Third NBA 2K14 Patch Arrives on PS4

Posted February 1st, 2014 at 5:30 pm


The most recent patch for NBA 2K14 that released on the Xbox One over a week ago is now available on the PS4. It should automatically download in the background when the console is started up or will upon launching the game as long as there is an online connection.

The update attempts to address some of the major issues that have afflicted the game since it’s release or since being introduced in an earlier patch. That includes the crashes to the dashboard when trying to play MyCareer and MyGM and getting stuck in the Playoffs in MyGM when the mode won’t advance.

Though it hasn’t solved everyone’s problems by most accounts it seems to have been an effective patch on the Xbox One side – where consumers were having a greater rate of trouble – so that is hopefully a good sign for those on PS4 too. Continue on to check out the patch details which is the same for both consoles. 

♦Addressed an issue where some users were unable to load/play any previously saved files.

♦Addressed an issue where some users were unable to properly negotiate contracts in MyGM.

♦Users are now able to advance to the next round of the playoffs when playing the series deciding game in MyGM.

♦Addressed an issue with Friend invites that was preventing some users from entering into Head-to-Head and Team-Up matchmaking.

♦Corrected a case where the game would exit out after the first change of possession during the Rising Stars challenge in MyCAREER mode.

♦Improved performance in The Park by fixing hitches that would occur during gameplay.

♦Fixed issue where title would be unresponsive when booted without being signed into a profile.

♦Fixed issue where game would occasionally exit out shortly after boot when there was a large number of content update notifications queued up.

♦Corrected issue where thumbnails in MyPLAYER Store/Dressing Room would fail to appear.

  • Kjack

    Too little too late. Even if this fixes things it took 2 1/2 months to have a working game?

    • Keith.

      Basketball finals aren’t until June.

      • CSaint

        Wtf does this have to do with a broken game …

        • Keith.

          The game’s definitely not “broken,” and you know it. Unless you don’t actually have the game, and are still just trying to pile-on.

          I’ve played enough games in MyCareer that I’m closing in on the end of my first full season, plus another 50 or so games in the Park. To keep saying it’s “broken” is just ignorance.

          • Still broken.

            It’s still plenty broken. There is no free agency for My Career, so I hope you’re happy with the team you’re on. I believe there is also a glitch that ties into that one where your contract drops to 0 VC.

          • bltzkrieg666

            Keith lives in a fantasy world of his own creation. So basically Keith Admits to playing only 50 games of Park and not even a complete season of My career. Keith is basically a casual player who doesn’t even play enough to qualify as know shit about what is broken or not. He is one of those assholes who thinks, “IF IT DIDNT HAPPEN TO ME THEN IT DOESN’T EXIST”. He conveniently leaves out the fact that if you go to 2k’s facebook page you will see countless post to the contrary. Keith is one of those veteran bitches that is still butt hurting over the fact that EA is the only football game in town. He is so ridiculous in his bias against EA that he actually tries to convince people on here that they should be to. Gamers Game, the rest whine like Keith. Go back to your backbreaker Keith.

          • CSaint

            For you information, I do have the game and I’m 12 games into the second season. This game is a struggle

          • CSaint

            I also have a 130-65 record on the park so clearly I play the game more then you. Once again this game has struggles

          • Casor_Greener

            If this was Madden you would have shut the site down with your talking. Glad folks got the patch but you know this was a weak launch Keith

          • bltzkrieg666

            To keep reading your ignorant posts is just ignorance. I really need to stop.

        • bltzkrieg666

          Don’t you know. Keith is a 2k apologist. Cant come to terms with the fact that Next Gen 2k14 is a failure, which is largely acknowledged by their own fan base. Since 2k11, the game has gotten progressively worse. Again, coming from the mouths of their own fan base. You can’t make this shit up. 2k is clearly resting upon its laurels because they know, what ever shit they shovel out, the fan base will eat with mouths wide open. And I know Keith will come back with the same argument can be said of Madden and I wouldn’t entirely disagree with the exception that Madden doesn’t release broken every year. You may not like the direction of the game but that is a creative difference. 6million people all have their own ideas of what Madden should be. Can’t please everyone but at least they release a game that isn’t broken. 2k can’t even get that right and that is why they are down to 1 legitimate sports game. Keith knows what’s coming down the line. He’s old enough and perhaps smart enough to know what happens when EA gets driven. We have seen this before with the NHL series. NHL2k was on top of EA with NHL2k6. First time EA hockey has ever been beat. EA rose up with NHL 07 and that was the beginning of the end for 2k hockey. You would be a complete fool to think that LIVE can’t do the same with basketball.

  • 76LMT

    I wasnt having problems before but now my game wont even load up just a black screen.

    • CSaint

      Yes this happens to me, try sitting there for 10-20 minutes. That seemed to be a very excellent solution for me !

    • mastaN64

      Same here. I see Lebron with the white powder. Then it shows the loading screen with the teams and it having minimal cartoon violence then BAM! black screen and nothing else. Tried cleaning it and nope. Tried reupdating it and nope.

  • mbergh22

    The only problem I was having was how annoyed I was that the audio was only coming out of the rest of the speakers accept my center.

  • PSNHitman17

    You forgot to mention it added jerseys.

  • Keith.

    Woke up this morning and read that the patch was out, and when I fired up the PS4, I was glad to see it had already downloaded. That’s a great feature, to be able to download patches while it’s in standby mode. Didn’t have to wait an hour before being able to play.

  • dhall

    By the time they fix all of this bullshit, I’ll be bitching about all of the problems in NBA2K15 as well…Fuck video games.

  • jr

    Good. Hopefully my avatar changes back to the character I created. Hopefully I can play a game without being forced out

  • The Great Leon

    Only thing I was impacted by was contract fix in mygm. I don’t think they bothered to add extensions that some player have or editing.

  • Nino Marley

    does anyone know why dwight howard doesnt have his signature web ban he wears on his arms? i play mgm only… do i need to purchase it so he can wear it? will there be a final patch for items such as this and gameplay shoes ect…

  • CJ

    Honestly VC killed this game for me.

    This single issue has flipped 2k and EA in many people’s minds (in reality we just don’t realize how mediocre things are…)

  • insomnizach

    Ok can everyone stop bitching about this game now

    • Keith.

      The EA/NBA Live fans will never stop bitching about this game. That’s the only hope (the way they see it) that their game will survive.

      • jr

        And you will never stop bitching about Madden. Madden isn’t perfect and this shit has proven not to be perfect. Man the fuck up and just admit it.

  • Kallum

    I doubt this has anything to with the patch, however, I haven’t been able to connect to the 2k servers after downloading. Has anyone else had this problem?

  • CSaint

    Has anyone else gotten this and then it shoots you an error? This has happened to me twice.

  • Ray D

    Does the patch automatically download for PS4? Sorry, I barely got my PS4…

  • Reggie Valdemar

    still no warm up jerseys on bench players

  • Maureen Terrones

    waiting for 2k15 now, really excited..