLB The Sham or MLB The Bore and I never thought it was possible a video game could be more boring than the real thing at times .