Press Row Hangout Clip: EA Sports UFC Demo Impressions

Posted June 6th, 2014 at 1:30 pm


In another clip from the latest Press Row Hangout the panel discusses the EA Sports UFC demo. The two main areas of concern seem to fall on the realism and the complexity of the game. Can UFC draw in consumers with the built-for-next-gen visuals or is the game inherently never going to reach a more casual crowd due to the necessary complicated controls? Make sure to check out my full impressions here and watch the half hour UFC hangout segment below.

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  • Jleen

    Really good to hear true feelings on the game rather than hype with other places are giving it and glad Pasta who seems to know a decent amount about UFC can point out how the games not realistic.

  • beasta52

    Here are my issues with the demo, now that I’ve played it for a few days.

    – Arcade-style action. Despite someone above stating that the game was slow, the action is almost too fluid at times. It’s too easy to throw a spinning backfist and follow up with a cartwheel kick. I’m glad EA worked on the footwork, as this feels more authentic than the ice-skating style of EA MMA.

    – No true sways. One of the best parts of the UFC 3 game was the fact that you controlled your movement while blocking. Simply pressing a button while holding the block trigger takes away all the risk/reward of counters for me. Not to mention, if you get into one of those lightning-fast firefights, it seems like 2 or 3 sways amp up the damage of the first blow to land, no matter how strong the strike.

    – No follow-up on the KOs/TKOs. I miss the “Finish The Fight” aspect of UFC 3, where I can drop an H-Bomb after the knockout. Ground KOs which allow for such follow-up look weak, which leads to my final gripe.

    – Poor ground game. Takedowns come WAY too easily, and the defense for them is piss-poor. The submission game actually isn’t terrible, which I was happy about, but the fact that a one-joystick click initiates a standup from the player on bottom is ridiculous. Ground strikes are also laughable, and appear to be the same baby ones used in real life simply to stay active enough to avoid a referee standup.

    That being said, it’s fun, but I bought an Xbox One simply because I wanted this game so badly. I just want to merge the best aspects of all the MMA games from the past few releases. Also, I hope the “move sets” on display are simply to showcase all the different types of striking in the game. I love Gus, and while I’m sure he could learn them, there’s absolutely no need for him to have some of those kicks, or to utilize strikes that are almost solely used by someone else (Showtime kick/knee, Jones’ spinning elbow).

    I’m also praying that the CAF is on point so my Fedor and Saku can go straight to the top. Maybe next release, we’ll get a Pride mode as well.

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