Improvements Made to Road to the Show Mode in MLB 13: The Show

Posted February 28th, 2013 at 12:45 pm


SCEA has released another in the line of developer video blogs on features for MLB 13: The Show this time focusing on changes made to Road to the Show mode. This year the experience has been altered to try and develop a greater sense of being on the field in terms of presentation, audio, and cameras. Continue on to check out the video which spotlights the improvements and leave any thoughts in the comments! 

  • Keith.

    Absolutely LOVE the new cameras. I’ve never been a big RTTS guy before but I’ll definitely give it a chance this year. Could be my go to mode on the Vita.

  • Some cool improvements, but I hope he means it when he says “there’s more”. I love RTTS but not much has changed in awhile. Hopefully they’ve got something else

    • SENZ

      There won’t be. When they say “there’s more” it almost always means, “that’s it”

      All those improvements to RTTS mode sound great, but if the absolutely horrid advancement system is still the same, then I’ll never touch the mode.

      The Show devs have been coasting with this game for FAR too long. Same commentary for 7 years. Ridiculous.

  • 4sak

    I remember when Madden and others tried to make the “on field experience” for careers and everyone thought it was dry and boring. Wonder if that’ll be true here too.

  • Nicolas Hu

    Since PS4 is right around the corner, I’m gonna have to be convinced that they’ve done enough to improve this game. The commentary is old and lacks any kinda creativity, the graphics (especially catchers) are still from years ago. Some animation sequences still take too long to develop and lack general urgency. I’ll gonna wait a bit and then buy it if the improvements are worthy.

  • The new cameras look alright. I’d love for them to incorporate some of the career mode features that NBA 2k12 had. Interviews, chemistry with teammates etc…

    I am looking forward to this. And i can’t wait for The Show on the PS4

  • Scott Trible

    The “Look at basecoach” and “Find ball” options are huge. I always hated that about previous RTTS baserunning.

    Don’t think I like the ball trail or halo options though.

  • I’ll be interested to see how this plays out on the field. They needed to change something in the mode as it was getting a “Been there done that” feel to it. Also I’m glad to see they took the “compass” baserunning thing away like he said. I had too many times where i’d get stuck in between bases because of the dynamic camera. Heck just letting me finally choose a swing animation and add a 2H follow through is worth it to me. I’ve been wanting that for years!

  • baseball maniac

    Players are promoted to easily and traded way too often. I would like for it to be a little easier to improve the player and have complete control over what skills you want them to start out with as long as they are reasonable.