Madden NFL 13 Roster Update #22 Details

Posted February 7th, 2013 at 11:45 am


The roster update following the Super Bowl for Madden NFL 13 is expected to release by Saturday for the Xbox 360 and PS3. In what is likely to be the last of the year this update focuses of course on the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers with just a couple other transactions including the release of Titus Young from the Lions. The Rams were the only team to place a waiver claim in for him but that is probably going to be considered an off-season move that won’t be reflected in Madden 13 as with any cuts that have happened since.

The Ravens come away +7 and 49ers -3 in net gain players up vs down. The most notable ratings changes include Joe Flacco jumping to 93 after his stellar playoff run and Jacoby Jones moving up to 81 after exploding in the Super Bowl. Colin Kaepernick ends the season at 89 and Ray Lewis drops again after another sub-par performance to finish his career at 90. Continue on for all the changes in the next Madden NFL 13 roster update! 


  • 78ber

    Good to see. GO Ravens!!!

  • I remember mentioning Kaepernick’s rating in the comments when the initial QB ratings were released last summer ( He went from a 70 to an 89 in about 10 games…unreal.

    • I_speak_real

      So tru ..but tbats favortism..they were superbowl bound even when they colin kaepernick

    • RandomGuy

      That’s because prior to this season he only completed three passes and was the Tim Tebow of the 49ers. This season (including post-season) he’s ONLY thrown for 14 TDs, 5 INTs, and ran for 8 TDs. That’s a drastic increase. Especially considering his backup, Alex Smith, is still rated 88.

    • Russell Wilson made quite a jump to. As well as Alfred Morris. Who was not in the demo. Kaepernick looks nothing like himself in Madden. I hope he has the tattoo’s next year.

  • AJ Gullotta

    the 49ers played a really good game late in the game. So why did they decrease, some players got decreased when they played a good game.

    • 49ersfan1

      they did good when the refs didnt play ;0

  • CJ

    They might as well put Titus Young with the Rams since they already released him on Madden,but they need to have another update because everyone didnt get there updates before the regular season ended. Donny Moore and whoever else that does the updates did horrible this season,really been horrible period since i started playing madden. 2K fan

  • Zac

    So from having a great 4 game stretch, joe flacco has gone from game manager to like the 5th best qb in the league? right -_-
    and still no changes to things that have been asked fro from the start. No wonder many people dont play this game any more

  • pussmaster

    the fact that you made any players stats go +-2 points in a single game is mind blowing. its the superbowls motherfuckrs its one game. wtf is that garbage? did any player in the nfl not play up to their potential in the 16 weeks they were given? stfu

    • joeL

      If theres a game where they should its the super bowl. under the most pressure theyll ever experience and coming through is huge.

    • RandomGuy

      It’s because they were underrated to begin with. Flacco should be higher than a 93 but it is what it is. He didn’t throw a INT all post-season and tied for most TD’s in a single postseason. That’s pretty good. Not to mention he’s the MVP.

  • stwelch20

    Kaepernick an 89? What a joke. He runs a gimmick college offense.

    • That’s for sure! I mean some of these ratings are so bad though… I wonder what the 100th best overall player is in Madden, probably like a 96/95, the ratings get SO inflated by the end of the year it is crazy

      Madden 10 was the last time ratings were half way decent and that was before they inflated the ratings once again.

    • RandomGuy

      have you seen some of the throws he’s made? Gimmick college offense or not. He’s pretty good. Both as a runner and a thrower.

  • Asa

    Does this update apply to connect career mode?

    • geodude

      No, the one I downloaded today did not carry over to CC.

  • pat

    How did kruger not got a increase, he should be an 85 with a increase in acceleration and awareness. Boldin has been catching everyhing and is lauded for his strong hands yet his catching is only an 88. This needs to go up as well as catch in traffic. Mckinnie should be an 85 the guy has stonewalled dumervill, freeney, aldon smith.

  • Ryan

    When will the connected careers roster update come out?

    • I believe the one in mid-January was intended to be the last.

  • Uncle BOotz

    Why would EA release Titus Young and Stephen Peterman? They played all season for the Lions. This is a different calendar year and those players should be removed in NEXT years Madden.

  • king

    does ne 1 kno when tha new 2013 rosters that include trades,signings and releases come into play????

    • Well yeah, Madden 25 on August 27. This is all new league year stuff so isn’t reflected till the next game.