Digital Pre-Downloading Not Happening for The Show; Release Day Coverage Plans

Posted May 5th, 2014 at 2:00 pm


Though Sony advertised the new pre-downloading ability for the PS4 with the latest update, it now appears MLB 14: The Show won’t be the first game to utilize it. The company has, for some inexplicable reason, refused to give a definitive yes or no to the matter in the days since so at this point the assumption has to be it won’t be available to download before midnight. That’s unfortunate as one of the few advantages over buying a physical copy is having it immediately and at a massive size of 47GB The Show will not be a quick download.

With the game out tomorrow I’ll be streaming for much of the day on the Pastapadre Twitch page┬áso make sure to subscribe. That may even begin in the early AM hours. Also check out the crazy activity of That Sports Gamer who will be streaming all day and playing every single MLB game scheduled for Tuesday. I’ll be joining him for an online game of Mariners @ As at some point assuming the online works well enough (early reports are not encouraging) to complete a game. Full gameplay videos and impressions will follow throughout week!

[Update] Sony has managed to completely bungle the digital release of the game. It’s still not available to download. More on this later.

  • demothegreat10

    I’m so disappointed by Sony and San Diego Studios for not at least giving us a definitive yes or no as to whether the game would Pre-load for digital owners. I was led to believe with new update that it would. Now im stuck with a 47GB download and I’ll be lucky to be playing it by end of Wednesday. Poor form sony, been excited for this game for months and now i have a sour taste in my mouth from the get go.

  • Slo0tpatrol

    It stated on the preorder that you can begin the download at 12.01 EST, which is 11 pm Central in Chicago.. Will that still be honored?

    • gonzo

      Nope. Not happening.

  • CSaint

    Great got the digital copy for absolutely no reason. I could of just went pick it up after my final tomorrow. Looks like I have to leave my PS4 on over night now.. Thanks sony..

    • xPSYCHOPATH410x

      Start the download then shut it down in standby mode and it with download it for you while you sleep……

  • LOL

    SCEA is slowly becoming a piece of shit. After watching a bunch of streams, it’s clear the PS4 version is nothing but a port. Too bad all those SCEA fanboys on OS are too busy pleasuring that toadie Ramone’s nutsuck to realize what a douche he is to them.

    Do not support this product by buying it.

    • Casor_Greener

      Everyone knew it was a port. You clowns always want give The Show passes on this MAdden type bs

    • D-Dawg

      I couldn’t agree more! This product was completely flawed for PS3 and still is. PS4 version is sure to the same. Don’t support those that are putting out poor products such as this. They’re spending more time worrying about the appearance and presentation of the crowd and a bat boy then they are getting gameplay and online capabilities working correctly. Their priorities are messed up and purchasing this game will inevitably be more frustrating than enjoyable. Maybe they’ll get it right next year!?!? Maybe!!

  • Jeff

    They said when the announced they were putting the pre download on the PS4 that Watch Dogs would be the 1st game allowed to do pre download

  • drumiel

    It’s not happening at all at 12:01am EST

  • MoneyMayweather


  • CSaint

    So its 5:17AM Central Standard Time and still no download for MLB to be seen. Once again Sony…. you are doing a wonderful job!! ………………..

  • Space Cowboy

    bought it on amazon yesterday afternoon. Out for delivery today. Can’t go wrong with a hard copy. Sorry to all who paid for the digital. Never trust anything after a single update.

  • wersplat

    per support game will not be available for download til 3pm PST 6PM EST..a 18 hr delay that will lead to a 24 hr delay after DL and install for most people

  • wersplat

    delay will end at 3pm PST 6pm EST per support..please don’t delete again Pasta just trying to get info out to those hungry baseball fans

    • Their customer support doesn’t know anything.

      • wersplat

        Interesting because I have a recording of tech telling me 3pm pst 6pm est and have seen multiple others with same time line but whatever you report what you want. Clearly you know what you are doing. I mean with mlb being part of new pre download and all. lol

        • I wasn’t implying you were making something up, just that their CS reps don’t have any information on the matter. They’ve changed the story they’re telling people about 10 times already as a stall tactic. No rep from Sony or The Show is telling people a time to expect it. And yeah it’s frustrating that Sony let people believe it would be pre-downloadable and refused to say otherwise despite repeated attempts to get an answer.