Patch for Madden NFL 25 Still Yet to Arrive

Posted October 21st, 2013 at 10:00 am


It’s now past mid-October and EA Sports has yet to release a patch for Madden NFL 25. This is a significant milestone because of when patches have historically been released for Madden. NHL 14 has received a big patch and that game released two weeks after Madden while FIFA 14 already has two despite releasing in late September. 

Madden NFL 13 patches (8/28 release date): 9/11, 10/16, 11/28
Madden NFL 12 patches (8/30 release date): 10/18
Madden NFL 11 patches (8/10 release date): 9/7, 9/23, 10/28, 12/10
Madden NFL 10 patches (8/14 release date): 9/24, 12/10

Despite many justifiably questioning whether a patch will even come – the company has so far refused to comment on general plans or current status related to one – various comments have implied a patch is in the works without stating so explicitly. The target release frame for the main comprehensive patch the last several years has been about six to seven weeks out. It’s now trailing behind that as eight weeks have passed. Should another week go by with nothing then it’ll be time to start wondering otherwise and turn up the heat on the company for appearing to have abandoned the product.

Concern over how much support EA Sports would provide for their current-gen products in particular Madden has been warranted. Communication from the company has been poor and their focus has clearly shifted to moving as many units of next-gen as possible with development resources shifted there as well. The same could be said for 2K Sports who have failed to deliver the level of support post-release that consumers expect the last few years and now with the next-gen distraction may show even less care to the current-gen NBA 2K14.

  • CJ

    If they won’t support the product we already purchased, why would we buy something else? This killed any interest I had in next-gen M25.

  • Stanimal032

    They have your money, they’re working on next gen. They aren’t going to give continued support for this game.

    NCAA, in the myriad of issues they had to correct, chose to correct grey facemasks rather than gameplay issues. But hey, at least we can buy new gloves for $0.99, right?

    EA has shown where their priorities are. Standing by their product isn’t one of them. There’s a reason why they’re voted the worst company in America.

    Want your voice heard? Hit them where it hurts…their bank account. 🙂

    • Iown You

      You’re right, but their thinking on this one only hurts them right now. Madden 25 for Next Gen is going to bomb badly. For the next 2 years AT LEAST the 360/PS3 versions of Madden are going to sell higher. Sure, they may think that by not releasing a patch it might hasten people to buy the next gen Madden, but I see a domino effect coming where screwing your biggest install base will yield lower sales with that base, and also turn that base off to moving over to the next gen Madden which again lowers sales for that new base they’re trying to build.

      Just when I thought EA/Tiburon couldn’t be any stupider, they pull one more blunder out of their asses.

  • chex_mix

    Literally, the ONLY reason I bought Madden this year (after buying it last year for the first time in about 5 years) was to get the NFL Sunday Ticket code from the Anniversary edition of the game. I have played the game only 3 or 4 times, thought “meh” and put it away. The lack of support by EA just shows that I, apparently, should care even less about the game than I already do. I doubt I will be purchasing another Madden in the near future even if I do get a next gen console.

  • warrave

    Sad I fell rip off and the running games is so easy the hitch route works every time in man to man

  • Keith.

    About fell outta my chair this morning when I read this new quote given to the NY Times by Frank Gibeau, 2nd in command beneath Andrew Wilson at EA, in talking about Battlefield 4 — same could be said about their attitude towards us Tiburon complainers the past 10 years:

    “Q: When I looked around to see what fans were saying about the next Battlefield, I never heard so much carping and criticism in my life.

    “A. It’s like with sailors on a ship. You know you have a problem if they’re not griping.”

    Good luck getting anything meaningful out of a M25 patch.

    Do expect to see EA three-peat as Worst Company in America next April.

  • jr

    Smh. This isn’t good news at all. There are a few needed tweaks to improve game play. Sliders don’t fix everything

  • PSNHitman17

    Thank you pasta, i feel the same

  • Keith.

    And I just can’t leave out this money quote from Clint Oldenburg on Twitter, back on 10/14:

    14 Oct
    Food for thought: if you’re getting constant criticism, it’s only because you’re doing something tight enough to be criticized…”

    Wonder what color the sky is in this world these guys are living in.

  • sjj2xs

    see, that is really sad if this is true, pushing out a last product out to loyal customers just toget cash to set up next gen products, then not stand behind it. nor communicate with customers whether they will or wont fix with patches. is just bad business. especially when they are shoving the next gen products down your throat with marketing of it. focus on what you have in front of you and take care of your loyal customer base, cuz if you dont, your customers wont be there to support you.

  • Huh?

    Why am I not surprised?

  • SlickLiving

    can we get one update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just ONE be for the ps4 or xb1 is out

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    I know I’ve tried to defend those Next Gen videos, but this one I have to agree with you on. And whats weird is FIFA 14 has 2 patches already? and they are coming to Next Gen in November as well so it looks like we cant blame EA as a whole, but strictly the Madden people. Even though it wouldnt have fixed everything, it would’ve been nice to see what little tweaks in a patch they would give us. Sad just sad.

  • mcjedi1

    Even if they patch M25 b4 next gen, it’s still off my radar. I won’t make the same mistake I made with NFL2k5 ….I got ride of my XBox thinking next gen Madden would be better. For me, the best Madden was M13 because of the passing game, being able to throw to spot was great, this year you can’t lead your WR or make a clean back shoulder throw. And lets not talk about “Ball Hawk” that feature is a joke, I’ve pick off more passes using the “L1” trigger, because the designated button will stop the defender in his tracks. So after the PS4 release I’ll get another PS3 when the price drops

  • clubsteve

    are they waiting for a patch by popular demand?????? smh…….

  • Chuck

    The ‘patch’ is to sell us a new $60 game with a new $400 – $500 console. yeah sounds like a great deal….

  • Biased?

    Any word on a patch for Nba 2k13 for PC? I’ve been waiting on that for over a year.