NCAA Football 14 Cover Vote Appears to be Plagued By Rampant Cheating; EA Sports Now Investigating

Posted March 8th, 2013 at 7:45 am


For those who have followed the ongoing cover campaign for NCAA Football 14 since it began in mid-December or at any point since then, it has ranged from acting as a mild distraction to being a major annoyance. EA Sports has incessantly pushed it through social media while making huge mistakes along the way by settling on Facebook polls as the method of collection, which was not the way it was originally explained and instead deciding to add even more polls mid-round, along with changing end dates for rounds arbitrarily and expecting fans to vote so many times that fatigue set in and indifference won out. 

That indifference though doesn’t apply to fans of the schools still involved who have a vested interest in winning the competition for “their guys”. So much so that they’re resorting to creating fake profiles and (quicker and more effective) fake fan pages to vote from. A thread on a Texas A&M forum, which has since either been deleted or set private to members only, discussed ways to go about it. Many individuals posting to the NCAA Facebook page have also been pointing out fake profiles that have cast votes and criticized the process for allowing it to happen.

Realistically these tactics have probably been utilized by both sides but regardless it wrecks any credibility of the final result. Denard Robinson had led from the start and appeared to be comfortably ahead as the final day of voting arrived only to have Ryan Swope suspiciously close a 7K vote gap within a few hour period and take the lead. Currently its a dead heat with Robinson up by a measly few hundred votes.

The question now is whether EA ignores the cheating that has taken place or if they approach Facebook about verifying the results by stripping out profiles generated just to place a vote. The likelihood is they announce one as the winner and move on hoping no one cares while they benefit from all the increased activity seen in their Facebook page analytics.

(Update) EA Sports has issued a statement, which to their credit means they’re actively pursuing a solution to the problem, and hopefully will restore legitimacy for the eventual winner.

  • Marty So it’s ok when Michigan does it, right? So Aggies figure out how Michigan is getting so many votes, copies what they are doing, and then the Aggies are the bad guys. Gotcha

    • Not labeling one side or the other worse. Like I said both have probably taken part in it, just have to determine which side did more. A&M stood out because their late push changed the lead when there should have been no discernible wave of change at this point.

    • Martyhater

      The entire rest of the world knows that Michigan has one of the largest alumni bases in the world, far greater that A&M’s. The notion that Michigan would have had to cheat to get a large lead wouldn’t occur to anyone outside of an A&M Apologist, bent on minimizing A&M’s dishonesty.
      Nice try, Marty, but you’re only fooling yourself with your baseless fingerpointing and fabulist claims.
      A&M is obviously the culprit here. Their cheating and bragging about it isn’t really in question.

      • Plus Michigan was at or near the very top in every round. A&M did not show such strength until the semifinals.

  • Chiryder

    EA can’t do anything right.

  • I understand that. I’d prefer not to bother with this, but as long as its not displacing real news…

  • True. Though EA decided to do Facebook polls which encourage the cheating by showing the real time numbers.

    Ultimately if they’re going to run a 3 month long cover vote they damn well better crown the guy who got the most real votes.

  • PastaPadreBlog=Garbage

    pasta padre won’t update the article to include facts or links about michigans cheating, only a brief comment mentioning that we must assume it’s done on Michigans side as well.

    but hey, just like EA and their lack of credibility in the whole process, you’re just trolling folks to get page view for your lousy blog- congrats.

    • Texas A&M fans seem to be ultra-sensitive. Point is both sides cheated, Michigan’s was less obvious because they had been at the top of every round. A&M wasn’t there until the last round and then the suspicious push at the end.

      If I was just looking for page views one of the last things I’d write about is a stupid cover vote. But it’s important, after dragging people through 3 months of this crap, for the winner actually to be the guy who got the most votes.

      • Pokes1

        Trust me, I saw plenty from the A&M fans during their time in the Big 12, and let’s just say they have an interesting faction of their fan base. Met plenty of great Aggie fans during that time, but also ran into a good number of people who seemed more like cult followers than college football fans. Even the tiniest slight against their program was treated like I’d just insulted their mother. I know every program has these people but A&M seemed to have more than their fair share. Maybe I just had the misfortune of running into more bad fans than there really are though.

        Bottom line is, who really cares about any of this? I say put both of them on the cover and then promote “All-New Dual Threat QB Animations” and “New Inside Receiver Routes” as two of your new features so it looks like you meant to do it all along. Problem solved.

        *And just note Pasta, the “who cares” comment wasn’t directed at you. I know you’re just covering what’s going on. I’m just wondering why EA is even bothering with “investigations.” Pick someone and let’s move on.

  • Just a guy

    Here’s a fix: Put one on the cover of the 360 and one on the cover of the PS3. Nobody is mad and nobody cares.

    • theMuffinman

      want a muffin?

  • AmazinsCowboys

    I’m sure there was cheating on both sides, but honestly EA, who would you rather have on the cover, Denard Robinson or Ryan Swope? No offense to A&M fans but I had no idea Ryan Swope even existed until he made it to the quarterfinals of the cover vote.

  • People don’t have to create profiles…you can vote over and over and over…eventually you get a warning that says you are voting too fast and you have to fill in one of those verify you are human things.

  • Skihawks

    A lot of work and time wasted on the most meaningless aspect of sports video games.

  • Skihawks

    Easiest solution – Put Bill Walsh back on the cover.

  • Skihawks

    How about multiple covers ala NBA 2K12?

  • They would investigate this. How about investigating what hamburgular does all day? Game has been the same since he started. Investigate the suckage.

  • SEC

    Both Schools Are Doing It…This has also happened in the past. Michigan is guilty and A&M is apparently guilty.