Microsoft Announces Xbox One Release Date

Posted September 4th, 2013 at 10:15 am


Microsoft today revealed the release date for the Xbox One as November 22. That will bring it to market one week after the PS4.

While landing a week later wouldn’t seem to harm the One’s chances competing against the PS4 long term it does mean Sony has one distinct initial advantage. Considering “day one” console supply is pretty much all accounted for it won’t alter sales there. However it just might lead those who are getting both consoles to start with buying third party games on the PS4 and that could carry over beyond just this holiday season.

Where an attempt has been made to sway those on the fence has been with the upgrade deals on games that release on the Xbox 360 first. Gamestop is doing one for select games and Amazon’s includes even more. Microsoft is hoping the $50 being offered towards games consumers already owned on the 360 will give more reason to either buy a One over the PS4 or wait that extra week to get them if picking up both consoles.

  • Burger

    I wont be buying it until sometime next year. I only play Madden and NBA 2k12

  • hellno

    Coming out a week later, forcing $100 more cause of shitty Kinect, $10 more for Live than PS Plus, lame NFL stuff no one wants, and no baseball game in sight. Good luck with that.

    • Kenneth Garmon

      I want the NFL stuff, but I guess i’m nobody

      • hellno

        You actually care about having fantasy football on your console when you can just do it on your computer or phone? There’s nothing else special about it.

        • gunner

          I guess the argument could be made, “why buy a smartphone when you can get all your fantasy info on your desktop/laptop.” To me having it on the tv is a better alternative than on my phone, I can keep my eyes on the game. Just like viewing on a tablet/smartphone is better than a laptop/desktop.

        • kenmid

          I care, Just like to the bottom ticker showing the scores that the network have, it will just as nice for my fantasy players popping up on the side showing up to minute stats.

    • MoneyMayweather

      Live is the same price now that it will be on xbox one nice try

      • Nov232

        XBL = $60
        PS+ = $50

        • MoneyMayweather

          your point? xbox live gold is 60 dollars now .

  • justdoit

    I’m getting both…once I have them…if the Sony Network can compare to what the 360 online experience gives today…then i may sell my Xbox One…but if the online is as shitty as it is today…I’ll be selling the PS4 and keeping the One.

    Live is currently 100x better than the PS Network. I play 99% of my sports games online and Sony’s system sucks for that.

    I really could care less about the NFL offerings for the Xbox One…I have the Sunday ticket and have for over 10 years. I do like the capabilities of the Kinect and my kids love playing dance central and other kinect games with their friends. I think its worth the extra few bucks. For some this may not be the case…and they can do as they please if they don’t want the xbox. But I will stand by xbox live service…its well worth the extra $10 a year over the PS network. Hit google and look up something like why is my playstation so slow…and you will see all the evidence you need to prove my point.

    I’m more interested to see if Live adds a feature to game against people in different age groups or something to that effect…I don’t want to waste time with kids who pull the cable out when losing or idiots who pause a game and leave it for hours. I think that would be a huge selling point for many adult gamers.

    • Keith.

      Not sure why PSN gets such a bad rap, other than it seemed to get off on the wrong foot and then the bad rep just stuck. Personally, I’ve never had any problems whatsoever playing online, downloading demos, watching movies, etc., all using the free version of PSN. Meanwhile, I’ve got an extra $300 in my pocket from not having to pay $50/year for basically the exact same services on Live.

      • Tazdevil20

        Have you tried Live Keith? It’s much better than PSN by a mile. I think both consoles are great, and I don’t particular favor one over the other, but Live is an excellent service. I’ve heard a lot of friends complain about the quality of PSN.

        • Keith.

          Haven’t tried Live, and I take your word that it’s an excellent service. For what I need out of online, however, PSN has more than done the job (for free).

      • TruthHurts

        I agree. I have both consoles currently and never had an issue with PS4 other than it’s “ease” of being social outside of games. Since I don’t do much communicating through my console other than gaming, I don’t mind that. Been an Xbox user since Day one then a 360 user since day one. Bought 3 360’s because of RROD. This time around I’m going PS4 all day. I bought a PS3 late in cycle and have rarely turned my 360 on since. PS3 integrates so well with the rest of my Sony A/V equipment.

  • Rick

    Its a good move by MS, they need the EU market. Sony has has a strangle hold on Europe and Asia for many years now. The only way for MS to get anything moving is to do this and try and move some PS customers their way with an earlier launch. I’m sure they have all of the pre-order numbers and must be very concerned over the fact that EU and Asia aren’t feeling there system at all. Its the only explanation i have over this decision… Its an intersting move though, remember MS made its roots in its US base.. wonder how high of a pre-order number they have here and if its as high as Sony’s.. if it is high , which i spouse is more than the 360 pre-orders then they must feel here in the US it will be a dead head to head race or a stalemate with Sony…

    • HV

      And the Xbox One will launch in 13 countries. PS4 will be in 32, with Japan probably being added at TGS later this month. The bigger markets are covered by both, but I think this will still make a significant difference in the first quarter global sales.

    • riccck

      i was turned off by MS and still am. RROD got me 3 times,. and i was a day one adopter. add their antics when they first announced the xb1 and u have a very un-happy ccamper.

      I also was huge with online gaming but all of theyoung kids killed my fun on 360. making the switch to ps3 was great, and has been.

      with the above being siad i will get an XB1 just not until HALO5, I love allof sonys first and second party titles and those dev teams really make owning sonys game systems special. While XB’s first party & 2nd arent as great..

  • Live Rules

    Give me a break already. Everyone who is getting a next gen console has made up their mind as to which one, a long time ago. The release date is irrelevant at this point. I knew I was getting a PS4 before there was a PS4 announcement. I wouldn’t get an XBONE if they were giving it away for free.