More on FIFA 15 Visual Upgrades

Posted June 30th, 2014 at 10:00 am


EA Sports today released a new video detailing and displaying more of the improvements made to visuals with FIFA 15. Those include truer-to-life player likenesses, pitch and kit degradation, animated LED boards, and other authentic touches. Aspects such as “emotional intelligence” and other features previously announced aren’t included in this video which is the first in a series that will be sent out in coming weeks. Earlier a series of clips were put together going over the gameplay and presentation feature list in general.

The Next Generation football player is here. Player faces have an incredible level of detail, while character models look and feel powerful and athletic. Kits move realistically and change with the environment, becoming dirty with mud and grass as the match unfolds. In FIFA 15, you’ll see a level of detail in players’ faces which hasn’t been possible before, thanks to an all-new physically-based rendering lighting system.

Stadiums are alive and full of the emotion that only football can create. Playing surfaces wear down as the match progresses, with boot marks, slide tackles, and debris visible on the pitch. Corner flags move, goal frames shake, and animated LED ad boards bring FIFA 15 to life.

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  • Jordan

    Question for you guys that know more about gaming than me (so basically everyone): What is the rate of decline for users of previous gen consoles (ps3, 360)? If I buy this game in September for 360, will there still be enough players to easily find matches online with?

    • Casor_Greener

      All the way up until the new game drops

  • Messi

    Was there any in game shots all i saw was the pre rendered video that plays before you start the game? Player bodies still look weird heads look good in maya too bad its not in game, doesn’t seem like much was done in visuals compared to NBA . Too bad for a game that makes so much money still waiting for a true next gen FIFA

    • They claim the footage comes straight from gameplay (pulled out of replay).

      • pastaFred

        is it still called in game footage if its just the trailer in the beginning of the game? kind of misleading don’t you think pasta?

        • They all do that now, refer to gameplay footage as anything that is captured directly from the game (even if its not what you see when you actually play). I try to avoid labeling it as such.

  • Jesus

    Lmao this ones for Keith.

  • Buddy Milkshake

    But you have to play this game so zoomed out that you can’t even see the details.

  • antoniogaud

    All I want to know is if the framerate takes a major dive when you play with the PRO camera. The current game does on XB1 and PS4.

  • walking dead

    Just fix the skin tones everyone on the pitch looks like the cast of the walking dead i don’t understand why its so hard UFC has beautiful skin tones no one looks dull and grey, and it’s time to add tattoos and stop giving me generic national kits stop being cheap pay for the license PES does! sorry for the rant i just hate it when companies cut corners especially a game that has generated so much $