Update Adds 2014 All-Star Jerseys and Court to NBA 2K14

Posted February 8th, 2014 at 12:30 pm


Earlier this week NBA 2K14 received an update to reflect this year’s All-Star roster. Now the jerseys for the All-Star Game held on February 16th have been added along with the court for the weekend’s festivities. While they are available for Quick Games through the Xbox One and PS4 versions they will only be found in MyCareer mode on 360 and PS3.

The jerseys are similar to those worn on Christmas Day. They are sleeved and feature a large logo on the front.┬áIn another neat art change that no one would notice in the normal course of playing the game, the basketballs now feature Adam Silver’s signature as the new commissioner of the league. He officially replaced David Stern last Saturday.

There are some reports, most coming from the XB1 side, of the content not coming through. Also on both consoles signage for the Houston Rockets (site of last year’s game) is up throughout the stadium. Apparently this is to be fixed in a future roster update.

  • Gaming HD

    This is a non story Pasta… especially when Ronnie said last night that it would be fixed overnight and it is… go check

    @Andrew_GVN That’ll be updated in tonight’s roster update. Roster related.

  • Gaming HD

    This is a non story Pasta…. especially when Ronnie said last night it would be fixed and it is if you go check

    @Andrew_GVN That’ll be updated in tonight’s roster update. Roster related.

  • bltzkrieg666

    Always has to be a catch with 2k. Seriously don’t know why people stay with them. Must like being a glutton for punishment.

    • Jesus

      Who are they going to go to? EA? The worst company in America? Just stop.

      • jh00

        Worst video game company? Sure. Worst company in the country? PLEASE. That is such a joke.

        • Keith.

          In your opinion, it’s a joke. All the people who’ve voted them the “winner” the last 2 years have a different opinion. And apparently, more people share their opinion than yours.

          • jh00

            What I am saying, is that there are worse companies who do worse things in the world. Are you saying that EA compares to some awful Cable companies (Comcast), Walmart, etc? I am no fan of EA myself but to compare them to the other companies mentioned is a bit ridiculous. On a video game level only? Absolutely agreed, but come on now, overall?

          • bltzkrieg666

            Nobody is a fan of a company. You are a fan of what a company does and when it comes to video games as a whole, nobody does it better than EA.

            They are the #1 publisher of video games for a reason and they have been around longer than any others. The vast majority of games that I own or have owned in the past are all from EA. I have owned just about every sports game that EA has ever created. I like what I like.
            I have been with EA forever and that is what I am used to and what I like. I have dabbled in 2k sports games and when push comes to shove, I always go back to EA sports. I don’t care for 2k’s interpretation of sports an in general, I hate the way they over complicate the controls. There is such a thing as too much control. NBA2k11 had roughly 20 pages of controls. That is ridiculous and hardly worth the time to try and master.
            But what really ticks me off is how shitty 2k is to its loyal fan base. They ignore their fans, they are consistently late with updates, they are late with fixes and the fixes largely don’t fix what the main issues are. They basically just take your money and disappear into the shadows until its time to wheel out Ronnie 2k and Chris Manning to hawk the next title.
            Only when they are in marketing mode do you ever hear shit from these crooks. Then you will hear from them non stop droning on about how the game will be so great .

      • bltzkrieg666

        So you buy a game because you are compelled to. So you have to have a basketball game and you don’t care if the company who sells it to you has a consistent track record of releasing a product with significant problems, this year being the worst. When Live went away, I stopped playing basketball games PERIOD. I have enough intelligence that Im not going to buy a product I have no interest in. Live is back and so I now play basketball games. Its people like you that buy a game because you feel you have to have a basketball game. You are the people that 2k feed upon.

  • Relly

    “While they are available for Quick Games through the Xbox One and PS4 versions they will only be found in MyCareer mode on 360 and PS3.” SMH welcome to next gen

  • MoneyMayweather

    sucks 360 owner.

    • Pat

      Those jerseys are so hideous I’ am glad I don’t have to see them.

  • Rick

    any one noticed that the sounds comes and goes since 2k’s latest patch?

    • rAgent23

      Sorry I just posted the same issue without seeing this. I have never had this issue before but it started recently and may have been caused by a Sony patch. I’m playing on the PS4 and all sound will just mute during gameplay momentarily. Gameplay is fine but it’s really annoying to have the crowd/sound effects/announcers just drop off for no reason.

  • rAgent23

    Anybody else on PS4 noticing an audio bug where all sound cuts in and out from time to time during gameplay?