Press Row Podcast – MLB 14: The Show Review Roundtable

Posted April 4th, 2014 at 1:15 pm


While the Hits and Misses review for MLB 14: The Show won’t be up until next week the brand new Press Row Podcast covers just about everything to do with the game. The panel discusses general impressions, preferred ways to play, Quick Counts, Player Lock, Road to the Show, and Online including Online Franchise. It’s an extremely comprehensive and detailed show despite just being a few days into it’s release on PS3 and Vita.

Check out the 108 minute podcast through iTunes, for Android devices with the Stitcher app, or listen to it in the streaming player below!

  • AceG4

    Great listen its nice to hear from people who have played the game a lot and can explain what works with it and what doesnt and even have varying opinions. Except for the one Polygon guy that every podcast prefaces comments by saying he hasnt played the game or played it enough to have an opinion on it.

    • Masturbov

      Agree, what’s up with the one guy who starts by essentially saying he’s barely played the game. Then why the hell are you on this podcast, dude!
      Good to get Kat Bailey’s impressions. So few women play sports games; it’s nice to get a female perspective on what has to be one of the more challenging sports games.

  • Keith.

    Finally got to spend some real quality time with the Vita version this morning — what a great game. Love Quick Counts and see myself sticking with it for most of my games. Also see myself sticking with dynamic hitting and dynamic difficulty (both are great additions). This will tide me over perfectly until PS4 — can’t wait to see how great it looks. After a month on Vita, it should be quite a treat.

  • D-Dawg

    Interesting to hear everyone’s views and opinions on this game however, I felt too much time was wasted in this podcast talking about new features and not nearly enough was dedicated to blasting those responsible for their absolute poor performance in putting together an unplayable online experience. Online play for this game has taken about 10 steps backwards compared to the previous release. As a year after year consumer of MLB The Show I feel cheated in this years purchase and find this to be completely unforgiveable.