Though Less Widespread Severe NBA 2K14 Problems Persist

Posted January 14th, 2014 at 10:15 am


Since last reporting on the serious issues plaguing NBA 2K14 post-release on Xbox One and PS4 nearly two weeks ago, the widespread server outages have seemingly been resolved. For some that has meant being able to play 2K14 unimpeded but for many others they are still facing massive problems frequently or every time they try to play. 

Those include crashing when attempting to load a MyCareer or MyGM save, saves that have been lost or corrupted, VC that has been purchased and not received or lost at some point, extremely laggy online play, and MyTeam and The Park often inaccessible. MyGM also remains broken until a new patch can be delivered with users unable to progress through the NBA Playoffs due to a bug introduced in the earlier patch and details of contract offers unable to be altered.

Interestingly the number of complaints appear to be greater on the Xbox One. A higher percentage of users are citing problems still occurring for them there despite more sales having been made on the PS4. In unscientific polling through social media 58% of replies from those still facing troubles noted they are on the Xbox One, 36% on the PS4, and 6% on 360 or PS3.

This is partially due to the inability to play against friends online on the Xbox One, Team-Up mode not working there, and The Park servers being down more often than on PS4. However there also would seem to be a slightly higher rate of crashes preventing the main modes from being played on Xbox One as well.

  • gramKe

    All this crap plus the VC I dont think Ill be buying next year. Got a refund a few weeks ago on this game cause it doesnt work.

    • Brandon

      Did you get a refund from the retailer or did you try to get directly from 2K Sports?

    • Brandon

      stuff I purchased with VC is gone, 2 weeks a case has been open, no response other than an escalation.

      Did you get a refund from the retailer you bought from or did you go to 2k?

    • brian

      Same here. I just bought the game to have something to play on the PS4. I was wrong in guessing it was a safe choice. If I was more familiar with the title and the game, I would have gone with FIFA. But the issue with that is, since the MLS is an inferior league, it gets quite frustrating to play as the Houston Dynamo. I’m sure playing in the EPL would make it better, but I’m too devoted to my home town. Add on to that the career mode is daunting to me. I have to figure things out such as transfers and ect. Learn the types of offenses and defenses. The learning curve is just too big to want to overcome at 30. The next one will have to get outstading and rave review before I buy ’16.

    • takeTwoMuch

      How did you get the refund? It’s unplayable on my system – almost every feature has crashed at some point.

  • MoneyMayweather


  • BC

    i can’t even get thru an offline exhibition game. Can’t even start a myplayer career. I mean nothing works (ps4) beofre the ce-34878-0 code pops up. This game is practically unplayable, so frustrating

  • Casor_Greener

    Where my boy Keith? Has he finally accepted the L?

    • Keith.

      Pasta’s not letting very many of my comments (telling things like they are) through moderation these days.

      • Keith’s Last Brain Cell

        That’s a shame. Nawwwwwwwwt!

      • jbl72

        It also could be that you bring up irrelevant info about EA stock quotes, Tiger Woods, etc into a discussion about the state of 2K basketball

      • bltzkrieg666

        Somebawdy nweeds a hwug

  • Wassupdun

    I’d love to see these unscientific social media pollings, since the last patch, I haven’t had an issue with the game. I play on the Xbox1. The way this article is worded is comedy in itself. “Some aren’t having issues, but Many are still…” based on unscientific social media pollings. OK Nate Silver… Lol!

    • Skopin

      What’s wrong with the wording? He says it’s not as bad but still widespread. Just because you’re not having issues anymore doesn’t mean nobody is.

      • Wassupdun

        Likewise, just because hundreds are having issues doesn’t mean the other two million of us are continuing to have issues.

        • Skopin

          That’s not what he said. You make it sound like the issues are mostly resolved. The article was essentially an update. It’s not as bad as it was a few weeks ago, but it is still large enough to report on. Plenty of people are still having trouble. I’m sure it’s more than the 0.01% you’re trying to make it sound like.

          And where are you getting “the other two million”? The game hasn’t even sold one million on PS4/XB1.

          • Wassupdun

            Just throwing out a number to make my point, that’s all.

          • JDubz

            Idk bro i got it on the xbox1 and it sends me back 2 the home screen anytime i try to play anything. Unless I make a whole new profile on xbox1 which I did cuz im just tryin 2 play the game. Basically had 2 start everything over. I dont get it tho cuz it worked perfect until they dropped an update

          • takeTwoMuch

            “unscientific polling…” I guess that’s like polling one person – yourself – and saying the problems must not be bad.

    • ace

      Its pretty easy. Look at replies to the jackasses ronnie2k and ld2k and youll see hundreds of people mentioning the problems they are having.

  • Brandon

    The reason their is more XBOX concerns is because 2K14 is more towards PS4. We have exclusive features like you said earlier this year, and when Ronnie/LD is on the park it’s on the ps4, slowly XBOX one will slowly be treated like current gen, they don’t care. Just sad, especially with all the money from VC they earned.

  • jr

    Cue the EA stock link from Keith

  • The Great Leon

    Still have stupid offline problem like lack of editing in my gm. The contract thing even though there is a way around it, people playing the game shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get a proper contract offered.

  • bc

    Ive yet to complete one game in offline exhibition. Cant even make it to the arena in mycareer with the constant error codes coming up and crashing my ps4. this game is unplayable for me, so frustrating. But yet i look on twitter and ronnie2k is steadily playing away and smoove is constantly making my career vidz..smh i wonder how

  • Nathan Shane Long

    NBA LIVE 15 will be equal or even might surpass the “mighty” 2K in sales next October

    • Jesus

      Won’t even be made my friend. And that has nothing to do with 2ks major mistakes.

    • Samutuck

      For that to happen, Live would seriously have to improve their graphics, animations, and game-play this time around. Last they will have to market the game properly and not hide it till the due date.

      • Nathan Shane Long

        What is so bad about Live 14 gameplay that is their biggest strength?

    • MBird

      I like living in reality, why don’t you join the rest of us who do too. Honestly, don’t you think if Live was such a game, dripping with awesomeness, people would have already caught on and bought the game? Or it at least wouldn’t have been killed in any unbiased review? It took EA a couple years to produce the half-ass game that they released a few months back, what makes you think that they will all of a sudden have a gaming breakthrough with this series? Their track record regarding Live is unfavorable at best.

      • Nathan Shane Long

        All NBA LIVE 15 has to do is have stunning graphics since that’s all that 2K relies on

        • MBird

          If you think it boils down to that, then I guess we will agree to disagree and watch as 2K slaughters Live in sales once again next year.

  • Dre2778

    I can’t even log on to play at all, I continue to get an error message and the game resets. It’s starting to piss me off big time…..Live may look and plays like crap but at least it works. I’m having doubts about buying another basketball game in the future…sigh

  • TruthHurts

    Held the court for 8 games in a row on “The Park” the other night. First time since launch I was able to be on a court for more than 2 games. I thoroughly enjoy NBA 2k14 but my main gripe is the freezing every time you press “Sim to Next Key Game” in career mode. Started happening in 2nd season and hasn’t stopped since. I’ve had to play every singe game in my 2nd season. One caveat though, when it was skipping games, it was bringing my average down 10-15 points a game, so being forced to play every game is benefiting stats. Last gripe is that I’m in 2nd season. Was invited to All star weekend twice, average 35-40 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals per game as an SG, and STILL can’t get a starting job!!! Lots of gripes but still having fun playing it.

  • Levi

    I’ve been down MYGM since Christmas day had the game weeks before Christmas no problem

  • CSaint

    Brace yourselves … Keith comments about sales for Live, Free VC, and Winning Streaks With Strangers in The Park are coming.

  • tom

    considering buying Live just to spite 2K and this garbage

    • Jesus

      Don’t be dumb, trade 2k in and live without a basketball game. You can’t play 2k sure, but you don’t want to play live. Save your money Tom. I’m not sure if you’ve played live but it is one of the worst sports games I’ve ever played.

  • Ritch211

    I can’t even get the game to get past the very first screen. I can’t even get it to go into the menu. Unless I uninstall and reinstall the game (without letting it update), I can’t play this game. At all. Period.

  • Kevin

    im now stuck with a single player basketball game.. Fun.

  • Just a guy

    Outside of the server issues, I’ve had a flawless experience with MyCareer on PS4. I think it has to do with buying equipment for your guy. I haven’t purchased any of that and its been smooth sailing. Just a hunch.

  • bltzkrieg666

    Can anyone tell me why Take Two interactive continues use the subdivision 2ksports. They only have ONE sport and they added WWE which, cmon, that isn’t even really a sport. Meanwhile EA sports has NBA Live, HNL, FIFA, Madden, World Cup, SSX, UFC, Fight Night, Tiger Woods, NCAA Football, FIFA Street, NBA Jam. I think we all know who the real sports publisher is here.

    • zach

      Lets be real. If 2k had the nfl rights, I would bet that in a year or 2 madden would end up as horrible as live is! This is the first time I didnt have hundreds of complaints about madden, but from what ive seen 2k do graphically and gameplay wise I think they would make a great football game!

  • thomas

    Evert time I go into a MyGM mode it automatically logs me out and takes me back to the main menu. Why is this?

  • Roger43

    Restoring xbox one to factory settings and setting up the console again fixes the problem of being booted to the main menu when attempting to load a saved mode.

  • Amaze042

    How in the world does Durant go from a 95 to a 94, but he obviously is dominating the league right now, and is the leading scorer in the entire NBA? 2K is always messing with his rating, if Durant has one bad game he gets negative ratings in his 3pt, ft % etc, but LBJ continues to stay at 99 and had worst games than Durant this year smh I know he’s in the cover but damn