The Show Live in MLB 13: The Show Detailed

Posted February 14th, 2013 at 4:45 pm


SCEA has released a new developer video for MLB 13: The Show this time focusing on the introduction of The Show Live. The new feature delivers the ability to play any game on the schedule for the 2013 season with feeding the proper lineups and statistics. The presentation and commentary will reflect that point in time.

The concept is not new – having been featured in the NBA Live, NBA 2K, and MLB 2K franchises – but arguably could be best suited for baseball if supported properly throughout the year. MLB 2K has not been able to do that but confidence in SCEA would be much higher in this regard. Continue on to check out the video and leave any thoughts in the comments!

  • Matt

    what the hell kind of lineup logic is that? Yuck.

    • HustlinOwl

      lol relax its a place holder

      • Except its probably not, because lineup formation has always been awful in that game. I love the game, but why people have to be such fanboys and defend every aspect of it is beyond me.

        • HustlinOwl

          once again no clue what youre talking about. Lineups for Show Live will be taken directly from and if you look one of the screen shots has two Brett Gardner’s. Again a place holder relax and stfu with the fanboy crap look at facts.

    • God LIke

      Its called place holder, you know since the season hasn’t started.

    • Ever hear of “EARLY BUILD”?? Apparently you haven’t.

  • big k

    Is me or does that dude sound high

    • jack

      They sound like they’re high or half asleep in these videos. Should get someone better to voice them.

      • Mike

        Why ? Who really cares ? The guy who voices them is the guy who is involved with designing the feature.

  • HustlinOwl

    Now just make it playable for online and “Show Live” season mode for those that want to play along real life games. in MLB 14. Believe you could not go back and play games however in 2K?

  • Keith.

    Love it!

  • Pegbrr

    All SCEA does is take features from other games. Will they innovate on the PS4? I hope so.

    • HustlinOwl

      kinda like 2k stole RTTS

    • Mike

      No, they take ideas from other games and improve them.

      • decretb

        I guess you havent played anything online (like the leagues) or Diamond Dynasty lol.

    • You just described everything, ever.

  • GKage

    blah. Have they done a video on Road to the Show yet?

  • This will have issues. I somehow highly doubt that guys that get called up to play the same day or the next would be that quickly inserted into the game for this mode. Otherwise I do kinda look forward to this as I often play these over season/dynasty modes as I just can’t invest as much time these days. Better than playing purely exhibition…

    • Amen_Ra

      Another gimmick. I never understood the appeal of a mode for playing a game I just watched on TV. Isn’t that “Play Now” ?

      • HustlinOwl

        so I can expect to see zero XP in your universal profile for “The Show Live”?

      • KentAZ

        That is exactly the scenario under which I prefer to play. I want to simulate scenarios occurring in MLB.

        This feature of up-to-the-date rosters, stats, and commentary would be even better if incorporated into Season mode.

  • Scott Trible

    An honest question, do people actually use these modes? I.E. play “Live” games? With RTTS and Franchise, I just don’t see how this isn’t an afterthought in a gamers eyes, but if I’m wrong, I’d love to hear counter-arguments.

    • The reason I used it back in NBA Live ’10 was because I wanted to have a “franchise” that had cumulative records and led to a playoff, but I wanted to play with a variety of teams instead of just one. The franchise mode did not let you play other teams’ games.

      Since The Show’s franchise mode does let you play other teams’ games, I think the real appeal would be to go back and replay a really good game you watched just because it’s fresh in your mind.

    • Keith.

      Sometimes a guy line Matt Holiday’s hitting .240 in my season and .330 in real life, and it will be a lot more fun to play a big series using the real life stats.

    • KentAZ

      Do people actually use Franchise mode? 😉 Personally, I don’t have time. Also, I want to simulate what corresponds to the actual MLB season.

      This is a step in the right direction, but I hope that the developers eventually allow for roster updates in Season mode.

  • saintpatrick33

    best video game I ever watched , oh wait its not a video game its a sim and a sham and a shame couldve been something good if it offered real hu interaction as a option .
    A riddle what do a owl , tai hooker and a hoover have in common ?

    • saintpatrick33

      They all suc

  • nike

    they need to work on patches, i installed an update on mlb12, i believe it was 1.o6 since then my eeffing game freezes, no matter what i do installed, unistalled and all that stuff…i wasted $60 on this game, i’ve been a fan and bought the game since ’06 but last year was the worst one of all, having my RTTS freezing all the time…if im lucky i would simulate some of the game then after i played one game freezes again…so i hope this year they wont have the same issue, $60 is not cheap SONY!