MLB 13: The Show Includes Braves “Screaming Indian” Batting Practice Hat

Posted February 25th, 2013 at 6:45 pm


New Era recently revealed brand new hats for every team in MLB to be used during Spring Training and batting practices throughout the 2013 season. The styles feature secondary logos and/or different color schemes than the standard gameday caps.

When the designs were originally leaked by Uni Watch controversy arose due to the use of the “Screaming Indian” for the Atlanta Braves being deemed by some as offensive. When the reveal was officially made that hat was not to be found and instead was replaced by their script “A”. The Braves claimed that the “Screaming Indian” was only one of five proposed designs and had never gotten the go-ahead but, as Uni Watch points out, that clearly wasn’t the case.

MLB 13: The Show features all the batting practice hats and for the Braves it’s the “Screaming Indian” rather than the script “A”. SCEA is obligated to follow the MLB’s official style guide in which the scrapped version of the hat appears. So while no fault lies with them it will be embarrassing for the MLB to have that hat featured in the game when a concerted effort was made to distance themselves from it. Whether SCEA chooses to remove it through an update – if they are able to do so – will be something to monitor going forward.

  • hruff

    Ha, oops! Probably will patch it out.

    Wanna bet MLB 2K13 doesnt have it. Not because they were on top of things but cause they didnt do anything new for this year anyway lol

  • Pretty sure Native Americans don’t really appreciate a logo called the “Screaming Savage” being…

    oh, never mind.

  • nov

    Plenty of people. There are websites dedicated to hats, shoes, and things like that.

    • BJ

      That’s sad actually. I buy the game for the gameplay and enjoyment of it, not hats and shoes.

  • OSFan

    Anyone noticed how laid back the OS MLB The Show forum has been without Pared? Hope he doesn’t come back or if so as not a Mod.

  • That is a rather ignorant statement, all due respect. It has nothing to do with the HAT. This will be changed, so will the Redskins team name. That’s a good thing. I am far from overly PC. I feel the U.S. is far too puritanical, however, things like these logos and names are flat-out racist and should be changed.

    • blinzy

      There is nothing wrong with the hat or the Redskins. A vast majority of American Indians support or have no feelings against team names and logos such as those. In fact, if you were to speak with Indians and ask them what they call themselves, it almost always translates into red skin or red people. Also, the only Indians rallying against these things are those in Washington, those that don’t have to deal with the hardships of the reservations. They do not care about their people, but only for publicity. Many Indian tribes have supported the Marshall family in fighting against the change. In closing, people such as yourself need to cut the crap with this white guilt, and look in the mirror.

      • Eric

        Normally, I avoid this stuff and hate how overly sensitive our society seems to be about everything. But the Redskins name needs to change. Because the term redskin has nothing to do with skin color. Back in the day when frontiersmen were trading pelts like squirrel skins, beaver skins, etc., the term redskin was used as a nice, concise way of describing an American Indian’s scalp when you took it to trade it for something else. So yeah, that one’s pretty racist and needs to be done away with.

    • BJ

      Dan Snyder has already said that the Redskins name WILL NOT be changed so where are you getting your info from? I think people are way too sensitive these days. It’s a SPORTS TEAM LOGO! Get over it!

  • Well it is still technically a throwback isn’t it? Can’t it just be included as one of the throwback uniform options then?

  • truth

    yeah people who enjoy a thing called quality. just saying/