More MLB 13: The Show Gameplay Videos

Posted March 1st, 2013 at 11:15 am


Earlier this week the first opportunity to see MLB 13: The Show in action slipped out. Reaction was mostly positive except as it relates to the commentary as the faults stood out even more against the backdrop of the Playoffs where the magnitude of each event is dramatically increased. Now additional videos are available to watch and evaluate with segments of gameplay featuring the White Sox at Cubs, Royals at Phillies, Angels at Tigers, and Angels at Nationals. Continue on to check them out and leave any further observations in the comments!

  • urt89

    Any idea whats going on with this? Could be really bad.

  • deftry

    funny how they make up a fancy name for their presentation (trubroadcast presentations 2.0) and theres hardly anything different from last year. plus the commentary is still bad, its about the only thing mlb 2k does better and its way better with that.

    • dave travis

      It actually sounds worst than last year, they at least filled in gaps talking about the pitcher in 12

    • Amen_Ra

      LOL, yeah this game is over rated but it’s still a solid 8.

      • gameplay wise its about a 9….presentation wise i say about a 8…id give the game as a whole a solid 8.5. commentary isnt the best(probably a 7) but its a visual masterpiece . the lighting and shading effects are superb.

    • Keith.

      Dude, you do realize these videos are set on Fast Play, don’t you? The TruBroadcast stuff shines on the slow setting, not for guys who use Fast Play who like to play a whole game of baseball in 15 minutes (which I’ll never understand). If you want to see all the greatness of TruBroadcast, you’re going to have watch some different videos.

      • do you need the slow setting or will normal suffice? im not one of those complaining because i love the show im just wondering

        • Keith.

          Last year I played on Slow and between each pitch was like watching a real TV broadcast, which I loved. Can’t speak to Normal speed, since I didn’t play it, but I know the TruBroadcast stuff is cut from Fast Play, which is why these videos look this way.

          • Cody Griffith

            Hate to break it to you but they arent set to fast play. CozyBean on Operation Sports who was one of the first to post a video didnt change any settings other than difficulty.

  • oreo 10

    looks and sounds the same to me.

  • saintpatrick33

    Very choppy screens and alot of stuttering so im just wondering regardless of SCEA BS list if they just mailed in MLB the Shame 12.5 knowing the PS4 is coming soon ?

  • i wanted to get this game but the broadcast is just terrible and bores the heck out of me quickly. its pathetic that its 2013 and the commentary is brutal

  • Pshhh, what a dick tease!

    Damn man, this definitely did not tempt me in any way to go out and get this game. Disappointed, it seems so stale. No WOW factor what so ever!

  • mikemck09

    First time in a LOOONG time, I didn’t even get through any of the videos. Friggin’ let down IMO, no way this is a must buy. I could go without a Baseball title and wait for next year’s PS4/XBOX 720 releases. Its completely recycled, I don’t care who says that the game is solid blah blah blah, this company makes millions of dollars a year so there is no reason we should get a game that has more recycled product than anything else. Damn, whats going on with these companies… I don’t care what sports title it is, competition brings out the best of companies. As we all can see 2K is down the bowl already so they just threw out the toilet paper, and SCEA has the PS3 crowd bowing down at their feet for a baseball title. I never thought I would see MLB The Show slowly take a dip in the Madden pool but shit, its surely starting to look like it. Enough with these damn License issues. PES and FIFA are a perfect example, the competition is bringing out the best in both companies. You get better, more improved games year after year because if they slack, the other company will have a step up. Whereas when there is no competition, there is no urgency for maximum effort. Bullshit!!!!

    • Bayman

      Way to compare games at completely different ends of the sales spectrum, not ignorant at all. The Show has great improvement every year considering the amount of potential sales. I’ll tell you a secret, if you ever expect The Show or any baseball game to have the budget of FIFA, you will always be disappointed.

  • it kinda pisses me off how many ppl complain about the presentation…”oh look theres an amazing game with awesome graphics and bad ass realism, oh wait I cant play it cuz the men talking are not good enough, guess I could play some music while I listen to the game but I wont. MLB 13 the show sucks” …. your loss ppl

  • buckeyeboi

    That Royals-Phillies game was actually fun to watch.

  • nfl give sony a chance to fix the nfl game dont give no second chances

  • Mike

    Same game as last year. No buy for me