First Look at MLB 13: The Show Gameplay

Posted February 27th, 2013 at 2:30 pm


The first gameplay video for MLB 13: The Show has arrived and again it comes courtesy of CJohnson403 on Twitter. It features a NLDS game with the Braves at Nationals in Postseason mode. Though the footage is off-screen it is pretty good quality but keep in mind the audio enhancements, key to the Postseason mode, may be more difficult to discern. The special presentation though is on full display. Continue on for the video and leave any thoughts in the comments! 

  • I wish whoever had this going was actually controlling one of the teams so I could see if the batting is still just as horrible as last year or if they fixed it.

    • maybe you just sucked? my only complaint is that its brutally hard so it takes practice. you want easier hitting 2k13 may be perfect for you

      • jr2B

        Theres a difference between being hard and being unfair. Thats why SCEA opened up the timing windows this year. Too many times youd get perfect timing and placement and it would be a weak out.

        • i still had a average of around 10-12 hits a game….which is actually around the league average.

  • Love the playoff intensity!!

  • Win1fortheGipper

    They really need to work on haircuts if there going to have players take off there caps..Hudson’s head looks like a bowling ball.

  • crish

    Weakass commentary still. Probably why they dont want people playing the demo or seeing gameplay vids

    • Sports games don’t include commentary in their demos.

      • Many do…2K strips theirs out but not only does EA keep the commentary in, so has SCEA in the past. The MLB 11: The Show demo, the only one they’ve put out in the last 4 years now, had commentary.

      • Amen_Ra

        This is not a demo

  • Dalibor

    Is there a law against buying capture units? Pretty certain most cost less than 200 dollars.

    • Most people I would think would find it hard to justify spending that money unless they have reason to be creating videos regularly. Especially with the functionality essentially being built into the PS4 makes less sense to buy one right now.

  • dave travis

    Wow, it’s official, 2K please step a little to you right, you have presentation company.

  • Cory Pittenger

    Commentary is still pretty plain, but after a while, I usually listen to music while I play.

    • Detlev

      The fact that he didn’t show any emotion for a home run in the playoffs, even if he’s a “neutral” commentator is pretty pathetic.

  • Sox man

    Strasburg pitching in the playoffs…so unrealistic!!!!

  • clubguru


  • Molitor

    Should have added a “sleeve patch” to the uniforms of the playoff teams, and I think the MLB also adds logo to hat these days as well…

  • love the presentation but the commentary sucks

  • centrie

    The made it out to be like playoff mode would be remarkable and really its barely different then the regular season games. commentary especially is really poor, where is the emotion for a bit playoff homerun?

  • I miss MVP 2005

  • Sad Yankees Fan

    Think I’ll hold out till the PS4 drops a bomb of a baseball game. Nothing against The Show, but spending the money on this game when the new system comes out in 5-6 months doesn’t feel right. I’m a fan of The Show but I honestly wasn’t blown away the way I thought I was going to be. Presentation was cool, seeing and hearing the player announcements and the National Anthem would have been awesome. Still don’t get why they got the Nike sponsor for undershirts and not cleats and batting gloves, that boggles my mind. Having sponsored accessories would have shot this game through the roof when it came to realism.

  • Sox fan

    Pathetic commentary…they need to can that guy already.

    • I agree. It was nice for The Show 07 and 07 when they were like “real life Padres radio announcer” but this is a visual presentation, I think radio announcers are weak most of the time. I really like the Rockies TV announcers from ROOT Sports Rocky Mountain, maybe contracting them would step it up a little.

  • pierce4757

    May just take off my pre order……wasn’t amazing as I thought it was. They said there was going to be the national anthem. I didn’t hear anything and the new consoles are coming out in 5-6 months I might just wait.

  • Mike

    Ok people need to understand that if they make this game perfect then there would be no reason to make a game the following year. They do this on purpose so you buy the game next year. I mean are people that stupid. The commentary sucks once again but if they made it better then there wouldnt really need to be an improvement for next years game. Also why do they continue to not announce player line up names..Ugh This looks like MLB 11, and 12. I wont buy this year

  • Nah

    He’s not connected, he just lucked out. Follow the threads at OS before you make uneducated guesses. My copy is arriving tomorrow supposedly…

  • He isn’t connected to the media…jeez, why you being so hard on this guy? If you had read his twitter, he just happened to get his hands on the game early…he’s not press/media or anything…he’s just a guy doing something NICE for someone like you…obviously you enjoyed the having this posted because not only did you watch it, but you felt the need to comment as well….give the guy a break.

  • HustlinOwl

    thats it Im sending back my early release copy after watching CPU vs CPU, via cell
    phone video, in a man cave and in 1080P this has ruined MLB 13 for me.

  • saintpatrick33

    The only reason I was gonna purchase MLB THE SHAM 13 was because of Post Season Mode and after seeing this I gotta say other than a few overlays and cut scenes and non existent commentary Im gonna pass on nothing more than a roster update with a few visual tweaks …

  • saintpatrick33

    This has gotta be why no demo or gameplay videos ??? What a waste , you say show I say Sham

  • saintpatrick33

    rough GONNA SAVE MY $$$ on MLB THE SHAM 12.5 this year !

  • saintpatrick33

    Wow they really mailed this one in before the PS4 drops . I know they said all they did but just because you put something on a list doesnt really show how much that was actually done and Post Season Mode Proves it . Thanks for the updates Pasta as Im passing on this rehash Stinky and I hope others will to so SCEA learns not to do this again !!!