First EA Sports UFC In-Game Screenshots

Posted December 12th, 2013 at 5:00 pm


With a planned roster reveal expected to stretch over a period of months not days or weeks, EA Sports today released the first official screenshots for the Xbox One and PS4 UFC game due out this spring by featuring cover athlete Jon Jones. The fighter joining him on the cover, either Georges St-Pierre or Alexander Gustafsson, who will have won the position through a fan vote will be announced tomorrow and likely will be accompanied by more screens. Click the images to view them full size and leave any thoughts in the comments!


  • Jackson

    I won’t buy this game because I have no interest in UFC but those screenshots look amazing!

    • Iown You

      The thing with EA games, we always have to remember is: it always looks good in stills, but always fails in motion.

      • Casor_Greener

        Exactly. I can’t believe people still fall for screenshots in 2013

      • BasedAsian

        I think their fighting games is an exception. The fight night series was a lot of fun and very well made. The last game EA MMA was a whole lot smoother than UFC:Undisputed.

      • Iown You

        I love how people are thumbing my post down as if I’m telling a lie, lol. Look at Madden and NBA Live: Great in stills, garbage in motion. You know it’s true.

        End of story.

        • Heyo

          Fifa? NHL? You just happened to ignore those, huh?

  • kenmid

    wow, Stunning

  • jake

    Oh wow that looks amazing. This game is going to be the first real next-gen sports game.

  • B Reese

    Where are these player models in Madden or Live? Lol if they could borrow assets and get Madden and Live looking 1/2 as good as this they’d be making big progress!

    • Khaleel Ward

      Well it is a lot easier to detail 2 ppl fighting then 5 on 5.

  • TMack1986

    EA, plz plz plz plz don’t screw this up. The screenshots look great, but plz try your hardest to make this game successful and great.

    Oh heck, they’ll find a way to screw it up smh

  • clintbeastwoods

    EA will ruin this game just like they ruin everything else that they touch! It is a shame that thq had to relinquish a great game to the worst company in America!

    • Robert

      THQ’s game was about as arcade as you can get while EA MMA focused on realism and stamina which in the real grappling and striking world mean everything!

  • B-Dog

    I don’t care how good the graphics look I GUARANTEE you the gameplay will SUCK ASS because Brian “Brizzo” Hayes is the gameplay developer for this game, the same guy that fucked up the Fight Night games. He doesn’t believe in making the games SIM & REALISTIC and instead adds to many ARCADE elements in the games. There will be no signature styles, ringwalks, none of that. All the UFC fighters will basically do the same thing and share the same 6 lame animations or so, just watch what I tell you. Hayes was CRUCIFIED on the FN Forums and then ran off the forums cause his little feelings got hurt! LOL! What a bitch!

    • Endzone 16

      Yo, you are so right! That Brizzo dude is a joke! He didn’t know shit about boxing yet he was the gameplay developer on Fight Night! He called Marvin Hagler a “Philly” fighter when any boxing fan worth a grain of salt knows that Hagler is from Brockton, Mass like Rocky Marciano. He claimed Joe Frazier was his favorite fighter yet got his style all wrong in the game. He had British HW David Haye in the studio doing motion-cap work and STILL fucked up his style and had him doing the Philly-shell style in the game when Haye NEVER fought in that style! Brian Hayes is a fuckin arcade head and will never put the realism in any sports games that he develops. Now sit back and watch him fuck this UFC game up. Sexy graphics don’t mean shit if the fighters don’t fight like they do in real life.

      • B-Dog

        Yeah man how they gonna come out with a boxing game and don’t even put a REFEREE in it? No ref in in the Fight Night 2004 then they put one in Fight Night Champion and render him useless! They also had very short ring walks that didn’t even show the fighters entering the ring! I mean, it was such a joke! I bet this UFC game will be the same way. I asked Brizzo why the ring walks were so short, and why the fighters didn’t have true signature styles, and he couldn’t even give me a straight answer! Then he had George Foreman and Lennox Lewis with bolo punches in the first Fight Night! LOL! Those guys NEVER did any bolo punches! If he had done his homework on the fighters he would have known that. He’s a fuckin clown!

      • B-Dog

        Just look at WWE 2K14. THAT’S done the right way!

  • Chris Walker

    Love the ufc but cant trust ea after nba live 14 that was the last straw for …all I can think about is that pic of kyrie ivering that was supposed to be the retouched final version that looks nothing like what we got

  • eyeamsam206

    Like most EA titles I bet this game will lack signature style/moves/movement..

  • Thrizy

    The generic shorts really throw it off for me. MMA is a sport run by sponsors and to see just a simple UFC logo doesn’t make the game seem authentic. It would be like NASCAR with just numbers and no sponsors. Hope its being added in.

    • Daniel Reveles

      I’m thinking that the generic shorts are there because they haven’t gotten around to putting then on yet. At least that’s what I hope.

  • Khaleel Ward

    Next Gen systems are out. Can we please stop with Screen Shots? Screen Shots are gonna look amazing. Give me a few teaser trailers. Then drop a real trailer or behind the scenes trailer. Screen shots just don’t do it anymore

  • dhall

    Looks like the last Fight Night to me…Nothing impressive here. Wait until you see it in motion…

  • Thomas O’Connell

    The face looks great, but the body is really lacking. They only need to develop like 5 characters when fighting: The ref, the 2 fighters, the announcer and a few fan models. Why the hell are the details much more in depth than other games. The graphical drawing team needs only 1/100 of the time that the other game dev teams need. In a game with so few character models needed, I remain unimpressed

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