All-Star Rosters Updated in NBA 2K14

Posted February 4th, 2014 at 5:00 pm


2K Sports today released the latest rosters for NBA 2K14 and that includes those for the 2014 NBA All-Star game. While all the players are in – with Kobe Bryant there until a replacement is announced – the jerseys and court for the New Orleans event are not. Those are said to be updated later this week.

The All-Star Game jerseys are similar to the Christmas jerseys – sleeved and with a big logo on front. It was just over a week ago that 2K finally added the Christmas jerseys and a few others to the Xbox One/PS4 versions of the game.

Meanwhile NBA Live 14 has yet to update the All-Star rosters, jerseys, or court and EA Sports has not stated when any of that will happen.

  • Keith.

    New vgchartz weekly sales chart is out today, and NBA 2k14 appears 3 times in the top 25, at # 8 (360), # 13 (PS4), and # 20 (PS3). Good for them. No other sports game shows up in the top 25.

    • VTich

      Youve gotta be kidding me with “good for them”. For ripping people off who didnt know about the game being broken and getting suckered into VC stuff?

      I can do the usual Keith post too but spin it as if this was an EA game and not 2K:

      “Those sales numbers dont count all the people who returned the game”.

      • Keith.

        Those sales numbers are for just 1 week, dummy — specifically, the week ending Jan. 25th, i.e., the week before the Super Bowl. Cumulatively they’re at 5 million which, at this point of the sales season, makes it the best selling NBA 2k ever, according to their just released financials.

        You can cry in your bedroom all you want. Fact is, NBA 2k is killing it (again) this year.

        • CSaint

          Guys Keith is right, this game is “literally” killing us and our hopes to have a complete working basketball game, now excuse me as I cry in my bedroom.

        • fantasyboi

          ur still fat Kruk

      • jr

        I would love to see those numbers

      • 9CINGS

        and all the people who wont buy it next year because they got screwed over.

  • MoneyMayweather

    the 360 still exists pasta. you can’t make me upgrade.

  • The Great Leon

    I tried the update a day ago. The Christmas jerseys were not in for me, maybe it was a glitch but whenever i looked at those christmas teams a spot was blank in jersey order.

  • Rick

    I think its a testament to how good the game is , that it can over come the issue at hand and still deliver a very good game. the Hate on keith is a bit much…

    • jh00

      The problem people have with Keith is that he doesn’t even acknowledge the existence of the game’s glaring issues. Keith is an absolutely blind follower. We all just want a great game all around, which is why criticism and pointing out the flaws is a good thing for future development of the game. Hey Keith, can you say anything negative about NBA 2K14? (If you can)

      • Keith.

        I’ve said before that I wish the PlayVision worked as it’s supposed to (so I didn’t have to turn it back on every game), and that I wish we could redeem our VC on the iOS app. But those are not “glaring issues” by any stretch of the imagination, and I simply have not come across anything else that I’d consider to be a “glaring issue” in the 75-100 games I’ve played. Sure, I had trouble logging in a few weeks back just like everyone else did, but after a few days that problem was resolved and I haven’t had a problem logging in ever since.

        No game’s perfect, but NBA2k represents its sport better than any other sports game not named The Show.