NBA 2K13 Roster Update Executes Rudy Gay Trade and Not Much Else

Posted February 2nd, 2013 at 11:15 am


Following up on the earlier week 14 roster update 2K Sports has released another that includes the trades from Wednesday involving the Raptors, Grizzlies, and Pistons. Glen Davis was impacted due to injury that will keep him out for the remainder of the season but Jared Sullinger is active still. Alvin Gentry remains on the sideline as the coach of the Suns having yet to be replaced by Lindsey Hunter.

Traded: Jose Calderon (75 – to Pistons), Tayshaun Prince (76 – to Grizzlies), Ed Davis (71- to Grizzlies), Austin Daye (63 – to Grizzlies), Rudy Gay (86 – to Raptors), Hamed Haddadi (49 – to Raptors)

Injury Status: Glen Davis (-10 to 63), Hedo Turkoglu (returns to 72), Nikola Pekovic (returns to 76), Alexey Shved (returns to 71)

  • asht

    and got tayshaun prince number wrong

    • Yeah, I thought Prince would wear 22 too. Then after I saw the rosters I remembered that he wore 21 at Kentucky.

  • AmazinsCowboys

    Is Brook Lopez still only a 79? Makes sense, right 2K? All-Star, best offensive C in the game, and not even deserving of an 80 rating.

  • Thomas

    NFL Honors Tonight! Robert Griffin III to be named Offensive Player of the year.

  • tomtoast

    I wish they would be more thorough in these updates!

  • Keith.

    Finally finished up my first season in MyPlayer mode — beat Oklahoma 4 games to 3 in the finals, and got to see the on-court celebration and trip to the White House. Thought I had a chance at the Finals MVP award, but it ended up going to Rose instead. What an awesome game.

    • Bill

      Happy for u bro. Did Obama have a copy of ea sports 4th quarter financial status on his desk?

  • Any23TIme

    How in Gods name does Jimmy Butler not go up? Having him rated as a 67 is a tragedy. Really may be the worst player rating in the game.

  • Raptors will finally be a good undercover fun team to play with

    • I think this move buried Terrance Ross a bit and will make them have to play Amir Johnson more.

  • quaheem

    why felton 79 not rated higher then jason kid 80? felton is clearly better should be a 80 or at best 81 rated

    • Yeah, does not make sense. Much like them moving Garnett back to PF.