Press Row Podcast: Episode 12

Posted February 9th, 2013 at 10:00 am


Discussion in the latest edition of the Press Row Podcast focuses on the prospects for MLB 2K13 as release nears, the outlook for sports games on the Wii U now that third parties are already starting to abandon it, a long-awaited segment on what works for mobile sports gaming, and responding to some listener questions. It’s a full house with a panel of six on board.

Check it out through iTunes or with the embedded player at Operation Sports. Feel free to leave any feedback and suggestions on topics for future podcasts as well as the second show of the Press Row Hangout which will be next week!

  • Dalibor

    I know I’m going to sound like a broken record but you guys really need to re-format the show. Six of you this week?! It’s tough to have an actual engaging discussion on skype when there are that many of you. I really hope you guys take this criticism seriously. cut the cast. keep it at 3 or 4 not 6. Also, that Samit guy really should be left off the program. His stammer makes every section he’s involved in so much more unenjoyable.

    Again, reduce the case and keep it simple. Fine, no one can do a Skype podcast properly but there are ways to work around that setback. Lastly, maybe I didn’t hear it before but the bad mic use was really apparent this time. I know you guys aren’t using profession equipment but the smacking of lips was too frequent.

    I really want a good sports gaming podcast, but this I’m finding it difficult to recommend when there are still so many problems after a dozen episodes.

  • heeve

    Enjoyed the show. Personally I like a bigger panel cause it means more opinions or information on subjects.

    • Dalibor

      Sometime a bigger panel works but these guys never actually appear to have a meaningful conversation. It’s more like Person A talks while Richard responds, then Person B talks followed by a response by Richard. You never really have engaging conversations. Look at most TV programs that are topic-based. They keep it simple with 3 or 4 people. You rarely see large panels; even at live panel things, they tend to limit the number of people who participate or do a rotation to get multiple voices heard.

      I would like it if they had more guests, especially if they can get some people from EA, 2K or any other developer. Go talk to those guys who actually make the game and give us something more than simple editorializing that is a more speculation than hand’s on information. I’d rather just follow a developer or someone who works at EA Sports, since they’ll actually reveal stuff first.

      It’s something I never understood about the videogame indstury. In every other media (music, movies, tv, sports), it’s the people who perform or do the work that are the more recognizable. It’s the opposite in videogaming. Why is a person who writes about games more popular than the person who makes them? Fine, there are the rare cases of people like Roger Ebert or Bill Simmons, but that appears to be the norm in the video game industry. I wish we cared more about the developers of EA Sports or 2K Games than the guys who more often than not, simply re-write press releases. This isn’t just a sports genre problem but an issue that is across the medium.

      Sorry for ranting!

      • Kope

        PR controls the info and message so closely with gaming its different. If you want interesting questions answered developers are not going to do it.

        • Dalibor

          Yeah, I know but it’s something I hope can change. It’s still even a problem with Indie developers who don’t have the shackles of PR to hold them back. They also don’t get the attention that they should be getting. Or maybe I’m not looking at the right places.

  • Dalibor

    Hey Pasta (Bryan)

    Since it appears you will be hosting another G+ Hangout this week, care to talk about the recent KickStarter NCAA scam that took place?

    Operation Sports advertised about an upcoming NCAA game that former Falcon’s RB Jamal Anderson was a part of:

    But in actuality, he not only had no direct involvement nor did he know about it, most of the assets involved were stolen from others. As per DeadSpin’s report here:

    Two questions: what are your thoughts on this whole fiasco? Also, I know you run this podcast through OS, but shouldn’t they be held accountable for reporting/throwing their support to something that they didn’t properly research?

    Had a larger site like GameSpot, IGN or Polygon reported/supported this without doing some research, the Internets would have exploded and made fun of them. Should a smaller site like OS not still get flack for not properly looking into the details of a game, regardless if it was a Kickstarter project or something else?

    I’d really like to hear your thoughts, if possible about this since it’s a pretty big sports game story from the last week.

    • Was keeping up on this story (linking to the Deadspin report in the Line Drive) but yeah, might be something to discuss on the Hangout. I don’t really want to comment on the actions of another site…but it goes to show just how desperate some are that they’d be willing to throw money (or support) at an unverified project just because it would be something new.