First Details on NBA Live 14 Career Mode

Posted August 21st, 2013 at 2:30 pm


EA Sports today announced “Rising Star” which will act as the career mode in the upcoming NBA Live 14. Rising Star will begin in the EA Sports Draft Showcase powered by Under Armour where draft potential will be determined. The mode allows for up to 25 years in the league with progression from being a bench player to an All-Star.

Features previously announced include the next-gen EA Sports Ignite engine, a new dribbling system called “bounceTEK”, the inclusion of legends, and roster updates within an hour after every game ends. NBA Live 14 will be available will the launch of the PlayStation 4 (November 15) and Xbox One (unspecified November date).

  • Brinden McGowan

    sounds good. cant wait to see some 5-on-5 action

    • Jackson

      IpodKingCarter has a gameplay video up now

      • Jr

        Pretty sure he was talking about Live but just by looking at that video, 2k14 looks and actually plays exactly the same as last year’s lmao. Yet people bash the other brand. Gtfo

        • Guest

          Well put it this way. One plays great every year, the other playsnot so great.

          • Jr

            Actually live 10 was pretty good. Don’t know what happened with the 2 after that. As far as playing great, can’t agree that 2k is great. I give them their props. They have had the graphics edge from day 1. As far as gameplay there are several things that can be improved. I’m not knocking them like some other person does EA but all I’m saying is the game isn’t as perfect as folks make it out to be.

        • sdot

          LMAO u tryna compare a cyrrent gen gm (what’s being shown n da vid) 2 a Nex Gen of course the Current Gen version is gonna look da same as dey want every1 2 get the Nex Gen version & 2 Better Emphasize the Difference between 2 gms wen u get it 4 PS4

          • Jr

            Um actually I’m not comparing current gen to next gen. Please point out where I made such a comparison. I will gladly wait

      • Skopin

        That’s NBA 2k14.

      • Brinden McGowan

        this video is for 2k14… this article is for nba live. good effort though

  • Henry

    From everything I’ve seen and heard, live may make a solid comeback. Never understood why these franchise modes last so many years. Does anyone ever actually play past 5 years lol

    • Casor_Greener

      I do

      • Henry

        Do you start one franchise and just as on out or do you simply through

        • Phil

          yeah, after 3 years it feels too fake to keep playing, so he must be simming after that

  • Henry

    Lol wow thanks for the unwarranted downgrades. My feelings are hurt now

  • Dylan Williams

    I’ll give it a chance. I’ll own both NBA games to test for myself which is better. Well, actually if NBA Live has a chance in the future, cuz we all know NBA2K is amazing.

    • MoneyMayweather

      I been playing NBA 2k since Dreamcast, and I also played a lot of NBA live. So I don’t understand the dick riding 2k gets. I love both games equally and understand both games flaws and don’t pick sides I’m a huge sports gamer the more the better as I see it. All this live suck hate is comedic to me. NBA live vs NBA 2k one mo gin this winter? I Hope so but I won’t even think of purchasing a next gen console until NBA live is on shelves I’m skeptical it will even get released after the last two live cancellations.

  • SJ13_BILLS

    Hey 2 NBA games on the market! What a concept? Maybe that Jackass Roger Goodell will see it could work for football as well?

  • Greg

    Seems like both companies are hesitant to release some gameplay videos. I mean, 2K released these Euro-league vids but we need to see some NBA teams in action with full quarters so we can get a good feel for the game. It is called NBA 2K14 right? Live hasn’t released any real gameplay yet either and both games drop in 5 weeks. If they don’t start showing some gameplay soon I may just pass on both.

    • Keith.

      The only downside to competition, no one wants to show their hand too early so that the other side gets a head start in copying for next year.

    • Skopin

      Nba Live doesn’t release until mid November.

    • Phil

      I was kind of interested in seeing the euroleague since I didnt know if if 2k was going to take it serious and it looks like they did so that is good, hopefully they worked on the association mode now

  • Just Blaze!

    im just glad theres competition.

    Take Two’s gonna make money anyways with GTA5